Friday, March 01, 2013

Simply not the break I had in mind

It's been two weeks since
I fell ill with something that my doctor
calls mono and that has
my throat swollen.
I had forgotten how frustrating it is
to just be home and be so limited
in what I can do.
I had broken my foot a few years ago
so I've had a go of time when I could do very little.
So to say I wanted to get out of the house
is an understatement at this point.
I got out of the house.
One moment I am dreaming of all I want to do
when I am better from whatever I have
and the next I have this sudden
almost-everywhere allergic reaction
going on while Mr. Husband is at work and
am told by my doctor's nurse to call
911 and go to ER by ambulance.

By the time Mr. Husband comes
carrying this beautiful single
rose that he got outside of the transit depot
I have my go-back-home-papers
with very little medicine
and nothing but conflicting information
in what felt a frustrating comedy of errors.
That am my doctor said never take
the antibiotic I am currently on again.
The mugs I ordered came in the mail,
the ones so there is one less thing to worry 
about in the dishwasher mugs.
One side says
and the other
endures all things.
I guess this is what I am called to endure right now.
I hope my insomnia will subside,
I hope the allergic reaction will continue to subside
and this past night
Mr. Husband and I watched
the first third of
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
that we talked about watching on our honeymoon
but never go to actually watching.
My yarn and needles came.
I now am knitting the dish cloth on circular needles
which is nice,
no more dropping stitches.
I got some longer needles too that I am
experimenting with and some new yarns;
soft, great colours.
The mercy of the Lord endures forever, hallelujah
is in my head,
a honestly wonderful song
I heard the other day again
on Ancient Faith Radio.
I am still dreaming of baking bread again
and a normal Saturday with Mr. Husband
with I in the kitchen frying up
potatoes in oil or butter
and enjoying my red flour and sugar pots
in my kitchen with sunlight pouring in.

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