Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend - Butter Week is almost here

I found Cleo sitting on my seat
somehow hoping for something... :)

Thankful for little things
like ice...
had a bit of a very minor mishap
in the household and ice
has solved the problem...

Mr. Husband and I are
so glad we had our
half-year anniversary yesterday.
I continue to pray that
he does not fall ill in anyway...

I ordered these last week
and they arrived yesterday!

so helpful for so many things.
I have long been wanting
another option for my
buffet icons
other than paraffin candles
which are not the best for health and
then there is the waste of all the small
tins that they are in...
I have used small tea light candles for a long time
and it was something I could do and afford
in Ottawa,
especially with my sister-friend and I's
occasional trips to IKEA;
thought she was concerned about all the
I was just glad to have the candles
as lighting them for help
and to honour the Saints and
ask their prayers
is such a blessing.
I had been wanting to change them out
for some sort of table top
oil lampada
but I also wanted to protect the wood shelf
on my buffet from tons of oil spills.
And with me and oil and lampadas,
there is always a bit of spillage.
Mr. Husband and I thought about it...
I wanted some sort of saucer to go
under glass votive holders...
but where to get saucers that would be small enough
for the icons that we use
and the size of the shelf?
Normal saucers would really be crowded...
and so it went...
Until I thought,
wait a minute: I should use Google
to see if Amazon has smaller saucers.
And then sure enough
it turns out that there are
saucers used for Turkish tea.
So I ordered them....
they came right away,
from Brooklyn it turns out.

4 inch saucers.

I love that they are very small
and curve up so much.
They will keep the oil from spilling
on the wood shelf...
I am still waiting for an order
of the wick holders that I will need.
Getting them from
Holy Cross Monastery.
Mr. Husband had their catalouge from last year and
I ordered something for Pascha as well...
to be shown I hope to all
in the bright season.
Speaking of Pascha,
I ordered some clear votives as well
to use for the seasons of
Christmas, Theophany and Pascha.
I think they will work really well.
This icon of Christ
is Mr. Husband's and is the
first icon he ever had;
before he was Orthodox years ago
from Greece
where he was on business...
It is wonderful to be building a home
with Mr. Husband and merge things
like our icon collections...
I must say his book collection is also quite lovely.
As a parishioner in my Ottawa parish said
once about his own marriage to his lovely wife,
I know when I've been blessed.
Mr. Husband and I are looking forward to
our last meal together of meat and dairy tonight.
Left over beef-roast and vegetables. :)
I continue to be grateful for popsicles,
my throat is still on the mend...
I made it to our local church today;
Mr. Husband had to go to our not-so-local
church today as he is involved in
service there and was needed.
So a very gallant and kind friend who lives
near by took me with her to our
closer church and it was such a blessing
just to sit in church
(I am quite fatigued and had to sit,
it really takes the stuffing out of one)
and have Holy Communion.
I am so thankful.
Lent is going to be really different for me,
as I can't go to as much as I would normally.
But yet I feel God's protective and merciful hand.
That I needed a quieter lent and to just be home.
That said...
I am praying that our lent is not too much heavier
than our current sufferings with my mono.
May God have mercy and bring us
through to Him;
may this lent be for all of our healing of soul and body.
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy!


E Helena E said...

I meant to wish you both a happy six month anniversary yesterday! Good about those safer candles. They look lovely. I always worried about the other type. Glad also that you could go to church and are pacing yourself in a very different upcoming Lent. Love and hugs!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Miss Cleo is lovey as always!

What are the dimensions of your votive lamps, Elizabeth? They are really lovely, and the saucers are an excellent idea to contain oil spills.

elizabeth said...

Elizabeth: here they are - I got them via Amazon -

they list it this way:

Size: Up&Bot: 2.7x1.75", H: 2.60"

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

That's great, thank you so much!