Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wanting to be Outside

I think I can safely say,
after almost a month of being sick,
I am ready to be outside and walk around.
I am hoping that I am gaining.
I still have to rest by lunch time
but am hopeful.
I have this strange feeling of living in a bubble
even when Mr. Husband is home
and like I just can't pop outside of it.
But I know it has a large part due to
being sick for a month and
not seeing many people
or being anywhere mainly
but here in my cozy corner.
Thankfully God does not leave us...

Mr. Husband decided to eat his apple
like a pirate for lunch.
thems that dies will be the lucky ones
he quoted from Treasure Island.
One of my close friends told me
when I was dating Mr. Husband
that I would never be bored.
She of course is right.

The tulips are so beautiful.
I love the yellow and that, as my Mr. Husband
discussed at lunch,
they are a Spring Flowers.
My heart is hurting for so many people.
Newly met Joyce.
The woman in my parish whose father died.
My close friend who I found out her elderly
Grandmother fell in Romania and broke her hip and
is in great pain;
So lots of heaviness,
lots of prayer needed.
Mr. Husband worked from home today.
He's working on dinner,
listening to
The Count of Monte Cristo
which he tells me about a dinner time,
most often.
The other day I read another
section of Chesterton's Ballad
The Ballad of the White Horse
with great feeling.
It is incredible to read aloud,
a deep and real experience,
the words, they leap when you read them...
My sister and I talked online again today...
with Romania being 6 hours difference in time,
we find that Wednesdays during the day work best
for us to actually catch each other.
She teased me when I told her that
neither I or Mr. Husband
had never watched all of
the princess bride.
What can I say?
Mr. Husband and I are nerds and not
huge movie watchers.
However, we are going to watch this
movie over the next few days.
We got it for $5 on amazon
and decided to watch it this week,
before Great Lent.
Watching a movie for a few nights,
1 section at a time,
seems to work best for us.
We shall enjoy another slice of cheesecake 
along with the movie.
I am loving how the new lampadas
are burning so bright on the buffet shelf.
God is so good to us.
We must take courage and take heart,
for God is with us.
This blog post I found most heartening.

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