Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prayer Request for a very ill wife and mother of a young child

{icon of our Lord Jesus Christ}
Yesterday my brother-in-law
alerted I and others via FB
of a young Wife and Mother
who desperately needs our prayers.
Joyce Jensen was married
in 2005 to a wonderful man
who by their 6th wedding anniversary
was in the hospital with a very sick wife.
Joyce has
autoimmune constrictive bronchiolitis obliterans
which is not curable and means that
her lungs are being attacked
by her own immune system,
which causes scar tissue build up
that then constricts her airways
causing her to lose much of her
lungs' capacity to breathe.
It is non-reversible and life-threatening.
She is on the list
for a double lung transplant.
See here for Joyce's full explanation.
Joyce, her husband Greg and her young son Eric
really need our prayers
and encouragement.
They are God-loving protestants who live in
If you can pray for her and
would like to encourage her,
please visit her blog and send her some
prayerful encouragement!
We are so blessed to have our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ to pray to for
our needs and sorrows.
Joyce is facing a very hard dark valley in her life
and I most sincerely ask your
most fervent prayers for her.

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Matushka Anna said...

How sad and frightening. Prayers!