Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday: Oma's knitting basket and my first dish cloths

The other day I was
looking for a place in one of our bookshelves
for some photo albums.
I happily found a place for both the
albums and finally found the
small knitting bag that
my Mom had from
her Mom.

Above is the first thing I ever knit
back when I was a teen.
I always did love Christmas time
so no surprise that my colour choices
were greens, red and cream.

This was what I worked on next apparently.

So now I have size 6 aluminum needs to use
as well. 

Here's the small knitting bag.
Most likely my Oma made it.
Fun, hey?

I admit I still find these colours to be cheery!

Here's the scarf I am working on
for one of my nieces.
I am slowly making progress on it!

Ta Da!
The finished
dish clothes -
one is a actual dish cloth and the
other is the dish/cleaning towel.
I am pleased.
They are a gift for a special occasion for
someone who I love.
I can't say more,
what if the word got out? :)
What are you working on today?

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