Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wednesday at my Aunt's for lunch

Just popping in to say I had a good day.
Going to my Aunt* H's house for lunch with my 
Mom and my 2 cousins is always such a blessing;
her home is always the same, beautiful, orderly,
it was so nice to spend time with her 
and my cousins today.
We went to the thrift store afterwards, other than 
my Aunt who wanted to go to B. Bookhouse and then surprised
us by showing up at the end of our thrift store shopping with 
2 bags of Dutch raisin buns and 1 bag of peppers 
(for my non-grain eating cousin).
I had a nice dinner with my parents, a nice
talk on the phone with my quilting-friend and then 
a good time talking with Mr Husband.
And now it is time for bed.
Another day, I will try to show you some things 
from my Aunt's home and the thrift store
but for now, God's blessings to you all!

*(this is not the Aunt who is gravely ill right now who I saw yesterday)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday ~ I saw my Aunt today

I saw my Aunt today, she was more ill than we realized.
I knew we could of lost her a few weeks ago, but now
I understand even more how miraculous that she is still with us
and at home, where she is very happy to be. 
She still has a long road ahead of her and no 
one knows what will be down that road but we do know one thing, 
Christ will be there waiting for her, 
just as He is here with her now.
My Aunt recently found a Nancy Drew book that she had as a child
and she gave it to me; it is in good condition with a dust jacket and is very lovely.
I read it this afternoon after my walk.
I love the old vintage YA mystery books, they were full of a hardy innocence,
a sense of fun and a naturally lived purity that I just enjoy so much. 
It was a nice jaunt down memory lane and a shining example of
courage, friendship, naturalness of virtue and glorious clean living.
In the afternoon I took a walk in the sunshine,
down my parents road that after a bit becomes a dirt road
and it was so nice just to walk, and feel the soft dirt or stones
under my boots and just be quiet and enjoy the beauty,
and take pictures of it.
I love blue sky and drink it like water.
I am so thirsty for such natural beauty of a big blue sky,
something I can't see much of where I live in a much more
urban environment. 
I will always love the countryside and be glad to be in it.
I am praying for so many things right now.
I am glad for quiet moments and for the hope we have in Christ.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Saturday, Sunday @ Home in MI

I am home!
Boy did prayer work for my travels;
I had the fast time through security and all that ever!
The flight was fine and we even landed earlier than scheduled!
Today I went to my local MI church where I was chrismated back in 2004.
Today I saw a bunch of close family, including my Grandma.
That was really nice. 
The unbloggable stuff is still really hard 
and I ask for prayer for that.
I really can't write more but I can say that
my Husband and I are doing well together and facing
the challenges we have hand-in-hand, 
which is a real blessing.
It's hard though and I ask of your charity,
that you say a prayer....
It's good for me to be home.
It was really wonderful to be in church.
A lot of the people there now I don't really know 
and I was tired and thoughtful and did not mingle much,
my parents gave me a ride there and back. 
My godmother was there for years but is now in TX
with her family and I have so many memories of happy times there,
including visiting when I was newly married to my Husband. 
We are in a harder time in our life now and I found myself praying
to our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:
do not leave me, do not let me go; be with Me Lord Jesus, be with me....
May we all have the mercy of Christ poured out on us
and may God help our hearts to be open to receive this mercy!  

Friday, February 23, 2018

More on yesterday and today: first Friday of Great Lent

Above is sections of the last part of the Canon of St Andrew of Crete that I 
really loved.

This treasure came yesterday! 
It is published by Holy Dormition Monastery and is all the Old Testament 
readings (liturgically speaking) for the year!
It's lovely, well bound, good paper and 2 colour (red, black) printing.
I already used it last night, the print is nice and big, clear and the translation
is beautiful! 

I am all packed for my trip tomorrow... 
by mid-afternoon I hope to be in Michigan! 
Will be there DV for the week.

Praying for many things...

Saw this on social media and thought it was really dear.

This is from yesterday, not the best video,
as I missed the beginning of this song/prayer 
but it's lovely and one of my favourite prayers that is only prayed
a few times in services, being part of Great Compline.
Well... I have to get ready for dinner now,
my Husband is going to meet me at the diner for dinner
God willing!
May God bless, help and protect us all!