Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Wednesday ~ Snow and Rain

It was wet and snowy today.
I was going to sewing group but it was
cancelled and I realized I was not up to going,
so it all worked out.
A friend gave me this recipe for lemon jelly/jam:
"...medium size pot boil water. Put lemons in boiling water (whole), boil again 7 minutes. 
Remove, discard water, cool enough to touch, cut in half, 
discard seeds and then put in grinder and puree.
 Have at least 1 to 1 lemon to sugar, possibly needing more sugar than the amount of lemon. 
While lemon puree is still warm, add sugar and mix. As it cools, it will be come like jelly." 
... I am not sure if I ground mine fine enough and I was using honey and 
did not have enough that was liquid and so I need to finish it yet.
I put it in the fridge for now.
New recipes always take me a bit to learn
and this one was a complete experiment. 
Well, the unbloggable prayer request is sure still here.
It's a bit of a rough week that way.
A bunch of prayer requests for various family members have 
cropped up too... we are all in need of prayer! 
I hope to go to NYC tomorrow.
I ask your prayers that we don't get sick.
God bless and help you all!


Helensmamma said...

Sending prayers and encouragement.

Warm wishes,

Ann Marie

Lilly's Mom said...

The freshly fallen snow looks so pretty out of your window. I really miss the four seasons. We're having another unseasonably warm day here again today in SoCal. Although, when the sun sets, it cools down very fast. The lemon jam you made looks so interesting and yummy. I've never tried lemon jam although I've eaten lemon curd. I hope you have a wonderful time in NYC and stay warm and healthy. Sending prayers, Pat xx

Lisa Richards said...

I've never heard of lemon jam before, but it sounds fairly simple to make. I might have to give that a try!
Praying for your health and your unbloggable request. :)