Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday of the Cross, Midway Sunday in Great Lent

It was really nice to be in my far-away church today.
Once we got home, I had a nice warm nap on the couch.
We had salad and cereal (I had hot oatmeal) for dinner
and watched a Walton's episode. 
I talked to my now far away quilting friend
who is moving across the Pond soon.
I really appreciate the encouragement I get from you all on my blog.
Thank you.
I pray you also are encouraged. 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Continuing to trust God about my eyes

The first picture is from last Monday,
before I got the bad news about my eyes.
Today when I went to vespers, I was very
troubled as the Cross which had halos around them 
(because I think of my cataract) had become worse and
were all blurry, as if the halos around each light bulb merged together
to blur everything, with a bit of something else making it a messy blur,
similar to rain going over a window fast but not exactly that.
(the pictures never show the Cross exactly as we can see it,
as in anyone with decent vision can see each light bulb individually
up there, burning brightly, giving hope.... 
I have a hard time at times getting away from this worry
as I look out of my eyes to see.
But I must keep trusting God.
I admit I started weeping though in church,
I was overwhelmed by it, the change.
I have 4 eye tests in NYC in May now, but the last one is not until May 23 so
I have a bit of time to wait yet. 
I must keep trusting God...
I know He is full of love, mercy and that He is good.
And no matter what, He will not leave me...
and I pray that you will know the same,
that God is a God of Salvation, of comfort, of HOPE...

Thursday, March 28, 2019

A full day with lots to be thankful for

I packed up and went to the library I joined last week in NYC!
I had fun reading research and looking for more information...
and I got 2 more DE Stevenson books + 2 by Gary Schmidt, who is an author
of many YA books who I had a 1 month class with over 20 years ago... 
I got through the first chapter of the large nonfiction tome on the Eucharist...
some of it was super helpful... so that's good! 
I am really happy with the library and
it was good to be out... and I got a lot of walking in! 
Mr Husband and I played another game of Dominion; we tied 36-36!
Well, I am really tired so now much else to say
other than I am very thankful that I got out and that 
I can see the leaves budding on trees and the weather is getting warmer...
Spring, I am so excited for it to come! 
I pray for all of you to have the protection and peace from Christ....

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A day that ended with a deep beauty

 This book, a later novel of DE Stevenson's, was a true delight!
 Absorbing, diverse characters in a small English village, 
secrets, near disasters, and a sense of light and goodness 
at the heart of some of the people 
and a Mother from whom we can learn. 
One of the impressive aspects of DE Stevenson's 
novels is the breadth and diversity....
 she does not copy her work, 
each story has different characters who do different things,
 with choices and consequences as varied as the person's depicted. 
I remain a fan of her novels and hope that more will be republished. 
Ps: it is rare that she is so open with Christian characters....
 this novel is a gentle but strong reminder not to worry 
and I greatly appreciated it. A lovely book! 

I am on my way to walking as a habit! 
I am really trying to make some good changes...

Our priest did a class in the church talking about various aspects 
and at the end we got to go in the balcony! 
I was able to go out to eat with my friend who is 
now out of hospital and still recovering but can walk again... 
Tomorrow Mr Husband is working from home and we will
DV go to liturgy tomorrow night for Lent...
I am having fun studying church history and made a timeline
for my research and filled more of it in today...
It's really nice to be able to do! 
I pray that each of you is blessed and feel yourself
being protected and loved by God... 

Monday, March 25, 2019

A day in NYC and a new thing to trust the Lord about

So I went to liturgy today for the Annunciation where the Mother of God says 'yes' 
that she will bear Christ.... 9 months from now is Christmas! 
I went to Michael's and Trader Joe's and then to my eye specialist.
I have really myopic eyes and I think I am in danger of possibly losing a lot of my vision
when I am older because of this; sadly, based on what he said and what I read from 
a reliable source... I am not exaggerating about this concern... 
 I will have some more high powered eye tests on costly machines
most likely in May.  I am trying not to be afraid of it; my Husband's Aunt has
lost a lot of her vision and she is an inspiration to me with her peace, love and faith in God.
I am still young and most likely will not have problems that are as drastic as losing my vision
now but I may have them later on... 
I found myself thinking that life is short and while I don't know, my sense is that
I may not be given as long a life as some - you know - 95 or 100 - so I am in my early
40s now, and the first 40+ years went quickly in many ways and I must 
learn not to be afraid or worry about it; I felt a lot of peace and a sense that God is really
taking care of me and that He will be with me in this. 
(A side note: I write pretty much all my computer stuff on my Chromebook
with a touch screen and always make it bigger to read things easily and that is such a blessing!)
Meanwhile, I got some nice vegan food to bring to our far-away church for meals,
had a delicious English Muffin with Peanut Butter at my favourite NYC diner,
my Husband is my best friend and God is with us.
Tomorrow I get to just be HOME and I am so excited!!! 
I am going to rest, try to catch up on laundry, other house things 
and just enjoy being home... and having some solitude! 
I have not had any in a week now!
I pray that whatever is going on in your world,
that you are trusting in Christ to help you
bear it and that you can live with and in His peace. 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Many things today

Went to church,
went out to lunch,
went home. 
reading books!
Making this pizza.  
Ironically I realized after making it all that I don't really
care for roasted peppers.
But glad to have tried it.
Going to NYC to eye doctor tomorrow afternoon,
after liturgy and lunch locally.
Prayers requested.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Thursday, Friday...days of rain and bookish excitement

Ten years ago, 5+ years after being an Orthodox Christian, 
it was this essay that brought home to me the 
changes in theology that happened centuries before...
I began to see how the Eucharist (Holy Communion) was understood
in different ways at different times.  Somehow this all clicked
and I realized that the changes in the belief about God and about
sacraments like Holy Communion / Eucharist changing as Christians
began changing their ideas and making new churches...
I began to see that these changes impact how one sees the world
and in the changes in how one sees the world lead to other changes
that eventually bring us to the current time, 2019 and all the 
social changes we have seen in the last 40+ years.
And I began to see WHY these changes are happening...
And that lead to a dream to research this essay, to understand 
in particular how one understands the Eucharist / Holy Communion
impacts the whole of one's life and changes and demonstrates a change
in belief, in thought and that changes in belief changes culture. 
So that is in part what I am doing now.
Beginning to finally study this, after 10 years of thought about it.

This book so far is so enjoyable.
It's a perfect relaxing read.

So I joined a subscription library today.
This means, basically speaking, that one pays a fee to belong to it.
It seems to be a really good fit for me in many ways,
has quiet places for one to study and work, 
it's beautiful and it also has lots of DE Stevenson books, including at least 10
I don't own and I am just thrilled about that.
I felt like I was in a candy store with so many vintage novels that I have never read...
it was just a wonderful feeling!

I ate lunch at a coffee shop, it had a nice ginger lemon tea :)
So I am hoping to visit that library at least once/week.
I checked out 2 DE Stevenson novels to read!
I am so pleased.
My dear cousin saw my Aunt in hospital today,
she was tired but OK.
I really appreciate your continued prayers for her.
I am really tired from today's being in NYC;
I had breakfast first with my Husband,
then the train had problems (Subway that is) and we were waiting for
a long time.... then I talked to this amazing Coptic Christian cab driver...
and then I was at the library .... 
I have that research I mentioned above that I want to do,
plus other essays I am working on. 
I also still want to bake for Pascha, and eventually get back
to working on my goddaughter's quilt,
so I don't lack in any way in things to do! 
I pray that each of you are blessed and have the help
you need and the mercy, no matter what is happening,
that you know the Lord's mercy...His love, His promise to never leave us...