Tuesday, March 12, 2019

First Tuesday of Great Lent

Google photos seems to be having issues, so 
just words for now.
{Edit: Google Photos is back up now so I am adding yesterday's pictures!}
Today was a good day.
I got a walk in! 
Cleo kept me amused, sitting in chairs I was just using 
the minute I left them...
I am nearly done re-reading L'Engle's 
Ring of Endless Light
and I began a new essay today...and addressed a bunch of
Christmas letters... regardless of them being late,
I am determined to get them out! 
We had church again tonight...
I love the night services so much...
My Husband works from home tomorrow 
and I hope to make a pasta with garlic, onion and clams...
and have salad of course...
we may go out for mussels tomorrow night before church!
I hope and pray that this small blog post finds you with
something good to remember from today and of God's mercy and love for you...


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I'e never had mussels before. Are they served in a shell? Maybe I'm thinking of clams? xo

Lisa said...

Is Cleo going to fast along with you two? She probably wouldn't mind eating fish all through Lent. ;-)

elizabeth said...

Gina, these mussels were served in a shell! see my next post for pictures!!!

Lisa, ha!!! that is very true! She would love that!!!