Saturday, November 30, 2019

(97) Not What I Expected Today

This morning, over breakfast with Mr Husband,
I learned via email that a lady, Margaret (who we called Peggy),
who was in my local quilt guild,
died tragically in an accident last Monday.
May the Lord have mercy on her! Memory Eternal!
My Husband Husband deep cleaned behind, inside and under the fridge ... 
I washed the drawers, put them back and cleaned up the front 
and did a serious de-cluttering
.....hope to get a few new pictures to add this season.....
I was so tired this afternoon that a nap was in order!
At vespers, we read that our dear friend L, who came to us 
last Thanksgiving day, fell on Friday and was in hospital.
She broke her hip and was in OR when we found out. 
So my friend Photini and I went to the local upscale grocery store,
then out to eat (my Husband went home to do more prayers as he
is a Subdeacon) and then went to see our dear church older lady!
She was just out of OR when we saw her...
if you read my blog for a few years, you would know that
I knew this lovely lady L's Mother, Mat T. and use to visit her.
Her funeral was beautiful, I wrote about it here.
Our local church's Bishop was at church tonight and DV tomorrow as well...
Please remember my friend L in your prayers!
The hip surgery was a major surgery!
Also we are supposed to get snow/sleet tomorrow so wisdom
on how to visit her again soon is needed!
May God help us all!
Lord have mercy! 

Friday, November 29, 2019

(96) Christmas Tree is Up!

Our Christmas tree is up.
I put Cleo's ornament on the tree first
(with a ribbon that came off my Christmas centerpiece a few years ago)
and then I put ornaments all around her,
as if for her... I am aware of a different side of grief/loss and that is
you don't have the animal (in this case) to love and you 
still feel all this love and can't give it directly to this dear departed one.
I felt a lot of love for Cleo; 
my Husband was happy to see her on the tree too; 
somehow I guess it felt like a bit of a meeting.
I love Cleo and always will. 
I am so thankful to God that I was able to get the "lion's share" of the 
Christmas decorating done now so that I don't have to do as much next week.
Mr Husband tested our DVD player (it's like a laptop but only plays DVDS)
as it has not worked earlier (volume seemed caput) but it worked today,
an answer to prayer! 
We are staying local this weekend as our local church's Bishop is visiting...
will be glad to not have the long drive as I am quite tired.
I pray that God has mercy on all of us in these very full busy days.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

(95) Thanksgiving Day (Vegan, Vegetarian and Fish dish) enjoyed by all!

{While we had fish today, we did not have dairy FYI}
Roasted Leek and White Bean Galette (made vegan by vegan cheese and not
doing an egg wash)
Salmon (how I usually make it, it was in foil on the platter until served)
Brussels Sprouts (made vegan via vegan margarine)
Potatoes (made vegan via vegan margarine}
Cranberry Orange Cake (made vegan with egg replacer and vegan margarine)
The vegan cheese was excellent (though not cheap!) and the
Trader Joes Trio crackers are, as per usual, amazing. 
It was a really nice time, relaxed, a bit smaller group this year.
But still church family and as the years go by,
these friendships become richer, deeper and with years of meaning.
I am really thankful for this.
Both friends (the one with Munchkin in tow!) brought flowers and chocolate!
And Russian cookies; dried fruit and nuts!
I felt so blessed by them both!
I pray that everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving had a day that
included thankfulness and, with this, peace.
I realize it can be a difficult season (as holidays are) for many
and for those I esp pray that they had some moments of peace today.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

(94) All Ready for Thanksgiving Day!

Only the very Good Lord could have helped me today,
I was tired before I even began! 
A quick rundown:

2 batches of cream orange Christmas cookies in freezer (had to use the cream up)
Yes, I am a bit crazy... however I got it done before I began the
Thanksgiving Day Prep.
And that prep is done too. As I wrote earlier on social media:
Every Thanksgiving day set up is different! 
And, while I am not judging ANYONE who is Orthodox 
and having Turkey (kindness and respect!!) 
we are having fish...first day of the fast...... 
So...EVERYTHING is prepped.... 
the potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, leeks are all roasted enough for easy reheating. 
The fish is prepped and resting in foil with oil, onion, lemon salt and pepper.
 Rice is ready. The cake baked yesterday. 
My table is set. My crockpot is at the ready. 
My friend hopes to come with wine, chocolate, 
possible flowers 
and croutons for my salad (I forgot them!).... 
And that's a wrap!
Blessed thanksgiving to everyone celebrating tomorrow! 
May God bless us with a day of peace and thankfulness!