Thursday, January 31, 2013


The Adventures in Elizabeth's Life...
So yesterday I was having a good day...
until the afternoon.
The morning included a wonderful conversation
with my sister over gmail-video-chat.
I read her January 4's devotional piece by
Richard Wurmbrand
in his book
Reaching Toward the Heights
that Mr. Husband had in his collection
and that I am now enjoying.
I was hoping to bake bread yesterday
but my starter did not start.
So then I got late for lunch...
and then I forgot what I was cooking.
I forgot the lesson of don't leave the stove
when cooking.
When I remembered
well... the flame in the pan (!!) was not that big
but then I forgot the age old wisdom of
NOT putting water in a grease-based fire
and the smoke,
oh the steam and smoke.
So nothing at all was damaged.
The pan is fine; it is cast iron and tough.
 My nerves though from that smoke detector
screeching loudly and saying over and over
fire, fire, fire
is enough to want me to throw it out the window...
Needless to say
all the windows were open,
fan blasting in kitchen and Cleo hiding under
Mr. Husband's desk.
Poor Cleo.
Then I accidently locked Cleo in a room she was not
supposed to be in
and left for the library.
Talking to my Mom on the steps of the
small, and I soon found out
dilapidated library,
I saw one kid,
a pudgy preteen or young teen
holding this thick water soaked dirty cigarette
and asking for a light.
Then I saw another child walking the other way
a beautiful young boy
sobbing in great distress while talking on his cell phone.
My heart was breaking in to more than two pieces seeing this sadness.
How can I get plugged into this small neighborhood and maybe
bring some comfort to someone 
I thought?
I came home
and found Cleo in distress
still locked in that room
that I did not know she had gone in.
Let's just say that by 5 pm I officially called
my dear friend to ask for prayer
and say that I had
one of those
really bad awful day afternoons
and I still had to make dinner.
my spiritual father has told me about
loving more and pushing past self-love by loving more.
So I made dinner for my
coming home Mr. Husband who
I knew was tired and hungry.
So I turned to my Fannie Farmer cookbook
that I used for sugar cookies
and fried up some fish
and potatoes
as well as a mushroom and onion dish.

The potatoes turned out really great
as did the mushrooms.
The fish was not as good -
it was my first time breading and frying them.
It was a bit too tough;
could be in part the cut of fish and
I may have cooked it too long.
Then Mr. Husband and I
read some Chesterton out loud to each other.
Preface and Part 1 of
the ballad of the white horse
by GK Chesterton
and his beautiful language and the story of
long-long-ago England
was comforting to say the least.
I found a third edition, printed three months after the first
edition of this ballad for Mr. Husband
and gave it to him for St. Nicholas Day.
So today I am hoping for a bit more of a calm
less comically-bad-afternoon day.
I know it could of been worse
and surely there is much greater suffering
than this but still.
My bread started has revived;
I hope to bake bread.
I keep working on trying to meet new people
and make friends here.
It's hard.
The town I live in is not easy for this.
But I have some things in the works and
hope to have some good stories to tell...
but perhaps not ones that include
Cleo feeling the need to hide
under Mr. Husband's desk.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some of my beloveds... (and various other things)

My Godson has
two older brothers
and Mr. Husband and I
found a vintage
Lincoln Log Set for them
to add to what they already had...
Above is the picture of the farm they made with them!
I miss these beloveds so much!
And today one of them is coming down the flu...
so do say a prayer for them...
I am hoping to make Mr. Husband and I crepes
for dinner...
and I am already planning a special dinner for
the 14th...
I got some organic turkey bacon and am
thinking that with potatoes and cheese,
it could turn into a wonderful
crock-pot meal for
church this weekend.
any suggestions, recipes? 
Tomorrow I hope to make bread,
today I did paperwork, laundry,
grocery shopping and phone calls.
It was one of those
I need-to-get-out-more days
but one thing at a time.
I find I have to be patient,
even with myself.
I am slowly reading this
biography of St. Seraphim...
so good to be reading on this
wonderful Saint...
God is with us,
in all our struggles and battles.
We must take heart...

Soup to enjoy on the colder winter days

I made pea-soup
from my
nourishing traditions 
Mr. Husband loves pea-soup
and it was finally cold enough in NJ
for us to both enjoy it!

I soaked the peas overnight in water
used the water as part of the broth
and added some pre-made
Organic vegetable broth
carrots, onions (fried in oil and butter)
thyme, pepper corns and lemon juice...
I am going to season it with a bit more
salt next time while it is cooking...
It blended up very nicely! 
Mr. Husband and I had
the soup with cream
as the book suggests;
I did not follow the book's instructions on cream
but bought some organic half-and-half and
called it good.
Next up is some bread baking,
a chicken and rice casserole
(I had fun looking through various cookbooks for this one;
using my joy of cooking as a basis for this)
and hopefully later this week
all DV of course
a chicken soup and some more butter cookies.
Mr. Husband and I have decided to have
our first Valentines Day as a couple
at home and we discussed
menu possibilities already.
I am excited to try to make a more
elaborate meal for this day.
We are also looking into swimming and
today I am going to a few different grocery stores in
town for things...
What does this day hold in store for you?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Quiet Day at Home

Picture of the Mother of God
at my Ottawa-home Parish.
It is good be back home with
Mr. Husband.
Today was a simple day of
phone calls,
a little reading,
paper work
I have some meal plans for the week
(DV: crepes, homemade bread, soup) and
we are planning our house blessing.
I have some things I hope to be finishing up at home
before this.
Praying for many on my mind and in my heart....

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My time in Ottawa and returning to my beloved

From Mr. Husband and I's
last dinner together
before I left for Ottawa.

I stayed with three different friends
during my time here.
Talked about wonderful cookbooks and other books;
history, theology...
Saw many children I love.
Including my godson.

Saw many wonderful friends for meals
and at church.
Saw my spiritual father of my 7 years in Ottawa.
Saw a beautiful chrismation.
It is gloriously cold here in Ottawa.
Was at many dear friends houses for meals
and dear and deep fellowship.
Mr. Husband and I of course were in very
regular communication. :)
It was a wonderful visit to Ottawa
the jewel of my heart for 7 years
and I am so happy to be returning to my
beloved Mr. Husband.
My sister and her husband are returning to Romania
tomorrow and I to the East Coast of the States.
Prayers requested for our travel.
Glory to God for His abundant goodness! 

Friday, January 18, 2013


Christ is Baptised!
In the Jordan! 
It was so wonderful to be back at 
my home Ottawa parish.
Hugs, tears, smiles, joy.
The only thing that could of added to 
the deep joy was 
if Mr. Husband was here.
But I have talked to him via phone 
and this is good.
And it is SNOWING here!!!!
and I forgot my boots at church! 
Good thing DV I will be back in the morning!!


Sorry for lack of picture;
not doing this on my computer
so no picture.
I arrived safely!
My new phone
(I got a new phone via 
great deal at Mr. Husband's work)
made us think that I was using 
data, but whew
we did not.
Data use in Canada is over 2$ a minute.
WiFi is free.
As if I would use data.
Moving along...
It is wonderful to be at 
one of my dear Ottawa friend's house.
It is good to see my familiar Ottawa.
And it is gloriously COLD here!
Sunshine, blue skies and white snow...
ah, my Ottawa, how I missed thee....
This is my favourite weather!
NJ weather is so not my favourite; 
I did not even know my favourite weather was
sun, snow and cold until I moved to Ottawa
that 7 plus years ago...
Tonight God-willing I will be at my church.
The long-awaited over 4 months since I left
It is strange that I don't know when I can return again.
Once I read a small passage by 
St. Theophan the Recluse
about those who are self-centred/self-absorbed
are ones that are constantly thinking of the future
instead of being present with God in the moment
(not to mention aware of others of course).
So I am reminded that I must seek to do what has
always been hard for me.
Be in Ottawa for this week; 
yep Mr. Husband could not come with me and 
of course my Grandma was right that she said
I would miss Mr. Husband while I was gone.
But I came all this way for a reason
many reasons I think
and it is part of my life's journey and 
struggling through the process of leaving
it seems one does not have to be over leaving
when one has left.
I had realized about 2 months into marriage
how hard it was for me to leave Ottawa
how bewildered I felt
the grief of it
leaving my beloved home,
my spiritual father
my long-time friends
(including my sister-friend who I have known for 15 years now)
and a city that I loved like I have no other place on earth.
Talking with friends,
family and monastics
I have realized again and again how much patience I must have 
in this time. 
Growing up, which is also part of marriage, 
a new stage of growth and a new chapter, a new world
is not easy but it also takes time.
Adjustments take time.
While I have not lose my church family here in Ottawa
still I can't walk 30 minutes to see them
when I am in NJ.
So it is a real change.
And I have missed the Ottawa people I would see
the poor and the outcast.
The skinny man with tattoos everywhere
and varying either hot pink or neon green hair.
 The man who always sits and asks for money
and will not accept anything but money
who sometimes talks normally and 
sometimes a bit like he is mentally struggling
and you never know what is the act
and what is real.
I remember the woman years ago when I worked 
at my first library job in Ottawa
one I really loved and that was a dream job for me
and I would pass by the same woman
sturdy, sitting there, died blond hair
and last year when I was working my second to last job
I saw her as I came out of my work building
and she recognized me and I her,
when I heard her voice, gravelly as always,
and shook her hand,
rough, chapped skin that made up the palm of her hand
how hard her life is and here
I was doing well, 
after all that time.
Sometimes I miss my old apartment but not as deeply 
as I miss having friends over for a dinner.
My new church is over 1 hour 1 way drive and I have not 
driven since 2004 and driving in NJ near NYC is a 
crazy thing, with honking, aggressive drivers and 
general craziness.  
So not wanting to drive there 
which means that our normal church is over 2 hours 1 way by 
public transit and so I can't go; over 4 hours a day travel
is a bit much.
I hope to keep working on making friends when I return to NJ again.
And I am making efforts and now that I am 
sinus-cold free 
(thank the Good Lord!)
I hope to stay this way and have the strength to keep 
working on building a new life
with my beloved Mr. Husband.
I told the security guard for customs that I moved to the US 
as I got married and that my husband is worth it.
And this is very true.
Speaking back to St. Theophan; 
Mr. Husband and I have been reading this book by him
as part of our daily reading.
I forgot the book,
but must blog about it at some point; a lot there...


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

St. Raphael

I do not know much about
St. Raphael but this post
about his miracle is so beautiful...
just had to share!

Prayers, unexpected gift and candles

Today is St. Seraphim's Day!
The icon of St. Seraphim I have in my kitchen is from
the Kiev Lavra
and I light candles by it daily...
I need to do some reading on St. Seraphim again...
I was given this book by a
dear friend who I hope to see soon
for my bridal shower in Ottawa...

So you all know by now
that I love candles
and lighting them for prayer.
Mr. Husband and I found out where to get
wonderful bees wax candles.
But first about my table setting...
The middle bees wax candle above was a gift
from my Ottawa bridal shower
from another dear friend I hope to see soon.
And the candle holder above
(first time I am using it is today!)
is from my Aunt who hosted my
family bridal shower this summer in Michigan.
It was the table display and then she gave it to me
at the end as part of my shower gift!

The table cloth itself is a surprise belated
wedding gift that I and Mr. Husband
got yesterday!
You can see the beautiful detail on it in the
picture above...
what an unexpected blessing!
Literally yesterday morning I was just
thinking it was time to change the table cloth
and then the I got this one in the mail.
It made my day! 

Now I just have to do another dinner party...
hoping to do one when I return from Ottawa...
As you can see,
I cover my table clothes with a plastic
table covering...
I can't tell you how many stains and
water spills it has spared my beautiful table cloths!
Now about those candles...
We got them from
Holy Nativity Monastery
that is affiliated with Holy Cross
both in West Virginia.
They are beautiful hand-dipped bees wax candles
and if you buy a bigger
(i.e. more than 1-3 pounds)
the shipping is quite affordable.

We got a lovely collection of their
taper candles for prayer candles
like the one you see in
the first picture.
We also got a few of their bigger
3/4 inch base
bees wax candles
for our table.
It is so nice to have these candles!
Not only are they beautiful
but they are better to burn.
You can get them here.
I love having candles from monasteries,
things for my table from family and friends
and monastery music to listen to as I go
about my day.
It can be a bit lonely at times as I
am trying to lay low a little bit to be sure
I beat this cold
(I am on the mend)
and have the best time I can in Ottawa.
I am putting together some specific goals
for when I return again to NJ
and my beloved Mr. Husband.
It takes time to build a life
rebuild community
and establish routines.
Little by little,
it will be accomplished...
by God's mercy.

Lemon Cake

So I made my first
lemon cake.
I was thinking of Anna as I baked it!
Thanks for your wonderful blog Anna!
I am determined to make it again...
It called for
lemon juice and lemon zest.
I used my zester for the first time;
I had always wanted one and
got one this summer as a wedding gift.

I made one mistake
and one only.
I doubled the recipe
and did not double the lemons.
Take note, self
and do 4 lemons next time!

That said,
it still turned out well.
I used a Greek yogurt
so it was a heavier cake.

6 eggs.
Yay Feast time!

Lemon Zest.

Mr. Husband was impressed
by how well they
turned out of
the pan.
Notice my cake pans
a very significant wedding gift
from a friend that reads this blog
(hi friend!)
Beautiful glorious
lemon cake.
With lots of glaze!
A friend said they reminded her of
Spanish cakes that she ate years ago.
Now if only I had more friends
in the area to share the cake with...
To Ottawa I go soon
Lord willing.
Am excited to see my friends there
though being without Mr. Husband will be
I plan on many emails/calls while we are apart...
When I get back I hope to not be sick again
(flying does a number on me often)
and my next goal will be to start swimming again...

St. Basil's Day

(old picture I took at the Greek
Today is St. Basil's Day!
I got this feast twice as I was at
Holy Dormition for this day
in early January
with Mr. Husband.
I am often there on St. Basil's day
and find it a very wonderful day indeed.
I am reading slowly
Madeleine L'Engle's book
ring of endless light
and it is about loss, letting go, death.
Thank God,
I have not had to grieve those lost by death
in the last months.
I am in the process of letting go in someways
of my beloved Ottawa.
I return for 1 week this Thursday,
for Theophany,
as planned before Mr. Husband and I's wedding.
I told everyone I would be back for Theophany.
Most of my Orthodox life up to this time
has been in Ottawa
and all of my professional librarian life.
I did a lot of growing there
and had a real home there and a city
I loved and love very much.
So when I read about the main character
dealing with growing up and the soon
loss of her Grandfather to cancer
and all of her processing...
I found reading this to be helpful.
A monastic told me months ago that I am not
leaving my Ottawa church family
but extending my church family
to include more people...
that I am on a progression in this;
not a decrease but an increase.
And so it is.
I am still a bit congested though the main
part of my sinus cold is over.
I fly God-willing in two days
to Ottawa.
Yesterday now was St. Basil's Day
(things interrupted me from finishing the post)
and Mr. Husband and I got a
wonderful phone call yesterday!
A new nephew was born!
He's not Orthodox but I do find it
really wonderful that he was born
on St. Basil's Day to
wonderful Christian parents!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Prayer and Sugar Cookies

I finally was able to get
this sun catcher
put on my kitchen window.
It had not come with a suction cup
so I had to wait and
finally I have one!

Been lighting candles for various people in
need who are on my heart...

Yesterday I finally was able to make
sugar cookies!
I had promised them to a friend
about 1.5-2 months ago
but kept getting sick
with colds.
I am not fully better yet
but was strong enough yesterday to make
the cookies.

Such a simple recipe!
I did this variation:
1/2 cup butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp milk
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 1/2 cup flour

I got the above cookbook
at the Mother of All Garage Sales
as Mr. Husband calls them
back in October.
When I saw the name
F.M. Farmer
I realized that this was most possibly
an older edition of the
Fannie Farmer Cookbook
and I was right!
It was published in 1945
and was my most expensive purchase
at the Garage Sale
at 18.00 for the book.
Which Mr. Husband later noted
is about the going rate for this 
vintage book.
(The garage sale we went to is also a charity
so we did not feel a loss of a good deal
because of this, for those of
thrift-garage sale minds! :))
I like many others
love the older cookbooks
for their more durable recipes
the simplicity
and practicality.

It was so nice to use my baking
tools again.

When I saw that this recipe says it makes
50-60 cookies
I was surprised
but realized that this meant very little cookie
dough was used per cookie.
So I carefully spooned out the dough
and it did make about that much!

The cookies are small and light.

The last batch baked quicker
due to the oven being on for a while
so I will have to remember to watch that
cooking time of 8 minutes
and perhaps do 7 minutes for the last

Mr. Husband and I have been enjoying these
cookies during our Christmas Feast week!

And I finally have them to give to
our friend!
Now I am hoping to bake
the lemon yogurt cake that
Anna blogged about
a while back...
I am late for making what I thought would be for
lunch today
as Mr. Husband is working from home
(these are some of my happiest days when
he is here for breakfast
and we can visit before he retreats to the office
for work)...
I was going to make a roast chicken last night
like I made for our first
Canadian Thanksgiving as a married couple
but I realized I did not have the herbs to do so.
Thankfully when I went to the store last night
it was not as busy as sometimes
(about 5 pm at the store can be a mad-house,
with long lines and crowded aisles)
and I also got the needed
ingredients for the cake...
I am still recovering from the cold
but am hopeful that by next week
it will be much better/gone.
God willing I will be in Ottawa
by this time next week.
Without Mr. Husband who sadly
can't come because of his work.
I will miss him.
But it will be good to see everyone that I spent 7
years of my life with
and a city that I love so much.
I best get going on that chicken...

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Cleo and other things

Once and a while I will find Cleo
as above:
on top of the mattress that we meant
to give a way months ago
that is still in our office.
Hurricane Sandy really did a number on
us all here on the East Coast
and I can only dream of a fully
picked up house...
So today was a quiet day.
Mr. Husband is on his way home now;
he is picking up a chicken for me
to bake tomorrow and some
salad for tonight.
I really hope to be feeling better soon.
I am still having a hard time breathing
with this cold
though my nose is no longer
needing 1 box of Kleenex/day.
I am struggling to not feel
discouraged and to be thankful.
I had wanted to get back in routines
and the like
but with this head cold
it is just not possible.
But I am thankful.
For a good home,
for Mr. Husband,
for family and friends,
for Cleo Cat.

Environment of Prayer

I am listening to a two CD
talk by Mother Gabriella.
Unfortunately this particular
lecture is not on
ancient faith radio
but there are some of
Mother Gabriella's lectures.
I do recommend them
most highly.
I have been thinking about
a post I have thought to write
but that has remained unwritten
for some years
that the lecture I was listening to
by Mother Gabriella
gave the words to.
It is about creating
an environment of prayer.
A few years ago
when I was struggling with the
fall-out of losing my
full-time library job
I was still listening to many types of music.
One day as I was listening to it
and was by my main icon of St. George
that is above my buffet
and suddenly had the sense that
it was not what I should listen to or be.
I began to realize how much
music can disturb or even destroy my peace.
My time in Ottawa gave me some space
and some gifts.
I had found a regular confessor and
spiritual father;
over the years I changed some of my habits -
I wrote about how I
stopped reading mystery books
as part of my war against anxiety.
Over the years
I have also pretty much
stopped listening to music
outside of Orthodox music and some
classical music.
The lecture by Mother Gabriella also
spoke of the need for regular
confession to begin to learn
what one needs to repent of
and change.
Changes such as these
I am finding are needed
to cultivate an environment
where one can pray
for me
can start to see what is hindering
myself from prayer.
In my last years when I was at home
either working on contract
or looking for work
I had a lot of opportunities
to be quiet.
Times like these helped me begin to see
how things work;
how what we surround ourselves with
influences and impacts our
inner world and life.
How thoughts are a battle ground
and where peace is lost or found.
Now the danger of me writing
about this is that it may lead
someone to think that I live
on a spiritual level that
I simply am not on.
I only have to think of my confession lists
to know that I am a rank beginner.
But I do believe that there is a real
correlation between
what we read, listen to and surround ourselves
with and who we become and how
and in which way we grow.
I am still in the process
of seeking to build
a house for my soul
but the point is
that it is possible.
There really is a God to be found
and to trust;
there is a river that runs in the
city of God;
there is a real spiritual life to be
discovered and lived;
there is such a thing as
life-giving repentance.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Christmas-church, meals and thanksgiving

Christmas Icon at my new church.
It was great to be with Mr. Husband
at church for Christmas.
I was thinking a lot of my church in Ottawa
as this is my first Christmas in seven of my 8.5 years
as an Orthodox Christian
that I am not there with them.
It was still a beautiful Christmas
but I was also aware of feeling off-cue.
No Holy Supper.
No Compline at my Ottawa church.
Different traditions, songs and melodies.
I was not sad per say
as I had determined to look beyond myself
and there are so many things to be thankful for
that sadness did not seem an option.
Since our main church is over 1 hour drive away
we stayed a hotel to be able to be at
more services.
So that was different too.
And as feared, Mr. Husband got
a really bad cold
and I came down with the same cold
last night.
But I am so thankful
for the many things I have been given.
A loving husband.
I still have a good church family
just a different one.
I care about my new friends and their lives
and struggles and I
can't tell you how much that helps.
Mr. Husband and I had a nice Christmas.
Even though Mr. Husband was sick
and now I am feeling a bit lousy
we still have so much
Including a Christmas night meal together
a very nice restaurant
that if you go for the 5 pm sitting
the 3 course meal is half-price.
This gladdens our Dutch hearts :)
We had yummy salad.

I forgot to take a photo of the main course!
It was yummy green beans
mashed potatoes
and chicken
with Jus.
Really nice.
And no dishes to wash! 

I finally had yummy cream
for black tea
to go with this wonderful
raisin strudel :)
we enjoyed some treats
as we opened our gifts.

I like the candied nuts!

My cold was in full swing sadly
by this time
but even this can be seen as a blessing
as I go late next week God-willing
to Ottawa
and hopefully
my cold will be gone by then
so better to get it now than right before the flight...

Mr. Husband's favourite gift
was a first edition of
letters to father Christmas
that I learned about through Anna's blog
last month! 

We were also given some lovely
food and other gifts
from friends
that were a joy to open!

Friday, January 04, 2013

Friday - quiet, cleaning and God's mercy

One of the pictures on
a lovely walk in MI that I had
with Mr. Husband.
It is really great to be home.
Reading again the book by
Elizabeth Elliot
and the last two small chapters
mentioned Christmas and
Christmas Eve
which is nice.
My first Christmas as
Mrs. Wife
and not in Ottawa.
I will not be able to do a Holy Supper
this year;
with church a long drive away
it is just not possible;
but I still hope for future years.
I am looking forward to Christmas Liturgy
and to having a nice God-willing
Christmas night dinner
at a beautiful local restaurant
with Mr. Husband.
We have three presents each for each other
on Christmas Day.
I got the white lights up in the kitchen area
and Mr. Husband's presents are wrapped.
The Nativity icons are out;
as well as my icon of Christ for this season
and my small nativity set and
glass bulb of a nativity scene hand-painted
in Romania.
So decorating,
as simple as it is,
is done.
As much as I would love to do a nice meal
Mr. Husband's advice to keep it simple
and go to the restaurant is really best
for this year.
One thing I am learning
or hope I am learning
is to be patient with all these firsts
and that it takes time to build routines
and traditions.
I am still weary from traveling
and still praying that we do not get sick
like so many are currently...
It is almost Christmas and I am so glad for that.
I hope to make a batch of cookies today
and am glad to say that I was able to
put some books on one of our
living room bookshelves
and decide what (every-day) decorations
I should pack away and what ones to keep out.
It takes a long time to set up house
and with Hurricane Sandy
and Thanksgiving travels and then
it takes even longer.
But God is good to us.
I was able to listen to some Orthodox music
and part of a lecture this morning as I
I am also slowly watching this video
that Mat. Anna posted.
I can't tell you enough
how much I love this video
and wish everyone could see it!
I am starting a journal where I hope to write
daily a list of things I am thankful for.
In hopes that I will keep my heart
light, content and joyful.
As my Grandma often speaks of
we have so much to be thankful for.
The Lord is good and merciful.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Reflections on blessings of the time away

Things I am pondering from my time
at the monastery:
The name of Jesus Christ is very powerful;
Lord Jesus Christ have mercy
Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me a sinner
is of great effect.
It was wonderful to be reminded to pray
Lord Jesus Christ have mercy.
God has many surprises for us this year;
I was gently reminded not to think
too far in the future
as I may miss what God has for me today.
I was also reminded to
And that this is part of trusting God.
I love so much my time at the monastery over
New Years.
It has been such a blessing to me over the years;
some years I am there in sorrow
this year in joy,
as I showed my wedding ring to familiar friends
and introduced Mr. Husband to them.
I feel ready to take on the next steps in
my life here in NJ with
Mr. Husband
in our process of settling and continuing
to build new routines.
We opened many Christmas cards
that were waiting for us
when we returned,
and some birthday cards and a lovely box of chocolates
(we are well supplied for breaking
the Christmas fast on Monday!)
and Mr. Husband opened his
Name's Day present from me.
I treasure this time and I know that
life brings lots of curve balls
but this only makes me savour
what we have now
and keep praying to God
who holds tomorrow.

Many Things over Christmas in December and a New Year Begins

Mr. Husband and I
have been very busy.
We did many things including
visiting my parents and family;
having a family wedding reception for us
for my family and friends who could not come;
going to a wedding
(above picture from a chapel where the wedding was)
and being at Holy Dormition Monastery 
for New Years.
It was a very full and blessed time.
The best word I can think of for the time at the monastery
was consoling.
And we worshiped in the new church
and it is stunning, how beautiful it is.
It was wonderful to be in familiar places again
and it is good to be home again.
Mr. Husband is at work
I am home with Cleo
(she missed us but was well taken care of)
and I am unpacking, decorating for
and am tired out from the travels
but glad to be home.
Our first Christmas a couple is
this weekend and there will be lots of church.
So if I don't blog much,
that is why!
Wishing everyone God's blessings and comfort
for this new year.