Thursday, January 03, 2013

Many Things over Christmas in December and a New Year Begins

Mr. Husband and I
have been very busy.
We did many things including
visiting my parents and family;
having a family wedding reception for us
for my family and friends who could not come;
going to a wedding
(above picture from a chapel where the wedding was)
and being at Holy Dormition Monastery 
for New Years.
It was a very full and blessed time.
The best word I can think of for the time at the monastery
was consoling.
And we worshiped in the new church
and it is stunning, how beautiful it is.
It was wonderful to be in familiar places again
and it is good to be home again.
Mr. Husband is at work
I am home with Cleo
(she missed us but was well taken care of)
and I am unpacking, decorating for
and am tired out from the travels
but glad to be home.
Our first Christmas a couple is
this weekend and there will be lots of church.
So if I don't blog much,
that is why!
Wishing everyone God's blessings and comfort
for this new year.

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