Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My time in Ottawa and returning to my beloved

From Mr. Husband and I's
last dinner together
before I left for Ottawa.

I stayed with three different friends
during my time here.
Talked about wonderful cookbooks and other books;
history, theology...
Saw many children I love.
Including my godson.

Saw many wonderful friends for meals
and at church.
Saw my spiritual father of my 7 years in Ottawa.
Saw a beautiful chrismation.
It is gloriously cold here in Ottawa.
Was at many dear friends houses for meals
and dear and deep fellowship.
Mr. Husband and I of course were in very
regular communication. :)
It was a wonderful visit to Ottawa
the jewel of my heart for 7 years
and I am so happy to be returning to my
beloved Mr. Husband.
My sister and her husband are returning to Romania
tomorrow and I to the East Coast of the States.
Prayers requested for our travel.
Glory to God for His abundant goodness! 


E Helena E said...

Prayers for safe travels to you all!
Many hugs.

amy said...

Prayers going up for God's mercy while you travel

Michelle M. said...

Safe travels!