Saturday, April 04, 2020

One to Remember

The bread I baked turned out fairly well.
We did a google hangout with family while having the cake.
My Husband loves the cake very much.
It is a good one!
I made him a lovely fish meal for lunch and dinner,
his special birthday treat.
We went on a walk in the afternoon.
I talked with my sister-friend tonight.
She is due with her baby soon, we are praying for her very much.
She will have a home birth, like she has had for her first 4 children.
We have a lot to trust God about and to thank Him about.
I look forward to liturgy tomorrow online
and having more of that cake! 

Friday, April 03, 2020

Of course...

Of course my Husband would be having a second wind when
I wanted to set the table to celebrate his birthday
(we are choosing to celebrate tomorrow since Saturday is easiest)
and I can't set the table with special dishes to surprise him.
Well, we will see what happens!
I did get my baking done.
Scones - delicious and some for tomorrow!
Cake - done and waiting for tomorrow...
Bread - hope it works, did a 50/50 bread flour / all purpose flour
ratio this is rising now and I will bake it DV tomorrow morning...
ha! real-time blogging, he went to sleep. But it's 15 minutes to midnight so I am
going to go soon too.
Things that went right today:
I found raisins, soft flour tortillas and tortilla chips for delivery next week.
I found pecans to be delivered later.
Yesterday I managed to order 10lbs of flour.
Today I ordered more yeast.
My Husband found more TP and ordered it
(out last batch was 'missing' on the truck).
Talked to my sister on the phone and my Mom later.
Yesterday I briefly talked to my Dad before talking to my Mom and 
hearing his voice was plain wonderful.
Things that were hard today: anxiety this afternoon. Oops.
Things I am glad for:  prayers streamed at night, making
the cake frosting and or the liturgical year.
I wish each of you a blessed evening and God's mercy and protection!

Thursday, April 02, 2020

O Lord of Heaven and Earth, We Cry Out to You...

Today was a bit hard for me; the night before I was up till about 
1 AM; I managed to get a delivery slot again for next week.
I feel beyond blessed.
I was struggling a lot with anxiety today,
as if I was going to run out of food.
(Um, if you know me, my pantry and how my Husband and I live
normally speaking, you would know that this is not a concern
at present).  
But still it was a hard day for it.
I was texting with a friend and realized that my food anxiety
is probably just how my worry is being funneled, 
as in it's emerging this way but is probably based in just
the grief and anxiety of a world in a type of peril that I 
can't really do enough to deal with.
I am worried not only for food for me, but for my friends, my family.
Really it's me wanting everyone I love to be safe, OK to not get sick.
I think it is the same with many,
thinking if I just buy the right things or enough I will be OK is just so elemental to our survival that people stockpile
because they fear not only running out but of sickness and death.
One thing I will NOT do is guilt myself for what I am anxious about.
Nope.  I WILL tell God about it, confess it again and again, ask for God's help with it.
But I won't pummel myself into despair because of my struggle.
God came for sinners, God came to help me, help you, help all who realize 
that they need help!! 
So...I called my Mom today, which I pretty much do almost every day in 
my normal life, but what was hard to find out is that one of the women, 
who my Mom worked with years ago, 
who was part of a close knit group of friends who worked together, 
 Please remember everyone in prayer and please,
 everyone, be extra careful right now 🙏🕯💗
I can tell you I felt pretty upset learning about this.
I remember my Mom talking about her...
Well, I made the scones!
I did not bake a cake today.
About the scones....
I used this recipe:

from The Breakfast Book by Marion Cunningham
Recipe + changes:
 1/8 cup sugar. 
Almost a cup coconut cream. 
A spoon full of coconut oil carefully melted in microwave for the melted butter.
I used diced dried apricots, some dried cherries and raisins.
See here for a bit more info on use of the melted oil for butter... 
With jam, these scones were pretty much vegan perfection!
May God preserve and protect us all!