Saturday, December 30, 2006

A simple list on this quiet day

Here are the latest lovely things:

1. I turned 30. yesterday (!); had a wonderful day with friends in person and on the phone
2. Today I rested, put things in my house and made a list for groceries… more to do, but I feel lethargic…
3. My cat Cleo (just thought I would mention her)
4. I am so grateful that God exists; I need the hope He brings…

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Here’s the list:

1. My Oma turned 98 Christmas eve, I was there
2. My family really loves me; I was comforted
3. It was three years ago Christmas day that I vowed that unless God stopped me, I was going to become Orthodox
4. Three years later I was back in a protestant church for Christmas and could see why I vowed to become Orthodox
5. I love my family; I wish they could experience the Church as I do, but they have no idea or understanding of the difference
6. I came back feeling like my soul had run a marathon; I feel more rested now
7. God has blessed me so much, I must remember and always give thanks