Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday ~ Loving a Young Munchkin

My brother-in-law and Mr. Husband got the
futon couch up!
The seat of the couch is 55" in depth so it
is big enough for a smaller child to sleep on for a bed!
We put down soft flannel sheets for bed, lots of pillows
and Bears, Rabbits and an Eeyore

The paper, crayons and water colours that I ordered
have been used this afternoon!

Some nice cards have been made!
Cleo is still not sure what to think of new people
but she is doing well.
This morning we went to the pool!
It's a good time for me... still getting our 
rhythm down for these days but
this morning we did some small prayers and
I am finding this book to be invaluable
in suggestions on how to talk about the God,
including the mystery of the Holy Trinity,
to young children. 
I am a bit tired with so much going on,
but the main rhythm of pool in the morning and 
afternoon at home is working well for me.
The munchkin I and Mr. Husband are watching
loves St. John like we do!
We are going to bake a cake for St. John's day tomorrow
or the day after, on his day!
We are hoping to find our vegan chocolate chips 
for the cake tonight but we will see!
Either way, it's going to be fun to bake
a cake for St. John with my young 6 year old munchkin
that we are caring for this week and next!

Saint John loved children
and I am so glad we have such loving Saint to celebrate! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

And on to the next week...

I am still knitting squares for this blanket.
My next young one I am caring for 
comes tomorrow night - Thursday.
A beloved 6 year old boy!
It will be a good but busy time.
If I don't comment on blogs that you,
the reader, write and I usually do,
then know it is not anything but me being busy.
We ordered a new dishwasher today.
Got more things for the house.
Said goodbye to my cute niece and her Dad.
Went to vespers.
We are happy for our new home and our life together.
Asking prayers for strength and of course God's mercy! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

At home in the city... with our niece!

Niece's very cute puppet theater! 
Mr. Husband's idea to save cardboard for 
this and she has been working on a script :)

Also playing with k'nex. :)

I am going to be selling them at our church bookstore
and have been reading them here and there for that;
they are great!
And no, I am not expecting for those don't
know me in person but were wondering.

The craft re-shipment finally came today.
They left out one nightlight though,
so I have to call them again....

Part of my secret knitting project.
Another Elizabeth-original simple style. :)

This is my Mexican blanket that I got in 
Mexico when I was 17, so 20 years ago.
It will be a month tomorrow that we moved in.
My brother-in-law did not realize it was so recent
and said that it looked like we'd lived here 6 months already!
I was I admit gratified to hear this,
as I had been working so hard to get the place
ready for him and his lovely daughter to visit! 
So the Mexican blanket is my picnic blanket.
I used to bring it to cemetery day in Ottawa
and have been using it to sit on our front stoop
with L. our 7 year old niece. 
We've had snacks, Popsicles and such things there.
She's a happy kid, very smart of course, and sings
songs about things she loves, like I did when I was a kid.
My Mother called my singing 'chanting' and I did it often
when I was a kid...
The song today was about our local corner store
which are called bodegas here. 
Our Bodega has bubble gum in the machine,
freezie pops in the freezer,
and things like paper bags for puppets, 
packing tape for theater construction and ketchup :) 

Our days have gone like this:
Out of bed and breakfast about 8 AM.
Outdoor time (kiddie pool today!)
Snack time
lunch prep and lunch
rest time for 1 hour (my survival hour for things like
a nap (whew kids have a lot of energy!), computer time,
cleaning, etc.
Afternoon activities or cleaning up things
and then activity or reading
snack on stoop
dinner prep
outside for scooter time 
wash up, prepare bed, read
Bible stories from this Children's Bible
prayers, talking about theological questions
such as the mystery of the Holy Trinity and finally 

We've used our bar stools a lot already
and we've been having a great time!
Please pray for me as we have our next 
wonderful munchkin visiting as of 
this Sunday-Thursday and I want his
visit to also be a wonderful time for him!
We will be enjoying this book and colouring book

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Mr. Husband and I went recently 
to a 'Jack and Jill' baby shower.
It was lovely.

And lots of special gifts, 
including the Mother to be's Mother giving
the baby-to-be her Mother's baby cup and spoon;
silver and beautiful!
We were grateful to be there!

Around the House...

Our Bedroom is almost where I want it.
Some more icons to be put up in the corner,
a drawer front to fix on a night stand,
a cabinet full of pictures and knick knacks to 
hang and place.
Hoping to do more over the long weekend of
July 4th when Mr. Husband is home!
Yesterday was a fish, wine and oil day...

So we had all three!
It was nice!
My niece and brother-in-law came yesterday.
All the craft things I ordered was mysteriously 'lost' 
and I was refunded and had to order it again today.
So bummer as it will not be here for most of
my nieces stay.
But what can I do? Nothing about that...
Soon we are going to go sit at our front stoop
and have a Popsicle!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Worth watching and re-watching

Doing well here,
but busy preparing.
So thought I would share this again.
It's well worth watching for all who are married
or in relationships leading to marriage, etc.
Please pray for me!
Niece and her Dad DV arrive tonight!
Will be Auntie Elizabeth 24x7 to Friday!
If I don't post much,
you know why! :) 

Monday, June 23, 2014

May 28 ~ three years ago

Was looking up my recipe 
saw that it was posted on May 28th, 2011.
Wow. That day will never be forgotten.
It's the day, the evening actually, that I first
had word of Mr. Husband's existence.
Three years later,
married over 1 year 7 months, 
I think I should make that cake again after the fast
to celebrate! 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Progress in making our condo a home ~ and ~ lots of fun things...

Lots going on now days!
Friends coming to stay tomorrow,
niece and Dad/brother-in-law coming this coming week
and then another little tyke later on! :)

So I organized the linen closet and yes, 
this is better :)

We did not have a linen closet in our last place
 and are so glad to have this one!!! 

Mr. Husband put together this IKEA table
for our Master Bath.
Our handyman could not come this week
and we really need things done so 
Mr. Husband to the rescue! 

I am loving it and having a few books around :)

A little something I was given in my 
undergrad days in BC... 

New to us shelving that we found in our old place.
Free is still our favourite price :)

And we have one of the two bar stools done,
Mr. Husband and I did it together.
Thank God that we had the socket wrench from 
the IKEA armchair as we really needed it for this too.
I am surprised that IKEA did not include one for
these chairs but perhaps, as Mr. Husband said,
it is a slightly more expensive tool/part.
But still, really, IKEA you should give
 this tool out for these bar stools too! 
So 1 stool to go, a huge load of dishes to be washed....
We hope to get a dishwasher soon since
the one here does not work, i.e. does not clean.
I've re-reorged the Master Bedroom Closet and 
we are busy preparing our home...
but I also got to go swimming this morning!
Hello sunshine and outdoor pool, I love you! :)
Whew, and thank God I slept better last night.
Do keep me in prayer for this, and Mr. Husband,
as soon we will have little L. our niece to 
love and take joy in!
Oh and I got this really cool kids Bible in the mail today
that I ordered within hours of seeing this post
that included it.
Looks GREAT.
We are also ordering some things to beautify our home 
and I am expecting a shipment of some simple and economical
children's art supplies... 
We are so thankful for all of these blessings!! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vegan Double Chocolate Banana Bread ~ and ~ about today...

and used half cup coconut oil, half vegan margarine,
used X-Gum for binder and regular flour.
While not as decadent as the one with 
butter and eggs, it is still good!
One for now and one for next week,
in the freezer!
I am struggling with some insomnia right now,
please pray for me!
My sense is that the devil knows I am to host 
children who God LOVES and the devil does not.
Thank God we know who wins!
Our Saviour Jesus Christ!
As just mentioned... Mr. Husband and 
I will be hosting different children for 
the next two or three weeks for sleepovers
and I am finding lots of stuff for this.
Ordered some crafts supplies via amazon prime,
some cool books via amazon and St. Tikhon's bookstore,
found and was emailed some cool things including 
here, here, here and here
I found this recent post (H/T Mat Emily) here to be very helpful!
Thanks also for the suggestions I was given earlier this week!
Asking for any other suggestions also! 
Thank God I had 6 years in my twenties with a Bible camp
and before that years of babysitting...:)
So I am creating a schedule for activity time and also rest times!
There are so many people going through stressful times right now.
Please pray for Mat. Anna, Noah and for all those 
we can't mention but you know need prayer...
All I know is that God is with us 
in every valley of difficulty we face...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Saint Boniface Day

Today is St. Boniface's Day!
I got his icon out and it is just a joy 
that it is his day!
Because of him we have the 
Christmas Tree, the yule log and 
I think also the advent wreath... 
He is a wonderful Saint for us
and one that German and Dutch people especially love! 
Happy and Blessed St. Boniface Day! 

Yarn Along ~ Sunshine Squares Blanket and Dakota: A Spiritual Geography

 And this is where I am with the blanket.
A bit bunched up by the middle of the 'sun' but
well, one thing at a time.
I have to continually let go of 
wishing for perfection right now.
I've been thinking a lot about this.
How things are not perfect but they can still be good; 
a bit lopsided at times but full of love.
So... reading.
I finished Kathleen Norris' book
I really enjoyed it.
I see it as a well written first book 
as it were;
her first book articulating where she is
now, or where she was in 1993 at any case.
It is full of beauty,
of understanding that even imperfect or 
plain old deprivation within circumstances 
can be a place that a flower can grow 
or a word of life can come. 
It's like she is examining the breeze:
how it can be stifled and how it can be let loose
to come unexpectedly and provide
blessed relief.
It made me think of the farmers and there
yearly struggle and how good it could be for 
those who are the farmers wives to read this book;
or how it could be good to read when one is
feeling impatient within oneself,
still wishing for a more instant transformation of
what weights us down;
or if things in the job market are just not picking up
or things are just plain splintering everywhere...
it faces this;
it reminds one of the verse
possess one's soul in patience
I could see all of her books in this first one,
the themes that she took further and made
beauty out of in her books.
She does a lot in this one;
challenging us to not become insular where we are
or to allow silence in our lives
or to see places we perhaps did not know, like
the Dakotas of 1993.

I had such an awareness of time,
reading this book,
years before so much would happen in her life...
before she published some of my favourite books
that often help me maintain faith when in difficult 
So a very good and thoughtful read.
What are you making and reading? 
Yarn along with us :)