Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Yarn Along ~ Sunshine Squares Blanket and Dakota: A Spiritual Geography

 And this is where I am with the blanket.
A bit bunched up by the middle of the 'sun' but
well, one thing at a time.
I have to continually let go of 
wishing for perfection right now.
I've been thinking a lot about this.
How things are not perfect but they can still be good; 
a bit lopsided at times but full of love.
So... reading.
I finished Kathleen Norris' book
I really enjoyed it.
I see it as a well written first book 
as it were;
her first book articulating where she is
now, or where she was in 1993 at any case.
It is full of beauty,
of understanding that even imperfect or 
plain old deprivation within circumstances 
can be a place that a flower can grow 
or a word of life can come. 
It's like she is examining the breeze:
how it can be stifled and how it can be let loose
to come unexpectedly and provide
blessed relief.
It made me think of the farmers and there
yearly struggle and how good it could be for 
those who are the farmers wives to read this book;
or how it could be good to read when one is
feeling impatient within oneself,
still wishing for a more instant transformation of
what weights us down;
or if things in the job market are just not picking up
or things are just plain splintering everywhere...
it faces this;
it reminds one of the verse
possess one's soul in patience
I could see all of her books in this first one,
the themes that she took further and made
beauty out of in her books.
She does a lot in this one;
challenging us to not become insular where we are
or to allow silence in our lives
or to see places we perhaps did not know, like
the Dakotas of 1993.

I had such an awareness of time,
reading this book,
years before so much would happen in her life...
before she published some of my favourite books
that often help me maintain faith when in difficult 
So a very good and thoughtful read.
What are you making and reading? 
Yarn along with us :)


Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

"letting go of perfection..."

Elizabeth, I love this post and your blanket and am off to find that book. :) Thank you for sharing!

I frogged my shawl and am working on a little something for my granddaughter who is turning one on Sunday! Reading is a recipe book on small batch canning.
xo, Lisa :)

Matushka Anna said...

I finished the sweater I was working on and am having to let go of perfection there too! The intended recipients will be happy with it anyway.

Love your sunshine blanket! I'm going to see if our library has Dakota.

karen said...

Perfection isn't that great I think your blanket is pretty and cheerful!! Love the sounds of your book. I'm slowly knitting a shawl and a blanket and reading a very short book.