Friday, June 20, 2014

Progress in making our condo a home ~ and ~ lots of fun things...

Lots going on now days!
Friends coming to stay tomorrow,
niece and Dad/brother-in-law coming this coming week
and then another little tyke later on! :)

So I organized the linen closet and yes, 
this is better :)

We did not have a linen closet in our last place
 and are so glad to have this one!!! 

Mr. Husband put together this IKEA table
for our Master Bath.
Our handyman could not come this week
and we really need things done so 
Mr. Husband to the rescue! 

I am loving it and having a few books around :)

A little something I was given in my 
undergrad days in BC... 

New to us shelving that we found in our old place.
Free is still our favourite price :)

And we have one of the two bar stools done,
Mr. Husband and I did it together.
Thank God that we had the socket wrench from 
the IKEA armchair as we really needed it for this too.
I am surprised that IKEA did not include one for
these chairs but perhaps, as Mr. Husband said,
it is a slightly more expensive tool/part.
But still, really, IKEA you should give
 this tool out for these bar stools too! 
So 1 stool to go, a huge load of dishes to be washed....
We hope to get a dishwasher soon since
the one here does not work, i.e. does not clean.
I've re-reorged the Master Bedroom Closet and 
we are busy preparing our home...
but I also got to go swimming this morning!
Hello sunshine and outdoor pool, I love you! :)
Whew, and thank God I slept better last night.
Do keep me in prayer for this, and Mr. Husband,
as soon we will have little L. our niece to 
love and take joy in!
Oh and I got this really cool kids Bible in the mail today
that I ordered within hours of seeing this post
that included it.
Looks GREAT.
We are also ordering some things to beautify our home 
and I am expecting a shipment of some simple and economical
children's art supplies... 
We are so thankful for all of these blessings!! 


Reinventing Mother said...

I've missed your posts the last few days. I have been busy from dawn to dusk. The home is looking " homey"! I love that you will have company soon. I am keeping all your intentions in prayer.

Matushka Anna said...

How nice! Every little bit helps. <3 Looking forward to hearing about your visits. :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Enjoy entertaining your guests in your lovely new home :-)

Amy said...

Does your condo have a pool? I was picturing more of a row house style but based on your interior floor plan that's probably not the case:). That's so great that you have close access to a pool.

elizabeth said...

Amy ~ no, we don't live in that sort of condo building! public outdoor pool in our neighbourhood :)

the habit of being said...

it looks like your home is coming together nicely and just in nick of time for company ;-) enjoy your time with family!

GretchenJoanna said...

Are you reading The Living by Annie Dillard? It's a long novel, I know...I haven't tried it myself.