Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Our day at IKEA or how my husband is both my best friend and nearly a super hero :)

We headed out to IKEA and got there about noon.
We ate lunch and began looking for the many things
we had researched, discussed and chosen for our new home.
I was so excited to have this time with my husband!

By 3 pm I was in need of a snack/half-meal and was feeling a bit tired.
By 5 pm we were frazzled, eating dinner there, after 
finding out that the mattress we wanted was not in stock
for the futon we have since purchased for the library/guest room/ chapel.
After some misadventures, we realized we needed to just go home,
rather than to another IKEA for the said mattress
(there are a few in driving distance in this part of the heavily populated US world)
and went home, unpacked some of the small things, prayed, slept.
We were just plain exhausted!
I saw a woman there who was putting together some fake flowers and vases.
She had commented that IKEA is so tiring; I agreed and said that we'd been there since noon.
She quickly said, oh my goodness, God bless you! :)
Later, when we were home, I told my Mother or admitted that
I had eaten 32.5 meatballs.
She commented that perhaps that as a bit excessive...
Well, yes, I can say it was... I just felt a great need to have food
to keep energy going...
My husband was a real trooper, gathering the information on site for the various pieces and knowing what I do about husbands and IKEA 
(generally what I see is that husband's dislike it quicker than the wife),
he is not only my best friend but a super hero for enduring such a long time there!
Here is one of the things we took home
(main delivery is today, anytime now...)

It's so vivid and beautiful!

A new rug, soft and scrunchy-squishy, for the kitchen area!

The floor had no rug and with it being wood,
we were constantly cleaning up water spills...
(the faucet is another issue, as sadly is the 
dishwasher, that works but really does not work,
as in it no longer cleans and we need a new one,
my Dad spent hours trying to fix it).
I am coming to about my limit on things,
as in the exhaustion and the constant mess.
First packing and now unpacking.
Little things like not finding a peg for a bookshelf
(so the shelf can't get up and I can't use it to put things away)
and waiting for the new IKEA things to come and 
DV tomorrow be assembled...
I know I am making a lot of progress,
and since my parents left and my husband is at work,
I am unpacking everything.
So I am tired and ready for our home to be a 
more organized restful place.
It's just taking a long time, as things in areas did
not go as planned and that is just the way it is.
But I still love our new house and I know when we are all done,
it will be quite lovely 
and I thank God for His mercy...


October Rose said...

IKEA meatballs are so addicting, it's hard NOT to eat so many! I always find it so hard to focus in that store, there is so much to see (and buy) and the low prices are so tempting ... last time I went there with my father-in-law and all three children (!!!), which was quite an adventure!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Things never go entirely to plan, do they? Sigh.
We still have a very few boxes stacked in the garage which we have not yet unpacked, and we have been here for ten years ;-)

Your kitchen rug is gorgeous :-)

Anna said...

You are certainly keeping your sense of humour even through the tiredness and tedium of unpacking! This really made me laugh. Yay for IKEA meatballs - great shopping fuel. I'm so glad they have a good website so I can hum and haw, measure up and make a shopping list before going (it's a trek from here anyway) but it's still overwhelming once you get there. So many ideas! Lovely to see your new home emerging from the boxes.

Lisa said...

That's an IKEA rug? Wow. It's all coming together nicely now.

Anonymous said...

The two or three times that we've been to IKEA in the last five years have been amongst the most trying days of our marriage! IKEA is exhausting. I'm glad you made it out in one piece, and love seeing how things are coming along!

elizabeth said...

Oct Rose ~ I know!!! :) wow, sounds like an adventure for sure!

Elizabeth, I know... and I have a feeling that some boxes are just staying as is: boxes!

Anna: thanks! glad I made you laugh :) I was just telling it as it is :):):) it is funny ... sigh... :) Yes, I did the same thing, used the website, then we measured everything... then went and saw it all and realized the one bookcase was not as good as a more $ and bigger one and so changed our mind on that one... So glad that you enjoy seeing our home emerge; that is what it is like, hey? a slow emergence of a new design with many of the same things but in new places...

Lisa: yes, I know! not costly, made in Egypt; feels wonderful and none of that back whiting that can dissove into flakes...

L ~ I think if we had not been so organized it would of been a lot harder! We were exhausted but not at arms against each other; I think the fact that we had planned extensively and I reigned my impulse to buy a lot of other things and we agreed on the 'extras' we did get (pillows) that it went well. But BOY WERE WE TIRED. Whew!!! It can be a difficult place!

I am so glad that everyone is so encouraging; this setting up house and stuff is tiring and all of your comments are such blessings to me! thank you!

GretchenJoanna said...

I love that rug for your kitchen!
I still have never been to IKEA, but I did read a long article about the company in The New Yorker ;-)

Please don't get too worn out! Remember, If we have food and raiment, let us be content. It's o.k. if it takes a while to get moved in. Have patience.