Saturday, June 07, 2014

Hoped for in the future...

See the DYI info here and here.

(ignore the strange paper architectural plan holder and
I will not be having a disco ball, not really my style)...
I am hoping to have a closet desk in our shared office to help
conserve and use the space we have.
This will not be done until sometime in July...
when DV Mr. Husband's parents come.
Meanwhile, we have a few ideas for the space and 
will see what comes of it!


Sara said...

The first one really appeals to me. Love the way it is organized with the hanging pen holders, etc. And the colors too. And the wallpaper!

Sara said...

Hello, and a blessed Pentecost to you today. Thank you for your comment on my latest post. Just want to share that I am now officially a catechumen as of this week! Finally spoke to Fr. Andrew about my interest in entering the church. I could not find an email address for you; thus this in the comment box.

elizabeth said...

Sara! how wonderful! Just sent you an email!

my blog email address is

roosje blog AT yahoo DOT ca :)