Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Little by Little

 I washed and dried 
my dusty rose pink table cloth
that I got years ago in Halifax,
my friend negotiating for me for a better 
price for it, as it had a bit of sun damage.

A Psalter and some library books.
My Oma's blankets and pillow...

Our new lamp and stool now as a table for books or
journals we read... 

At some point we will get an ottoman for
this corner.
Currently we use a box and a pillow.
It works.
Well, today I did a lot of online ordering of things, 
including for our church bookstore that 
I manage.
I am already thinking of fall and a summer sale in the middle,
not to mention that my niece who I was corrected 
gently by her Grandmother, is 7 not 6 and she is coming next week.
Question for all interested:
Please share your ideas for things to do with children
 ages 6-7 in terms
of crafts, quiet activities and the like. 
Do share your ideas!!! 
I have the less quiet activities already covered :)
I am putting together a list of ideas and schedule for her visit... 
Also, if anyone knows where to get the black and white outlines
of icons that kids colour, I would be grateful to know.
Please comment or email me
Exciting to see progress of one mother who
I admire via her blog and the website
She also has Katherine's work linked to 
(by permission of course) and it's enough to make
Sigh... I love building libraries! and I love
kids so it is quite natural that I would wish to do this one :)
Now if I could just get some more boxes unpacked...


Heather LeFebvre said...

So lovely to read of someone else who knows what a Psalter is :) We sing only psalms in our congregation and they are all in a psalter.

Oh, activities, hmmmm......well, scavenger hunts are fun, board games, cookie baking?

Reinventing Mother said...

Waltzing Matilda has lots of coloring icon pages!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

She may also enjoy learning to knit along with you :-)

GretchenJoanna said...

I have that edition of the Psalter - isn't it lovely?!
I'm admiring not only your tablecloth that the Psalter adorns, but that cozy-looking striped pillow on the chair. :-)

Sara said...

That looks like a comfy corner for reading by the window with reminders of your Oma and lots of color.