Tuesday, September 30, 2014

{Our Time in PEI} ~ Belmont School where L. M. Montgomery taught

The Aveonlea villiage, while a fictional place
of L. M. Montgomery's books, 
is authentic in terms of gathering items of the time 

Anne of GG heresy; clearly Gilbert loves Anne ;)

Ink well in desk...
my Uncle said to me that he remembers used desks
with ink wells...

King and Queen;
how Canada has changed...

My Uncle, he was with us in the school room,
said that he went to a one room school house... 

How times have changed...
I do wish for the order I see in these days
and the modesty in dress....

Monday, September 29, 2014

{Our Time in PEI} ~ a church seen along our way...

A Beautiful majestic church that Mr. Husband and I saw on a walk 
in downtown Charlottetown, St. Dunstan's Basillica.
The light in the afternoon meant that while we saw
a beautiful church, it was very hard to photograph.
A pity we did not have time to see the inside
but it is always heartening to see beautiful architecture
and the Cross held high.  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Exaltation of the Cross

O Lord, save Thy people and bless Thine inheritance. Grant victories to the Orthodox Christians over their adversaries; and by the virtue of Thy Cross, preserve Thy habitation 

~Troparion for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

As Thou was mercifully crucified for our sake, grant mercy to those who are called by Thy name; make all Orthodox Christians glad by Thy power, granting them victories over their adversaries, by bestowing on them the invincible trophy, Thy weapon of peace 

~Kontakion for the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Read more about this feast herehere and here.
Sunday School Lesson I wrote for this feast is here.
Things we can do for this feast at home:
~decorate a Cross with basil and flowers (I prefer roses personally)
~have an icon of this feast at home 
~pray the Kontakion and Troparion at home
~have a festal meal for this day (in some practices
it is a Wine and Oil Fast day)
~Ask God for His mercy as we seek to also take up our 
Cross and follow Christ
~Go to vespers or matins or vigil for the Feast
~go to liturgy on the Feast Day
~if you have children you can have them draw their cross
or read them the story of the Cross from here
or this story if you have it (since it is now out of print)
~see Mat. Emily's blog for more ideas

Friday, September 26, 2014

{Our time in PEI} ~ Avonlea village

Soon upon our meeting our
Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and Cousin's son...
we found this sand castle, still under construction! 
Very impressive!

Old fashioned outdoor games...

It was a lovely spot!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

About today...keep on keeping on...

Pizza I made for us for dinner the other night...

Knitting and flowers, a great combination...
I went driving again earlier this week....
it was quite something; 
it went well.
I've never seen so many tattoos as my driving instructor,
an older man, shaved and tattooed head,
had... we talked a lot while I drove...
He was much better than my last instructor
and took me on roads that were easier to get
confident on...including a section of highway that was not as busy...
We talked about the neighbourhood...
it was a little dismal actually...
Mr. Husband says we live in 'the better part of the hood'...
people on street corners just there, possible no job for many
of those we saw... we talked about how the factories are almost all gone
in this area, how the kids can have such poor upbringings,
how complicated the problem is yet how he
found little excuse for it on the other hand;
it's like having many of the puzzle pieces and no answer
to the poverty we saw, the joblessness, those who perhaps are 
not trying to get into a better life situation (i.e. not just living on
State money).
That part of things can be really hard as there really is not
easy answer at hand.
I think making a beautiful home and seeking to have peace in it
is doing something at least.
We need more prayer for cities, they can be such places of brokenness.
In other news...
I am really hoping that by me getting re-aquainted to driving,
that I can go places and build friendships a bit more.
The hardest thing it seems for me
still is just building a life here.
It's different being married;
very good but different; and I don't have my
many Ottawa friends here and have few friends
who do not work 9-5 here and so many of my days are spent 
with only seeing Mr. Husband and it can be a challenge,
as I would really like to be making more inroads in this way.
It takes time and I know having mono for 6 months a year ago and then
all the time spent moving means that in many ways I am 
behind in this area (friendship meeting, building) just by situation alone.
I am not giving up however and hope to be driving more in the next months...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Soon to finish: Sunshine blanket and Conversations with Children

The Sunshine Blanket is almost done!
Within reach, if I can only get some knitting time!!!

I made the last plum torte of the season...
hope to bring some to my future goddaughter's 
mother today when I visit :)

I am almost finished with this 
wonderful book!
So wide ranging, with so much wisdom,
sensitivity and understanding.
If you have children, teach or work with children
or just want to know more of how to be in this world
and gain peace while there,
or want to have articulations of truths that you 
love but lack words for
or you want to gain perspective on things,
this book could be for you! 
See this blogger's post for
for a taste
and 8th day books (love them!) has this to say of it:
Virtually every major teaching of the Church is discussed, with actual examples of children's questions and Sister Magdalen's answers. Her responses are marked by pithy wisdom, insight into child psychology, compassion, candor, and faithfulness to the Tradition. This book will become a cornerstone of Church School and catechetical curricula, as well as a valued resource for parents or for anyone struggling to effectively share Christian teaching. 
So that's what I am reading and creating!
What is being read and made in your world?
Yarn along with us! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Today's beauty...

It has been a while since I was able to 
light all my lampadas in the morning.
It's such a blessing to be able to do...
I've been thinking a lot about our condition here on this earth
and how so many things can throw us off,
even of routine things...
Consistency, constant-ness, firmness, resolute purpose,
stability, all are part of what I am thinking of
and that not many of us fully have...
at least if we are honest...
A bad head cold, unexpected events, a new 
responsibility, the changing of seasons, 
all can impact what we wish we were easily:
constant, not inconsistent, not 
easily 'off our game' or derailed from a new purpose...
It's hardest I think about the spiritual life.
I've seen it in my life, 
in the life of my friends, 
we try to start something new or anew,
whether it's a more structured or consistent prayer routine,
or spiritual reading or trying to have balance of 
computer/non-computer time,
or whatever it is that we are aware of struggling with.
It's a challenge for sure. 
But not something to be dismayed at,
just something to keep at I think.
I find that regular confession also helps so much;
it's like one gets to start over and is renewed...
for the challenge of this life,
for seeking to love Christ more...
In other news,
I made the last plum torte of the season.

I hope to share it with Mr. Husband this week...
perhaps with some whipping cream...

{our time in PEI}: the wedding reception...

It was such a lovely, simple reception,
with what I would call warm home elegance.

A beautiful cake.

A thoughtful cake for those GF.

Beautiful flowers.
It was such a lovely time.
And so wonderful to see my dear friend on her 
wedding day as the Bride.
It was all just so fitting 
and to see her family surround her with love,
her community and their love of Christ
and to be near so many who loved Christ,
culture, reading, classics, the Inklings, and all of these
things together.
I was so very glad that I was there for that 
very special day.