Wednesday, April 26, 2006

bus stations

i am in detroit right now at the greyhound; there are not a lot of people around; a small girl is walking around free, content with bare feet... things are fairly peaceful...

after having only 4 hours of sleep 2 nights ago, and still not getting everything done (churchmouse and cathedral dweller helping me out tons with this) (packing an apartment during holy week -- i really do not advise it!) i made it to london ontario and my aunt took me out to a late lunch and i got to rest, talk lots when i wanted to, use her deep clawfoot tub and enjoying being in a very dutch house...

i am still exhausted; have been aware of being in grief from leaving my ottawa church and my spiritual father; it is different than when i left st. herman's. just as hard, but different circumstances.

it is has been hard to look forward to the summer in london, even though i only have 3 classes, will be able to rest a bit, will have my soon to be Cute Cat Cleo. the grief of leaving right now is so fresh and deep that nothing seems significant compared to the pain of leaving.

when i left st. herman's i barely talked for three days. okay i also had a really bad cold, but if you know me you know that it takes a lot to keep me THAT quiet!

well. i will not have much time to write at home, but once i am settled in london i hope to blog a bit more than i was able to before.


may He rise also in our hearts, the Great Morning Star...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just a note

To say that I am done with my job this Thursday and will not have much email access or not much guaranteed access.

So in advance I wish everyone either a good western Easter and for those who, like myself, are orthodox, I wish you a very blessed Holy Week and Pasca! How blessed we are!!!

I will be leaving Ottawa on Bright Tuesday (April 25) @ 6 am. Any and all prayers are welcome as I make this transition. It will be hard—I am leaving my first real Father Confessor; I can’t imagine, to be honest, what I will do without him and my little church here.

I am still hoping that God will send me back to Ottawa by September, when my MLIS degree will be done.

I will not have regular access to the internet until I start classes, on May 8th.

Meanwhile, may we continue to be given a blessed lent and journey of repentance...