Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just a note

To say that I am done with my job this Thursday and will not have much email access or not much guaranteed access.

So in advance I wish everyone either a good western Easter and for those who, like myself, are orthodox, I wish you a very blessed Holy Week and Pasca! How blessed we are!!!

I will be leaving Ottawa on Bright Tuesday (April 25) @ 6 am. Any and all prayers are welcome as I make this transition. It will be hard—I am leaving my first real Father Confessor; I can’t imagine, to be honest, what I will do without him and my little church here.

I am still hoping that God will send me back to Ottawa by September, when my MLIS degree will be done.

I will not have regular access to the internet until I start classes, on May 8th.

Meanwhile, may we continue to be given a blessed lent and journey of repentance...

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