Wednesday, January 18, 2017

12th day of Christmas....with some encouragement!

Today was an encouraging day!
Got good news about Mr Husband... still much to do,
but serious things about breathing problems are not an issue...
A dear friend visited us and brought fresh hot sweet bread,
with chocolate from his wife, who is also
a dear friend of ours!
It was so nice to have tea and discussion with him!
I slept through the night.
The oils continue to be a help.
We are sensing the waft of recovery,
though Mr Husband is going to need more
time to recover, as he was hit particularly hard. 
Only 2 more days before my birthday party!
I was so relieved that no one else cancelled today!
We are making progress in our recovery,
I am catching up on laundry, again...
and am so very thankful...
Tomorrow is Theophany, and 
while we are not able to be 
there, we are on our way,
we hope and pray,
to recovery...
I even felt like eating salad again,
I had not felt like eating much for weeks now it 
seems and this was encouraging! 
Oh, and I bought some spearmint tea, loose,
1 lb of it actually, organic and boy! is it a big bag!
If I have time, I hope to make up some tea
wtih mint and rose petals soon...
And so the 12th day of Christmas
was a wonderful day of encouragement and 
good news! 
Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

11th day of Christmas

Today was a day of adventures, in a way,
some unfortunate, one funny.
The funny is that I must of put dish soap in the dishwasher tonight.
I was going to go make tea and saw bubbles 
all on the floor under our dishwasher!
The unfortunate was that 4 of the 17 people (19 with myself and Mr Husband)
who were coming to my birthday party
got sick and are unable to come.
Such a shame!  I am really going to miss those who can't make it!
So now there will be 15, which of course is still a large group.
I am hoping everyone else can come!!!
I am really excited about the party, as is to be expected, of course.
I hope to use my Christmas Tree Spode dishes plus
white and gold, and my prettiest tea cups,
and my vintage-got-at-super-great-prices silver plate flatware!
And I found red and green napkins (thrift store in MI!) for this,
and a nice green table cloth for the large table (for about 1.00!!!)
I am really excited for everyone to see my home 
decked our for Christmas and to have a nice meal 
together! I am so hoping that everything goes well for it!
I have not had a birthday party for girlfriends in over 10 years
and thought that my 40th birthday was worth celebrating!
Mr Husband and I seem to be really turning that corner that I 
sensed yesterday...
I am still coughing a bunch lately 
(only last 2 days...)
I will call a nurse, but I honestly don't feel sick as much
as just having a dry cough and needing to regain strength. 
I am loving my new Christmas Rooster (third picture).
We decided to name him Chanticleer, since
Chaucer had his Rooster of this name...
And the group of the same name I mainly listen to
their Christmas music...
Here's their  2016 performance,
I was not able to go this year but have been in that NYC
church 2 times for their Christmas concert, it's really nice!

We had a Walton's date again; we are now in Season 2
and are really enjoying it!
I've still be enjoying different teas as well.
I've had 2 nights of insomnia, so I had
some sleepytime tea tonight,
hoping it does the trick!
And this was the 11th day of Christmas!
Christ is Born!
Glorify Him!

10th day of Christmas

Yesterday was the 10th day of Christmas
and the 16th day since I really have been 
anywhere except at home.
I think both of us were feeling a bit discouraged 
yesterday morning, I admit.
The meds Mr Husband are on to help his lungs
heal have kept him up at night, 
and make him feel unwell in general.
Soon those meds will be done.
I understand why my Grandma is always so positive,
your outlook makes a big difference on how you
experience your day at hand.
We got our YL oils a day early; we 
have hopes that it can help with the respiratory issues
we both are trying to heal from.
I started coughing, but I remember that from the flu
last March; it comes and it stays a while and then is gone. 
We are waiting for some things from the doctor's appointment
my Husband had on Friday.
A dear FB, blog and IG friend helped me know how to
make an oil to put directly on our skin
to help healing.
After I put it on, I felt like something had loosened
and that I could breath a bit easier.
Mr. Husband felt that he was at the best he was 
at that afternoon since he got sick.
So we are really really hoping that this 
will help us turn a corner.
My Husband has never been so sick; 
when I had mono in our first year of marriage, ,
I was weak for months; so I know about it;
but I can tell that my Husband is feeling 
a great deal of pressure about being sick
and the fact that he is not able to work yet.
We opened the unexpected presents yesterday
and got such lovely things,
the best of books, a beautiful decorative *red* rooster,
it glows with the twinkly lights,
I have dubbed it my Christmas Rooster.
My Husband told me how the French have loved 
Roosters for centuries, even had a Rooster on their money
a long time ago... 
We also got a beautiful bottle of soap...
And a fleece for my Husband!
I washed it and hope today that he will wear it!
Will do him good, I think.
We took pictures of each other with all the beautiful sparkles
from the wrapping paper; Mr Husband found it amusing
in the best kind of way!
I am so so thankful not only for dear friends
but for grocery delivery service.
Today we are going to get paper towels,
more distilled water for our new difusers,
and other odds and ends.
It's wonderful to know that we can get things
we need on a daily basis this way.
And Wednesday I am going to get an amazon shipment,
and that is really nice too.
And Saturday is my belated birthday party.
I have people to come on Friday to help me prepare, 
and I really hope that it will go well and
that it will be a blessing to everyone who comes.
And I am hoping that by then Mr Husband and I
will be even stronger.
We are really hoping to continue to turn the corner
that we sensed yesterday.
And so that was the 10th day of Christmas for us.
Lent is super early this year and the beginning signs of it are only
2 weeks or so away.
I knew coming into this year, for various reasons,
that it would be a challenging year for us,
I did not know it would start with illness but I pray that God is
doing something inwardly speaking for us,
building I hope and pray a bit more inward strength
and endurance, so that while we lack
physical strenth, we will be given,
by God's mercy,
the grace to bear it.
Christ is born!
Glorify Him!
Pray for us as we will be missing
 the Theophany services this year.
Never have we missed them since we were Orthodox Christians
and we have to trust God for His ways
and always for His mercy.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

9th Day of Christmas with a wonderful small Christmas dinner party!

We had a wonderful dinner with 
the Munchkin and his Mother!
We rested a lot in the morning hours.
Mr Husband was very tired after socializing,
and I felt it too. 
We kept the dinner simple, using a rotisserie Chicken and pre-made
Idaho potatoes with butter mashed potatoes,
heating up both in the oven.
I used my polish pottery covered baker for the potatoes,
which worked perfectly!
The little truffles and cookies were our 
Christmas gift from my sister, perfectly timed
and I was so glad to have such an easy dessert option! 
It was such a wonderful time of fellowship,
enjoying Christmas Crackers, reading the jokes,
wearing the crowns, giving gifts
and being together.
Mr Husband loved the great brain books when he was a 
child and it was a delight to give a copy to our Munchkin.
He also loved the Mad Libs, which Mr Husband also 
was fond of as a kid.
We also gave an icon of his +father's patron Saint,
which the Munchkin really loved.
I told him also that our priest Fr. D. was so glad to hear
that we would be giving the Munchkin 
this special icon at Christmas this year.
I savour these special Christmas times
and it was so wonderful that we did not miss it this year, 
even though we did miss much of earlier Christmas.
Mr Husband and I talked about how we still had Christmas this year
and still had and have Christmas joy,
even in the midst of the sickness. 
Christ is Born!
Glorify Him!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

8th day of Christmas

I was telling my Mom today
how much I was enjoying picking out 
a different tea to have 
and that I had one cup (being careful about sugar still)
of Peppermint Hot Chocolate (with milk!)
and a bit more of the chocolate covered gingerbread man...
She was glad to hear how I could have things
that are giving me joy,
in the midst of everything else.
And this morning I must add, I had Thé à La Rose,
with milk mainly.
Was lovely.
Today was very quiet.
Lots and lots of resting.
Emailing.  Party Planning. 
We hope to have a small dinner tomorrow,
and are keeping it very simple.

Friday, January 13, 2017

7th day of Christmas

This day started very early,
as Mr Husband had an early doctor's appointment.
I was up with him, made him hot tea to take with on his cab ride in,
lit lampadas and a blessed candle for his long day, and went back to bed...
He had various tests (for his breathing stuff) and we will know more by early next week,
we hope... he got home in the early afternoon and rested.
Meanwhile, my dear quilting friend came over,
I had just managed to clean the sink in the hall bathroom and sanitize 
(yay for lysol wipes!) all the door handles... 
We had an Indian Chai tea, part of a chocolate covered gingerbread man,
and a great lunch of takeout food...
I was given the lovely pusheen in little wallet form,
which of course Cleo had to pose with :) ;) 
I was also given a lot of wonderful fabric from my friend and 
I can't wait to get back to quilting after the Christmas season.
I must say that it's been really hard to balance my time -
the new writing gig I took on in the fall
 (which equals reading and responding to blog posts, 
research and reading books, writing and editing), Sunday School,
sewing, housekeeping + home related paperwork, 
helping with church paperwork, making meals, baking, hospitality, reading,
it's all a lot and I have yet to figure out how to have a routine for it.
Esp. since 'life' always seems to get in the way and derail any sort of routine...
Anyway, I hope to have more time to sew again, I am SO CLOSE to having
my godson's quilt down, and I would really like to get my goddaugther's 
quilt done this year... and I have other projects as well that I would like to do...
And I have writing projects too that I would love to be working on...
but right now the biggest projects I am doing are
helping Husband and recovering from the flu... it takes a long time...
I still get winded more quickly and at times cough, esp. after talking for a while
and in the evenings... 
So my quilting friend helped me finish the Christmas presents.
My Husband says I do presents on an industrial scale.
I do like to bake...and God willing, I will have all the baked goods
in cello-bags next week Friday, in preparation for my belated
'40 with a flourish' birthday party,
which is going to be in 2 Saturdays! 
So our house is now slowly getting back to normal,
other than the huge amount of bags of things under the tree!
So I am getting really excited about this party,
esp. because so many from my far-away church are coming
and we don't yet know when we will be back at church
there again, as the doctor today said it could take my
beloved Husband 4 to 6 weeks to recover...
we are hoping to figure out more on how to better care for him,
with his asthma related problems. 
We are super grateful that so many are praying for him and myself. 
The end of the 7th day of Christmas began with us
watching the Walton's, then having a break for dinner and then 
finding out that Cleo has made a mess,
which in the end took about an hour to clean.
But it's all better now.
Tomorrow I hope to switch out our bedding to be washed,
as we still have to watch for dust related problems...
thankfully I am pretty caught up on laundry,
so that's good.
I can tell I am gaining, but that I still need a lot of rest too.
Mr. Husband says pretty much every day that he has never
focused on resting so much or knew how hard it is to just
make oneself rest... he's very much a busy-let's-do-things-all-the-time
type and this is quite new to him.
I gave my quilting friend an English first edition of 
Elizabeth Goudge's The Rosemary Tree as it is a very special 
book to both her and her husband.
I got the first American edition of it for Christmas and 
I hope to read it sometime soon.
Cleo is messing with my hair again, I think 
searching for a hair tie! 
She will not find one though, as I am using a barrette ;) 
Well, the 7th day of Christmas is ending quietly with much 
thanksgiving for the many things God has given us,
including doctors, medicine, Christmas treats, tea, wonderful meals
and caring family and friends.
And Cleo, even if she makes messes once in a while!
Christ is born! Glorify Him!!!