Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A quiet day

Husband worked from home,
we enjoyed today.
I did a lot of walking and am slowly diminishing my PT appts. 
Tomorrow I hope to do some St Nicholas cookie baking.
Friday DV I go to NYC.
I am reading a book on St Herman and am finding it to be very dear to my heart.
I was really blessed to find it used in Holland last year
for a reasonable price.
It's finally COLD here and I am LOVING it, 
while praying of course for the homeless... 
it's hard sometimes to realize I am so blessed while others
are suffering so much.
Lord have mercy on us all! 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Summary of busy days

Busy days!
Quick summary
1. This weekend it snowed and I had such joy when we got a ride
with dear local friends to vespers... it was such a joy,
the snow, the company... we went to the diner after vespers...
2. Vegan cheese pasta sauce ... the leftovers became a fish-day
tuna broccoli and rice casserole with this vegan sauce! 
3. Went to the mall today and mechanic, actually found what I was looking for!
4. We got some more good news lately on the unbloggable front. 
We keep pressing on and praying.
5. Praying very much for CA with these fires
6. First batch of Christmas letters is going out tomorrow, DV!
7. I watched some fun Christmas movies lately. 
Someday I hope for some Christmas books to read, novels perhaps,
but all my Christmas books are still in our 'crazy closet' as we call it.
That's OK.  I have a lot I hope to do (Cookies, tea etc) if God so allows.
8. Really praying that we do not fall ill.  Lots of sickness going on.
No matter what, God is with us - and with you.

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Thursday, cold and bright

I was able to take a walk this morning,
the air was cold, brisk, the sky blue; I love that weather so much.
I did a lot of Christmas cards (well a letter with a picture of us by our tree)
today and hope to do more tomorrow.
We got some unexpected better news today.
Our lives are between hopes and unknowns but I feel
more full of hope.
And with Christ, we have all the true hope
and stability we could ever ask for;
even when we are afraid to trust.
I finished the book on/by Catherine Marshall (it was rather a compilation 
as it was written after she died)... 
I hope to write more about it; 
it's tricky writing about someone after they have died; 
one never knows if they would of really wanted it
but there it is. 
It has a lot to ponder in it, and I am still thinking on it.
The house is much cleaner today and more laundry done.
Even though we had a difficult year this year,
I am feeling hopeful for the next year.
But no matter what, 
it is God who holds us
and it is His Son our Lord Jesus Christ
who will be with us in all of life's
ups and downs, storms, fears and joys. 

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

St Nicholas Day ~ busy from morning till night....

Thankful list for today!

 1. St Nicholas day (part 1!)... 

2. Went to liturgy this AM, out to brunch; home to errands, laundry, dishes, cooking, Christmas letter envelope stuffing; dinner and outing, back again, dishes washed, dishwasher going, drying going, laundry rack in use.  Isn't it wonderful that I can do all these things again?!! 

3. While my house will get a deeper cleaning done tomorrow, I am so relieved to have the dishes and laundry done today.  

4. That I have a full pantry and can cook many things and bake things easily.  That said, I need to remember that I am almost out of cumin again! 

5. Vegan soft tacos: easy to make - saute one red onion and 2 cloves of garlic... once the onion is 'wilted but not brown' in the caramelization process, add pre-rinsed can of pinto beans, add ground cumin, dried cilantro and taco seasoning to taste (salt and pepper too!)... fry them up until the beans are melding.  Eat with whatever you like (avocado, tomato, vegan cheese, sriracha sauce, lettuce etc) with a soft taco or pita bread ... or corn chips/tortilla chips for GF options :) 

6. I had dinner ready when my Husband came home - this always seems like an accomplishment (to have it timed right etc).  I also had a bag of St Nicholas cookies for him :) 
He'll DV get a second bag on the 19th (St Nicholas day at our far away church!)...

7. I hope to do more baking at some point this week and I am so pleased with how the vegan cherry and chocolate chop cookie turned out! 


I am reading another Catherine Marshall book.... one thing that I am 
realizing more, I guess it's part of the 'growing up process' is seeing how adults 
are still working out their lives, are highly imperfect and that as parents
they don't always know how to best help the child or in her case, stepchild. 
I think this is one of the painful things that everyone has to deal with...
at least in this century (I am unsure of how it was over 100 years ago)...that 
one is often working on inner wounds/sorrow that one had as a 
child and that it can take a long time for things to be healed; 
and that by that time one may be a parent her/him self and well,
the child often has to work through parenting of a parent who is 
still healing themselves.  
But what else I am noticing is how much God can use each of us
while we are in process, while we are healing....
and that guilt for not being further along in one's healing
is not needed... instead of guilt, just trying to move towards 
God's light and healing each day. 
I know that I struggle a lot; between stresses of modern life, 
curve balls that are thrown at us, busy intense days, it can be
really discouraging to see (esp on an 'off day') how low
one can be at times and how much one can need 
forgiveness, esp. from one's family.
The main thing again I am seeing is just to keep going.
NOT to give up but keep trying to do what one can do
each day and keep asking the Lord for mercy along the way.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

I do St Nicholas day twice

For the cookies below, that is, chocolate chip with dried cherries,
I used a powder egg replacer + 4 tbs of water in place of the egg and 1/4 cup of milk. 
I did not use nuts and used dried cherries instead of the fresh cranberries
 (I have used fresh cranberries before too!)

Soft tacos for dinner! A vegan fast-special :)

Saint Nicholas!!! 

I love St Nicholas so much!
We were at vespers for his feast tonight!
I hope to be at vigil for his feast in 13 days,
on the 19th!  :) 
We are in good hands when we trust St Nicholas for help!
His prayers are mighty and quick to hear!
More than once I would get unexpected monies on his day
when I was a student...
I was chrismated at his church in MI... 
I asked him to go with me to MI when I left BC,
knowing that I would be going to his church...
He has done so! 
My Husband loved my cookies! He commented that they
were really good and when I asked how many he had,
I was pleased to hear he ate 3 of them :) 
I am hoping to make more cookies, maybe another double batch tomorrow...
I like to give out cookies on St Nicholas' day and
it's going to be my main present for Mr Husband this year... :)
I am slowly gathering things for Christmas gifts,
I love baking and raiding the pantry for things.
My Husband printed our Christmas letter/card and soon I will have to start
working on this as well...
I was really inspired with the joy of yesterday's feast and with the
anticipation of St Nicholas's days to pray about our
unbloggable situation and ask for a miracle.
I don't know what miracle i am asking for, but asking I am doing.
I hope each of you are blessed and finding encouragement 
no matter what struggle you find yourself in today!

Monday, December 04, 2017

Monday ~ Feast Day Blessings and thanksgiving

Thanksgiving list! 

1. We were able to go to liturgy today! My Oma passed away 6 years ago and it is so meaningful to be in church on this day 

2. My Husband is my valiant Best Friend. 

3. So I have had reports that the cardamon cake I baked (The one with more sugar) was quite good. I am hoping next week to try a yellow coffee cake with cinnamon and cardamon.

4. Seeing kids at church being happy at church and playing church (today again a little young boy was play priest, holding up his book, etc, it was so so dear). 

5. Husband and I stocked up on a few things we needed at the grocery store and that's always a blessing. 

6. Laughter and good humour.

 7. St. Nicholas day (new calendar) is soon!!! (I do it twice here, one can never have enough of St Nicholas day in my book!).

8. A dear friend sent me a card with a beautiful magazine with an article by
beloved Mat. Rebekah!