Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Briefly here...

Pictures from yesterday...
yesterday as a nice peaceful day, 
I was feeling pretty good, Husband was happy,
I was happy, enjoyed reading a lot of my new Miss Buncle book.
I managed to put the chicken pot pie in the toaster oven, carefully,
this time! :)
My priest came in the morning and gave me Holy Communion and Confessed me also.
That was a HUGE blessing and great way to start the day!!!
Today my quilting friend came today,
she gave me a bag of cotton yarn!
And candied ginger (I still get nausea at times)
and more movies to borrow.
I have a lot of moving parts right now,
different people to help me do various things,
from helping me personally to doing housekeeping things
that I can't really do right now.
My Husband went to vespers tonight and
lit candles for me and 1 for my healing!
I was so glad that he was able to both
go to work and church tonight.
He needs to get out + have encouragement too.
It's been a lot for him to try to help me,
be involved in getting help for me, doing his work,
and the many other things he does.
I think he is doing such a good job,
but it is very taxing for him.
Well, tomorrow is another day.
I hope it is peaceful for us all!

Monday, May 22, 2017

13th day of broken ankle....

We had some fun putting Cleo in
Fietsje's basket today ;)
So, today had some real ups and downs.
Downs first:
I had another opps and lost my balance and stepped on my
casted foot for the second time.
the area where the break is did not get hurt, that I can tell thus far.
It did jar the foot however.
That was so discouraging/frustrating.
This whole I can't walk thing gets old fast and my Husband and I 
are both weary from it.
I have been struggling with more crankiness at the whole situation...
The ups:
Finally, at the end of the day, after 6:30, we got a call that
I should be getting some help soon.
I ordered some more books on Miss Buncle.
I am reading a fun vintage Tom Swift from 1910.
On a totally different type of read, I finally began the huge
biography on Fr Seraphim Rose.
It's well written, readable and very accessible.  I must say, 
if anyone in Orthodoxy has surprised me on how 
approachable his letters and thus far his biography,
it's Fr. Seraphim Rose.
He withdrew from the world in such a hard core way
and I used to find his very name to be something I, well,
kinda ran from to be honest - I knew some 
people who seemed super zealous Orthodox converts
when I was a very new Orthodox Christian and 
my experience of them got mixed up with my perception of
Fr Seraphim Rose, which I am more than happy to say
I was very very wrong about. 
The first pages of his biography go into his early childhood in California
and then his years in high school and college and 
how much of a loner, really, he was, while he had a always a group of 
friends, he had very very few he felt he connected with 
and he felt life was so futile because he was seeking so much
for something MORE in life, really, looking for the 
fullness of life in Christ, that he eventually found and in a way
deeper and more profound than I feel I have the hope of 
personally finding, though I have been told that I should not have
such despairing thoughts about myself, 
which rather surprised me, but it was a very trustworthy Nun who told me this
and so I have not forgotten. 
Anyway, it's over 1000 pages and I am on page 42. 
I think I have a book that I can really chew on while I 
convalesce and well, that's really exciting! 
Esp. since I was so wrong about him...I really should write an essay 
about this someday, if God so allows.
I also got to talk with my Mom and Aunt J. today
and well, my foot is feeling better from my earlier 'opps' 
and I ordered something that I hope will help 
with the itching.
And I am able to get up more and more by myself
and am in general progressing, though not without out
Also, this card from my Grandma...
isn't it just so perfect?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Various Points Along the Way

Pictures from the last few days.
I got the perfect basket for all my things
(books, movies, art supplies, stationary, chocolate!, knitting)
to do while I am on bed rest with a cast for 6 weeks....
we are hoping that when I get the boot that it means
I can begin walking, but the doctor did say 3 months,
so that may be some uneducated wishful thinking at this point.
About the 'troublemaker' snickers picture...It's a 
funny thing from the other day...
So.... when I broke my ankle, I was fasting for Holy Communion 
(i.e. I had nothing to eat or drink). 
So by the time I was at urgent care, I was super shaky feeling. I told my Husband I needed chocolate and he got me some. 
It helped, but then I knew I needed something with more substance and quick.
So I asked for a Snickers Bar. It helped. 
I asked Mr Husband to buy me another, he did and it got me through the wedding and reception (before we had food). 
So I kinda ordered a box of 48 of them. !!! From Amazon. 
The outside of the box got goo on it so Mr Husband 
transferred them to the shipping box, showed me the box, 
picked out the bar you see here and told me (in jest) that is what I am: trouble! 😉 
the ludicrous amount of them in the box made me laugh! 😂😄
I got some more fun cards,
wrote some letters with my pretty 
rummage sale find stationary from a few years ago,
This morning I was awake early and I could tell Mr Husband
was really tired... I am getting more confident of myself
on my fietsje (Dutch word for 'little bike", that a dear
social media friend suggested I name my knee scooter when I put out
a call for name ideas)... anyway, I got up this morning
by myself and made myself breakfast
(granola and yogurt) and sat on my white arm chair with 
my leg on the knee part of fietsje! 
Cleo hung out with me and I gave her part of the top of the
yogurt foil seal to lick off, so she was happy too.
I still need to have my foot elevated a lot for healing,
my orthopedic doctor said I need total bed rest,
with my food elevated above my heart,
so I have a lot of pillows in use!
I watched a really sweet movie the other day,
lent to me by my quilting friend,
and I am still thinking of it
and how it showed so many good and fine 
things and such beauty in a tale
of two children being helped while
their Mother is sick in the hospital. 
It's a very noble beautiful film.
The painting I did, as simple as it is, is of a beautiful big
tree with a swing and a boy swinging.
I made it for the Munchkin and hope we get to mail it soon!
About the picture of stationary and the table it is on,
that I wrote about the other day on social media: 
This stationary set was one of my VNA finds from years ago! I am slowly using it up! The backs of the envelopes all sealed shut, so I have to open them by hand but the paper is great and it's cute,so I call it a win! Also, this table is the best! Tilts for writing, reading and computer work but goes upright for eating and painting! ♡
I am feeling really blessed with this table and my basket next to me.
I know things could be so much worse.
I am hoping to find help very soon,
I have some good leads but nothing conclusive yet.
Praying about this very much.
And I am trying to pray for others too,
as they are praying for me...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A quiet day, with thanksgiving

Yesterday I finished watching Persuasion. 
So so lovely.
Still working on getting care.
Knitted, got a great basket for the bedside,
had a good phone call.
Husband is very exhausted doing all the work
and care for me.
We are doing our best, day by day.
I am trying to take things only 1 day at a time,
as thinking of this as 3 months 
can be a bit overwhelming; already though it's a few days 
less than this...and soon a week less and so forth.
I was able to go to the living-room for lunch and dinner.
Everyday I need to be with God...

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A quiet day with my quilting friend

My dear quilting friend came over
and kept me company.
I had some pain and then nausea and dizziness from
yet another new pain med so stopped that one too.
I am still working on getting the help we need.
A friend dropped over some food which is a real help
and today we ordered take out for meals,
which was nice.
We watched part of persuasion together and enjoyed some 
yummy chocolate!
It sure takes a lot of energy to heal.
I tire easily with all of this...sitting, healing and more bed rest...
It will only be 3 months before I should be better,
but right now I am at the beginning of it and as Chaim Potok wrote:
all beginnings are hard.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Made to the wedding and now have real cast on my right foot

I really did know if we would make it to the wedding of
our dear friends!
I had gotten sick a few days ago from a heavy pain med
and mourned any possibility of going;
but I felt a lot better and my Mom encouraged me to
eat well and regain strength and with
some struggles to and from, we made it to both the
wedding and the reception!
I hope to do more on that later, it was so wonderful!!!
Today, with much effort and some struggle, 
I was able to get to the doctor's office and back.
So the very bottom of the filbula bone broke right off.
Here's what I wrote about this earlier:

So, back home. News: I basically broke off the very bottom/ tip of my fibula bone right OFF the rest of the bone, at the ankle. The orthopedic doctor manipulated it to have the broken piece fit back on the rest of the bone. He had no pain killers to give me. I did not scream per say but did 'yelp' a bit. It hurt, I was gripping the bottom of the chair...and sweating from what I was told by my dear valiant Husband was with me the whole time. The two x-rays show the before and after 'reduction' to put the bone back. I have to be on bed rest for 3 weeks with foot elevated really high. I have a cast on. In 3 weeks, depending on the x-ray, I will get another cast for another 3 weeks. After that, I will get a boot on. The doctor said this would take THREE MONTHS to heal. I could of cried hearing that. BUT I got 4 cards in the mail today, I have a gift I have not opened yet that I was given yesterday, my dear quilting friend :) is coming tomorrow so that my Husband can go to work and we are working on getting professional help for me so that Husband does not have to be home daily. And our neighbour let us in and he helped me get back up too, which is one of my problems when I go down to sit on the stairs. Thankful that I have cast on (so much safer) and that I got in today...

 Well, that's all for today.
Please keep my husband also in your prayers as
he is very tired from taking such good care of me!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Counting my blessings...

Happy List for today!
My ankle may be broken, but thanksgiving will get 
me through...
So, I had a dear friend visit me and bring me lunch; 
another friend came later on to visit; 
I have had chocolate, gingeraid kombucha, have ice for my leg, 
an appointment for Monday at the orthopedic doctor, 
my husband is on his way home and I have more things with me
 (next to me on the bed) to keep me busy 
and I look forward to dinner later on! And my cute knee scooter should come tomorrow...
 my foot hurts at times, partly from the heavy splint itself. 
But I am trying to stay busy so I don't think of it. 
Also a dear friend called me at just the right time between visits of others. 
So a lot to be thankful for. 
And My Beloved Husband is home working from 
tomorrow - Monday! And some friends are going to DV bring us food
 which is a huge help too! so thankful...
My Husband is almost home now and is bringing me a potted plant
from the farmer's market!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Well, that was a big 'opps'...

It was SUCH a pretty SUNNY day here!
I woke up on time and was able to go to the light rail to
go to church this morning...
when I got off the train and was going towards church,
I failed to see the change in sidewalk height and fell,
with my right leg somehow falling badly and first,
I think with me under it somehow and well...
I now have a fractured filbula ankle bone!
Mr Husband picked me up,
he was working at home thankfully, and we went to urgent care
and immediately to an X-Ray and the rest is history.
I need to see an orthopedic doctor and hope to find one tomorrow
for next week, as I was told that next week is fine
as long as I don't agitate the bone and keep it elevated!
So, asking your prayers.
I hope to go to a dear friend's wedding on Sunday...I already 
am coming up with strategies for this!
But I am afraid that other plans will be displaced for a while,
as I will need time to heal... 
Pray for me!
And if you want, let me know if I can say a prayer for you...

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

One thing for today...

I finished edits on my next essay on St Phanourios! 
Because of the last 5 months of many challenges,
I have not been able to get back to writing.
I don't yet know when the essay will be published,
but I am so thankful that I am one step closer to it, 
God willing!
Husband received some GREAT news at work today.
Big new professional challenges ahead, but we
are trusting in God's mercy for each day.
DV I see a friend this week who I have not seen since
2006 and who I have known since 1996!
Over 20 years!!!
I hope to go to an afternoon tea with her in NYC later
this week!  This will be a super special treat!!!
Would love to hear how you are doing? 
I feel so glad that it is the month of May!
I think it is one of my favourites! 
God bless each one of you!

Monday, May 01, 2017

Upswing, downswing, NYC we sing

Busy days, I keep meaning to post,
but life keeps going, going, going...
I am reading R. D.'s book on Dante
after many tries to begin it, it finally is sticking; 
basically just the right time to read it.
I hope to write more in the future, though it may be a while,
at the rate I am going.
I love reading and am glad to have this one at this exact time.
I was in NYC.
Went to my eye doc.
Eye OK for now!
It was a really nice day today.
I wrote an essay in a journal that I got at Michael's,
the journal and markers I got there today,
went to Trader Joes, had lunch at one of my 
fave NYC diners.
A long-time friend is coming to NYC and I hope to see
her later this week.
I am grateful for this day.