Friday, November 27, 2020

Day After Thanksgiving: Bringing Out the Christmas Tree!

Guess who woke up a bit before 7 AM and began setting up the 
Christmas tree at 7 AM?
Yep. Me. It did me good.
Boy, that's a lot of work!
Of course I would get all done, and 
our main window shade DIRECTLY behind the 
Christmas tree would break and I had to move the
WHOLE quick-unplug-the-lights tree. 
But it's back in place now 
(without a window shade to pull down behind it)...
Mr Husband drove me down town (in our NJ town)
so I could get my boots (they were being repaired)
and (I asked) he picked me up some lentil soup for dinner!
Pilgrim:  I think what you were referring to is this person 
which poem did she mention? 
So neat that there are so many valuable 
resources to think upon!
This week was good but tiring,
hard but worth it.
We are staying local for church DV and resting.
I need to go to NYC next week
and I need to rest up!
Tomorrow I hope to finish the Thanksgiving cleanup
(still a few things to wash) and finish the Christmas
decorating.... of course I got most of it done today,
Thank God.
May God bless and keep you all,
dear readers and many blog friends! 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

 I think for most people celebrating Thanksgiving today,
it was a day of gladness and sadness 
all wrapped confusedly into one day.
I don't have much more to say about it
but that our hearts were blessed, were glad,
and our hearts were heavy and sad.
It was a different type of Thanksgiving.
One HUGE thing I was super thankful for, 
other than the amazing food of course and a blessing
of a select few coming over,
was that the weather went from rainy to sunny and,
for November, warm.
We even had a walk....
I pray that no matter what your personal situation is,
that you know that God sees it, 
that He cares and that His mercy and lovingkindness
never fail.  God bless you.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Monday: Cold and Sweet

For many of us, these days are hard.  
All the more reason to remember what we are thankful for.  
Here's a few of my own thanksgiving thoughts today.  
1. God's mercy and His mercy never fails. 
2.  My marriage and that we get to grow together.  
3.  I made my Mom's chili and Jiffy cornbread for lunch and I was one happy camper
 (last few meat meals before the Nativity fast that begins this Friday!).  
4.  Beautiful music that lifts up.  
5.  Great books to read and savour.  
6.  New recipes to try (DV the apple crisp tomorrow!) 
7.  Grocery delivery service.  
8. Most of our thanksgiving meal is being delivered to us via the grocery delivery service! 
9. I am so far on track for what needs to be done each day
 in preparation for Thanksgiving.  That means that today...
10.  I was able to make our bathrooms 'squeaky clean' again 🙂  
11. That I can make our home beautiful and orderly.  
12.  Things I ordered for Christmas came today! 
13. Phone calls and texts from dear ones near and far. 
14.  That tomorrow is a new day and that God's mercy is new every morning. ❤