Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Wednesday: In the Middle of the Feast (Mid-Pentecost)

It was wonderful to be in church this morning for
the feast of Mid-Pentecost.
I had cause to look up the prayer for this special feast day 
(It's called Mid-Pentecost because it is exactly the middle day
between Pascha and Pentecost)
which is as follows, with some Scripture reference mentioned:

The Troparion of the Midfeast 

"In the middle of the Feast, O Savior,
 fill my thirsting soul with the waters of godliness, 
as Thou didst cry to all:
 If anyone thirst, let him come to Me and drink
 [John 7:37]. 
O Christ God, Fountain of our life, glory to Thee!"
I found myself thinking about purity and water
and the holiness of God while at liturgy...
how healing comes through Christ... 
I am continually amazed at how I can be at liturgy
and in such a beautiful church
and most of our surrounding city does not know we exist
or that the church is so beautiful, not to mention the possibility 
for community, church family and healing that comes through
actively practicing one's faith there.
Well.  I am FINALLY caught up on dishes.
This week went a bit sideways and 
I've been struggling to catch up.
And today was very full,
with liturgy, then lunch at home,
working on my writing project, rest, more work,
a good walk with Mr Husband, dinner,
reading, emails, prayer, dishes... 
I really want to get going on my writing project in earnest again.
I am making some progress on it at least.
Asking your prayers for my sister and brother-in-law's wish
to adopt their foster son; they are experiencing a lot of 
very unexpected curve balls and it's been hard; 
they have had him since birth and he will be two this summer.
We love that little button of a boy with all our hearts
and wish it was not so difficult to know that we can have him
as a forever nephew for me, son for my sister...
I can't tell you more or show you how cute he is
but I can tell you he is very loved and happy now
and has no idea that his past and possible future have 
any complexity... 
Well, I am relieved that I at least have dishes done,
towels are nearly done in laundry; 
more to fold; more to wash.
I was reminded again of how tired many (all?) of us are.
The pandemic has really done a number on our world.
I know I am quite tired, my Husband too and I think most of us...
I am so thankful for the good things,
like books to read, research and writing for me;
cooking, baking; a beautiful flower, taking a walk...
May God help us all and have mercy on us!

Monday, May 24, 2021

Monday: Lots of Walking and Resting

Yesterday was beautiful.
To answer Lisa's question, yes the heart shaped baked good was scones!
I just had to add a pint of cream!
I had a dear friend over.
She's going away for the summer.
We had a really nice time.
Gretchen Joanna: I never answered your question.
DE Stevenson would INDEED be WONDERFUL for summer reading.
She does give refreshment and insight into English and Scottish cultures
for her time period and also her versatility is commendable,
her books have such wonderful characterization, with a really true variety 
of people and also places and situations.
Some of her stories have similar plot structures
but never the same situation if that makes sense.
I think DE Stevenson is really a wonderful writer and she has a lot of
wisdom as well.  I learn so much from her books
and admire them highly. 
Well.  This was a Monday.
We've been having some poor sleeps lately
and I was dragging for part of today.
However, we did go on walks and I am really glad for that.
I also had a small bowl of ice cream and one cream scone with 
clotted cream, cherry jam and lemon curd. 
I am struggling with some personal sadness
(friends leaving the area) and just feeling like
I am running on empty in a lot of ways.
I think a week of poor or interrupted sleep has not helped.
Well.  We surely need God's mercy.
May He help us in our struggles, forgive us and help
us try again to walk towards Him, to be present to Him...
Lord have mercy on us!

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Still Here, a Good Saturday

Still here, the vaccine left me tired,
I had a very low grade fever Thursday night. 
No fever now.
Still a bit tired but stronger.
I re-read a lot of DE Stevenson.
Napped.  And am doing a simple tea and dinner tomorrow,
which will be really nice.
God willing, of course.
Now, it's time for sleep.
God bless and keep you all!
PS: I esp love the top orchid picture, right before the last blossom
bloomed; there's something special about that one I found.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Small Update for Today

I wrote this for social media earlier.  My eye is still paining me so will not write more.  I am so thankful. 


Here is my update on the second moderna vaccine.  My arm started hurting (where the shot was) pretty soon afterwards.  I noticed it as my arm did not hurt with the first one until that evening.  So I've been taking ibuprofen for that.  I have had a slight headache (and my eye hurts but I think I bothered it earlier this week, but am using eye drops and such...also checked my vision with my amsler grid, all seems as it normally is).   I am tired and my guess is that I will be quite tired tomorrow but then will regain my strength again.  Of course My Most Beloved Husband has been wonderful.  For dinner when I said I wanted an English Muffin toasted and slathered with peanut butter he did just that and it was delicious!  My Mother will be happy to know that he also made me a spinach salad.  I am terrible at eating vegetables.  I am thankful for it all and am most excited about God willing in 2 weeks I hope to visit my library again in NYC (they still require masks but that bothers me not at all as going there is more than worth it!) ❤  ps: I've been having lots of liquids and have used a cold ice pack wrapped in a fuzzy wash cloth on and off for the arm pain.  The nurse suggested rest, lots of liquid and cold compress if my arm hurt.  🙂

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Tuesday: Bright and Beautiful

 I am writing with so far a better day than yesterday.  Groceries delivered (I accidentally bought 6 milks instead of 3 and still had one from last week so we have at least 7 half gallons in the very full fridge).  I have food for fast-free meals.  And Friday is a fish day, which is fun.  I am getting caught up on laundry,  mainly so it does not have to be done again until next week.  I am, in part at least, seeking to get ready for tomorrow which is my second vaccine shot; so if I am over tired, I don't have to worry about anything in particular. 

I am re-reading DE Stevenson's Katherine Wentworth and am remembering how wonderful it is.  Amazing how an author can leave you refreshed so quickly.  For refreshment I need a specific type of solitude, not necessarily alone but that which I have some time to myself and can read and be reminded of my blessings.  

I wrote the above earlier in the day.  It is now late at night (nearly midnight) and I went to dinner with a friend and then came home to a happy Husband telling me about his work, his walk, and such.  Because of the pandemic my Husband and I are home together all the time, which thankfully we are fine with as we have a solid relationship (by God's mercy and a lot of intentional work at it) but it is good to have a small break too.  So that was nice.

I thought I was going to get a yogurt at the upscale grocery store but forgot about it's reduced hours (8 instead of 10) that happened because of the pandemic so it was too late to do that.   

I finished re-reading Katherine Wentworth, how I love that book.  The concept of rest.  The beautiful people, quiet and kind.  

Well, it's about 30 minutes to midnight or so and it is time for me to go to bed.  :)

No pictures but I wish each of you God's mercy, consolation and peace.  That if you are in a deep struggle, that God will help you, will pull you out of it and never let you go while you are in it.  

Monday, May 17, 2021

What a Monday

This was not the easiest of Mondays.
Everything seemed to take longer than normal.
Schedule and meetings were flipped with
little warning,
I did my best to read a book for my project in the afternoon
and even that proved difficult though I did
get some writing done for a book review
(writing this one to process the book in an articulate way). 
I did go on a really good walk with my Husband
and tomorrow is another day.
Thank God that the dishes are washed
and the dishwasher is running now.
And with that, I cling to the fact that God's mercies
are new every morning... 

Saturday, May 15, 2021

A Beautiful Saturday

Today was beautiful.
Sunny, not too hot, blue skies.
May at its finest.
A walk, reading, meals, writing, vespers and tidying house.
I got a card in the mail and a new book from my library!
I hope, God willing, to visit NYC in early June... by then I will be 
fully vaccinated... (with the two weeks after the second shot).
The idea of going to NYC again fills me with a great sense of
happiness... I have not been in some months...
Well, one thing at a time.
I do hope things go as I hope (being able to go NYC etc). 
Of course, given who we are, my going to NYC will still be done
with precautions.  Anyway, enough about that.
If I am able to go, I will be so happy.
Meanwhile, I am glad to have reading material that is interesting to me
and between my Husband and myself we just ordered more books as well!
I feel bursting with happiness at the things that we used to take for granted
but are now still things that make my heart happy in new ways,
even grocery shopping near our far away church for 
groceries is a joy...
I hope today had something beautiful for you in it,
a moment's peace or a sense that God is with you; or something
beautiful you saw or perhaps a greening tree or flower.
Or a page or two in a book that gave you a brief respite...
God bless you dear ones, yes every one.