Monday, September 25, 2006

Okay. So it’s been awhile.

Well. All is going amazingly well for me here in Ottawa. It is a dream come true to be back here; on the bus I was thinking how London was like a nightmare for me (no offence to the city of course or those I love there) but Ottawa is home and I am back in my church, and with my church family and spiritual father. This means so incredibly much to me.

My job is going well – my co-op really prepared me well for it and God is giving me a lot of peace in the midst of it.

I move DV into my apartment this weekend! Hopefully on Sunday after church and our church meal…

I have been staying with a great family here and everything is going well.

There are some hard things of course too – someone at my church has cancer and is not doing well. And I love this person. and there are other things.

But yet just to be back, it is enough. More than enough…

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Results of the Interview appear positive

It appears that I got the job. It is a 90 day contract... I am so relieved and feel very grateful to God for His timing and provision. Now I am looking for an apartment.

I am staying with a wonderful family from my church and can see God's hand clearly in my life right now; I feel very taken care of and am thankful.

It has been a big transition to be back; a dream come true, but a big transition in a lot of ways. I am very thankful.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A While Since I Last Posted

I am moving to Ottawa. I have an interview this Tuesday at 2 pm (please pray) for a short contract helping to integrate a small library collection into a larger one. I really hope I will have a job soon so I can get an apartment and have my beloved Cat Cleo with me again!

Meanwhile, I am already looking forward to Monday, when I hope to get to sleep in at last…