Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joy at the end of January

I had dinner with my dear friends

and had some great quality time

with my godson.

He can stand when you hold him up now!

He's growing so much -

his face is taking on a more older baby shape,

he is very verbal and was so smiley.

He is such a joy to me

and to all those who love him!

January is almost done

Celebrated with some close friends

a long awaited scholastic achievement last night.

Tonight I am DV

going to a friends place for dinner.

I am grateful.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thought we could all use a taste of summer

Just look at that yellow colour...

Winter sure can be a bit of a slog,

can it not?

Lots of slush on the sidewalks here

snow melting into puddles upon puddles

all to be avoided

when walking to church.


I am helping a friend with her paper

for school and am thrilled to be

helping her

in her very significant endeavour.


Um, I can feel Lent is coming;

I love Lent for it's focus

for being in church more

for standing in church with my spiritual father

and going to the presanctified liturgies on Fridays.


Lent is also a time of great temptation

and for me often a time of great personal

loss or pain.

So as much as I long for lent,

being with my church family more,

focusing my life,

giving what Fr. Thomas Hopko calls

our tithe to the church,


I think I need to listen/read that podcast again


Noah continues to struggle.


So many need our prayers...


May God be our help and protection.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prayers Requested...

Latest Facebook update from Noah's Mom Kate:

VERY bad labs today. Liver numbers are 50 times higher than they should be (they are measuring the enzymes put off by the death of liver tissue) and rocketing up fast. They were 1,100 a week ago and are 1,800 as of today. BUN is up only slightly (bad kidney number) but Noah always has a lower than normal BUN so having it elevated is significant. Bili is up a bit and there are lots of other labs that are off.

Worse of all, the MRSA is still growing out in his urine after almost 2 weeks of antibiotics, AND he is growing out another bacteria as well now. Yes, he GOT a new bladder infection while on antibiotics. Both bugs are obviously resistant to the Zyvox he is on.

The swelling continues to worsen. He doesn't look like the same child. He is still as sweet as ever, though, and he just doesn't complain. He did get teary and choked up yesterday and quietly told me that Mary Faith gets to go to birthday parties and to friends houses and he can't go to them anymore. I loved on him and told reminded him that he's been to lots of birthday parties, but he wasn't buying it - he was sad that he can't go anymore. He also pointed out that he can't play hide and seek anymore because it is too hard to walk.

I don't know how much more my heart can handle.

Please also remember my Grandma who is still recovering from her fall.
She is getting better but is still very tired and has some pain.

Short Term Contract

Much to my surprise I just got word

that I have a short term contract for

1.5 months

and it is only a 5 minute walk from my home.

The contract may continue after March

but it is yet to be determined.

I start God willing February 16th.

Have lots to do to get ready...

I of course called my Mom

to tell her the good news

and said how happy Oma would be to hear

of my new work contract

and I told my Mom I would ask God to tell her in heaven...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

St. John of Kronstadt

In all your works, either at home or at the place of your service, do not forget that all your strength, your light and your success are in Christ and His Cross; therefore, do not fail to call upon the Lord before beginning any work, saying: Jesus, help me! Jesus, enlighten me! Thus your heart will be supported and warmed by lively faith and hope in Christ, for His is the power and glory unto ages of ages.

St. John of Kronstadt

Monday, January 23, 2012

Noah's Foundation

Please go here to see the

foundation that Noah's family

has started in Noah's honour,

with imput from Noah.

It's very dear.

Noah continues to struggle mightly

and needs our prayers.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Noah is very sick - please pray

We are right back where we were three weeks ago today. Noah's fever has continued to climb and isn't responding to fever meds (tylenol and ibuprofen alternating every 4 hours). His fever was 104.9 the last two times we checked.

He now has some fluid in his right lung, which is where the fluid build up started last time. The difference is that last time, we gave lasix which eventually worked to pull the fluid off. He's been on lasix ever since then, and this time he's getting the fluid in spite of the lasix. I just spoke to his infusion pharmacist and he said that the other good choices for diuretics are not available IV. Unless they can find something IV that will work on this fluid, it could continue to fill his lungs.

He is making urine, but it is very dark - butterscotch colored. He is retching a LOT. He's insisting on sleeping sitting up - I've managed to put the head of his bed back just enough so that he isn't falling forward, but with every tiny adjustment back he opens his eyes and shakes his head "no." It probably helps him breathe better to be upright so we're only barely reclining him.

Any touch or movement makes him start retching again, so I don't even feel like I can climb into bed and snuggle with him. I slept on an inflatable mattress by his side all night - using the word "slept" very loosely of course.

Please go here to send Kate a word of comfort during this time.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prayers for those in need

Noah is ill again.

Let us pray for all those who are


May the Mother of God help, protect,

shelter and comfort.

Monday, January 09, 2012


I did a huge pre-spring cleaning today of my


Above is where I found Cleo when I turned

my back for 1 minute!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Holy Supper

Did a simple version of the Holy Supper.

Borscht, Perogies, Bread, Fruits.

The bread I saved from my Oma's


Today liturgically is her birthday;

as well as in actuality my Grandpa's birthday;

I talked to my Grandma today

as I try to always do to remember my


my Grandma always told him he was born on the

12th day of Christmas,

Epiphany as they know it....

The borscht turned out really well!

Did it a simple way as I did not have

a lot of time.

1 can beets with juice

1 can northern white beans

2 very big carrots chopped up small

3 large potatoes chopped up small

half of a larger can of tomato sauce

sauteed until caramelized onion with lots of margarine

added three or so cloves of garlic half way through

and some ground sea salt and pepper

chopped up and added lots of dill at the end.

Perogies with lots of caramelized onions

done in a generous amount of margarine.

Dried apricots and figs.

Water for dinner

and black tea afterwards,

as per request of guests.

It was a lovely meal!

Then we went to church for Great Compline and

the Litya.

We made it to Christmas Eve!!

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Noah needs our prayers

Latest update on Noah

from his Mom Kate Estes via FB:

Nurse just came to draw Noah's labs. NO blood return from either lumen! :-( In other words, a clot or fibrin sheath is blocking his central line. Waiting to hear from the doctor. PLEASE pray.

Cleo Care in early January 2012

Dear friends:

I am taking Cleo to the vet for the first time

in some years today.

She is going to need a test done which involves a


She also does not like car rides and gets scared.

Please can I have any advice on how to get Cleo through this

and comfort her afterwards?

Thanks to some FB friends I have a good

beginning of what to do,

but want as much advice as possible...

Monday, January 02, 2012

January's Beginning - Peace, Loss and Prayer Requests

Today was a day where I was quiet

and caught up with

various friends online

and by phone.

I found out that my Uncle, one of my Oma's sons,

fell on New Years Eve

and broke his pelvis.

Lord have mercy.

He is still in hospital and they can't do surgery

and there will have to be some rehab for him.

Please I ask your prayers.

One of my close friends just lost her Grandmother.

I am planning for both

a Holy Supper

and Christmas Day dinner.


What are your traditions for Christmas dinner?

I am thinking of a slow cooker roast beef

with carrots and potatoes.

Would love to hear your suggestions.


Today was a bank holiday

and I have not heard yet about the job

I applied for.

Tomorrow is another day.

God is very good to us

and will not leave us

in all times

and places.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year

Today after liturgy

I had my Oma's memorial service.

This was very good;

I wish already for another one for her...

My friends and I went out to eat afterwards in

memory of her

since there exceptionally was not a church meal

after liturgy today.

Grief is no easy thing but it was a relief

to have these prayers in the church for her.

As much as I had wished to have my house

clean for New Years

I was too sick to manage getting the whole house


I am slowly getting better from the bad

chest cold I have been having

and was able to go to my friend's New Years Eve

Dinner party which was really nice.

I am hoping to get my house cleaned tomorrow

and that I finally will be well enough to do so.

I love my strand of white lights

that a dear friend gave me.

I hope to host the Holy Supper

again this Christmas Eve

which is this Friday.


I have not heard yet about the job proposal that

I submitted and hope to hear tomorrow.


The whole job searching thing I find

very difficult.


It was so good to have the service for my Oma today.

I really miss her but felt more sure

of being near her in Christ

during the prayers for her at church

and this is indeed a deep blessing.