Saturday, January 28, 2012

Thought we could all use a taste of summer

Just look at that yellow colour...

Winter sure can be a bit of a slog,

can it not?

Lots of slush on the sidewalks here

snow melting into puddles upon puddles

all to be avoided

when walking to church.


I am helping a friend with her paper

for school and am thrilled to be

helping her

in her very significant endeavour.


Um, I can feel Lent is coming;

I love Lent for it's focus

for being in church more

for standing in church with my spiritual father

and going to the presanctified liturgies on Fridays.


Lent is also a time of great temptation

and for me often a time of great personal

loss or pain.

So as much as I long for lent,

being with my church family more,

focusing my life,

giving what Fr. Thomas Hopko calls

our tithe to the church,


I think I need to listen/read that podcast again


Noah continues to struggle.


So many need our prayers...


May God be our help and protection.

1 comment:

Sarah in Indiana said...

I can't believe next week is the Publican and the Pharisee. One thing about Lent is that to me it always seems to fly. So next thing we know it will be Pascha and spring.