Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The 11th Day of Christmas...

It snowed lightly! 

I made the vegan pancakes!
They were so easy and really good!
I felt like I was eating a butter-filled pancake! 

 So, I've kinda been wishing for a slightly smaller cream/white coloured tray,
as my white one, which I love, is quite large... but I took myself by the hand
and told myself to use what I have... :)... and then I remembered the cute 
Christmas tree placemats that an etsy seller included with my order
a few years ago of Christmas Tree Spode dishes... the place-mats are a thick 
paper but it was perfect to use to add a bit more 'Christmas' to the white tray!

We had a fun Christmas lunch and enjoyed
talking and then knitting together! 

I got some stuff out of the 3-month-make-sure-bedbugs-are-not-in-it VNA rummage sale
stash (we keep them bundled up in trashcans tightly sealed with bags for 3 months)....
and I got a bunch of picture frames! And a little bit of stationary,
including big card envelopes, I was so pleased! 

Also got this Anne Lamott book... she gives one things to think about and
 her humour is great... I appreciate her as a writer! 

I hope to have all the shades up (they need adjusting again) for the Christmas dinner
with the Munchkin DV this Friday night... I LOVE how the 
white lights reflect in the windows.... 

I love these sticky notes! 3$ at the VNA! 
You can see below that they were originally just over 8 pounds and that's
over 11.00 USD! So a significant savings!
I am thinking of using these to make cards with... 
and as markers for books that I want to note something about... 

 So....I had this in my cupboard and I must of put too much on it....
my friend was so kind when I realized that it the bottom of this had broke ๐Ÿ˜•in 3 pieces. 
... she helped me carefully clean it up .... 
then I could get the right skillet to do those delicious pancakes in!
 I will be hunting for a replacement in time but am so grateful for patient friends!
I must tell you the story of this IKEA 3 tiered tray... 
I had wanted one for some years, probably about 10, when I found this at 
IKEA back when I lived in Ottawa...When I showed my 
sister-friend, who I was shopping with, she was so glad
for me, that she gave me a hug! 
She understood! 
So a happy memory! 
I will probably replace this one with the same 
if IKEA still sells it when
I next go there...

My Husband's slice of cheesecake on this fast-free Wednesday!

So these were 2 frames that I got at the VNA...
but they are actually trivets/hotpads and really nice! 
So I am going to use them as such...
they are really pretty... this picture does not capture
how they glisten, having a nice glaze on top of the tile, and 
add to the sense of beauty that twinkle lights and candles give....
So, my friend is coming tomorrow, DV! (DV = Lord willing)...
hopefully we can tackle that hinge that broke a while back, making a 
cupboard quite difficult to use!
And make my skirt!!! I am so excited for this! 
So I better sign off so I can get the things out....
And that is today's 11th day of Christmas...
I feel a lot of joy in it...

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The 10th Day of Christmas...

Yesterday was the 10th day of Christmas;
I am going to backdate this post so the date matches 
the actual 10th day of Christmas.
I rested a lot yesterday.
Finally had my bath, though by accident it was not as hot as 
I wanted so eventually I will get that less hurried hot bath! :) 
I feel like I am in an odd state of transition where nothing is changing,
including that which is unbloggable (and that does make us weary) but yet I have felt this
sadness... I think my Aunt K.'s sickness (she's had illness for many years
and had to have fluid removed in hospital and a heart catheterization today)...
and just being present to the passing of time...
I am 41 years old... and with that, still young but no longer a child or YA, comes
parents, Aunts, Grandparents, who are older.
It comes with the irrevocable fact that I am facing the sunset instead of the dawn
of my family who birthed and raised me. 
And perhaps it is more than this; it is hard to tell. 
Anyway, yesterday was a more tired, resting and a bit of a struggle.
But it's OK too. 
I was able to wrap up the Munchkin's presents, 
got out the recipe for Friday's Christmas dinner, 
and got the godkid's (those in the States) presents finally ready for mailing.
I was able to light my lampadas and the Mother of God lampada
made it all the way until bedtime.
It was incredible how this lampada lit up the room when no other 
lamps/lampadas were lit. 
It's good to remember that one candle, one lampada, can light up
darkness in a powerful way.
I refound this video and showed it to my Husband last night;
I had a real sense of joy at sharing such beauty with him,
and he was able to explain that this is Arwen's father and herself
most likely he is telling her that she must be seperated from him for
as long as earth endures as she is to marry Aragon, a human, and she 
as one of the Elves, would live forever among those who would die
and she too would one day go this way...
It's beautiful and worth watching...

I can't imagine living without such beauty
and I read deeply moving words in Elizabeth Goudge's
For God So Loved the World about God
being the most Adored Beauty.
I was touched within myself for I know that what Goudge saw.
What Tolkien saw, is hints of 
God, who is the Most Beautiful and the source of all Love...
When I think of this, I could weep for the joy of the very idea
of a glimpse of our most beautiful Lord.... 
And that was the 10th day of Christmas.... 

Monday, January 15, 2018

On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Since my Husband had the day off, 
we gave each other the rest of our Christmas gifts....
Husband got the history, toy soldier books + Tolkien.
I got everything else.  
We have a small stash of things for gifts for the other (things given or found at sales) 
and my Husband
picked out everything today for both of us.
It was really cute. 
He would give me a bag with a book or DVD in it
and then another bag which I would then give to him.... :) 
5 things each, very symmetrical. 
I rested a lot today.
Am still tired but that's no surprise as I pushed 
myself when I was already tired to make the Christmas lunch.
I just knew it was a 'now or never' thing, esp. with my one church
friend having her third child in the next 2 months. 
Tomorrow I hope for quiet introvert day.
Today I finally finished up some cards (birthdays) and 
such things. I still have a few Christmas cards to send out
(people's whose address I did not have when I was doing the whole 
bunch of cards in December)...
I also got my email inbox down to currently 88 unread emails only,
so that's a blessing.... one of the things we talked about at the 
Christmas lunch was how technology can create stress,
including email over-load, texts etc. 
Well, that's the 9th day of Christmas on my end!
I am grateful for the books I have been given and look forward
to more time to just sit and read.
Tomorrow I hope for some more reading time!
I just found this recipe for vegan pancakes, am thinking of making this
on Wednesday for my friend (new calendar) ... and my 
grocery delivery just got a new vegan "chicken" that I hope to try
on Thursday, as DV another friend is coming!
Now you can see why tomorrow is a "rest" day!
The Christmas season is busy!
I listened to the following last Friday and was really nice, calming... 
I am putting them here to remember to listen to them again soon....

Sunday, January 14, 2018

8th Day of Christmas... St Basil's Day...Church Christmas Party...

Today was very full. St Basil's day! I went outside church and when I returned our little church was full of the scent of St Basil's bread, very fragrant and beautiful.

We had our Church Christmas Party.
It was very nice.... tons of people,
I was pretty tired afterwards,
I think my introvert side is plan fatigued!
I am having friend over on Thursday DV
who is going to help me make a skirt.
She is moving to Russia soon so I really
want to make a nice lunch for us.
But it's also the eve of Theophany,
which is a fast day.
So vegan it is.
Any suggestions on what I should serve?
I need simple and easy!
Tomorrow is MLK day so my Husband is home
and I am looking forward to a quiet day of 
enjoying our Christmas lunch leftovers and resting.
Of course my Husband is going to do paperwork tomorrow,
but myself, I hope to do some good quiet resting! 
Thanks for your comments on my Christmas lunch post!
I did have such a very nice time and it was a joy to do!
I am grateful that we are healthy right now.
We are praying that we can make it to April
this year without getting sick with flu, etc.
May God bless and help us all,
no matter our life's difficulties.
God is with us!
PS: since you may want to know, it is the Greek Nuns 
who made the St Basil's Bread... 

Saturday, January 13, 2018

On the 7th day of Christmas....A Wonderful Warm Delicious Christmas Lunch 2018

We had a wonderful Christmas lunch today!
I invited just three people, 
as I felt I could only do something small this year.
But it was so special!
Final Menu was...

~Chocolate (a gift from a friend who was there!)
~Green Tea and Chamomile Citrus tea both by Mighty Leaf

~Ree's Creamy Mashed Potatoes with roasted garlic and shallots
~The last jar of my Husband's parents beans from their garden in Ohio, before they moved
~Homemade Apple Sauce (2015)
~Cranberry Sauce (1 bag cranberries, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, boil until cranberries are popping
and it seems done, then cool and it thickens; recipe for this is from Ocean Spray Cranberry bag!)
~Salad made by guest 
Warmed Bread with salted butter on table 

~Cheese Cake from Cheesecake Factory with these toppings:
~Raspberry syrup
~drunken cherries (dried cherries re-hydrated in brandy)
~Chocolate Sauce
~Chocolate and Orange Sauce from PEI
~Dulce de Leche Milk Caramel (Trader Joes)

Wittle Truffel tea + Christmas in Paris tea (Stash tea) 
with cream and sugar optional 
It was so very nice!
One of the friends I had over is expecting her third child
and had not been to my home before because it's over an hour drive
from her place + 2 young kids.
We had such a nice time of fellowship, the three ladies
with myself and my Husband.
So that was a blessing.
I think the meal was exactly what I hoped it would be,
warm, relaxing (my two friends helped me with the last details,
I was running late due to various things that happened yesterday
and I ran out of steam last night so I did not have the table set
the night before like I usually do).... but it all worked out and was delicious! 
I hope to do one more Christmas dinner,
God willing, with my dear friend and her son, our Munchkin,
on Theophany night.

That menu will include...

~Turkey with Egg Noodle Casserole (An Amish recipe) 
~Cranberry Sauce
~Stuffing if I can find it (it's frozen!) 
~Broccoli (if it's not in the casserole, I need to look at
the recipe again!)
~Hot Apple Cider 

Dessert will include...

~Turtle Brownies
~Cranberry Pie (if I can find it!)
~Tea and Hot Chocolate 
Tomorrow DV is St Basil's Day and the Circumcision of Christ, 
is the Church New Year and happens to be our 
Church Christmas Party also.
I had so much fun decorating the house with the 
Christmas towels, Christmas Dishes, playing Christmas music...
It was a really nice day and I am really grateful for it.
And that we are currently not sick like we were a year ago! 
Praying that we do *not* get sick this year...
so many have a terrible flu this winter, 
I am hearing about it in different States and also Provinces of Canada. 
May God have mercy on us and save us all!
Christ is born! 
Glorify Him!