Friday, December 07, 2018 outing, a stay-at-home date and thankfulness

I went out to get my tall black boot fixed, 
the zipper stopped working,
it would split before it was halfway up.
We watched the Walton's tonight, which was nice!
I feel behind in things, partly because I am not sleeping well,
because of the impact of unbloggable situation via stress...
hopefully tonight will be better. 
It's colder here now, I love it.
Esp. because it is also sunny.
I was surprised to realize that I was feeling anxious tonight; 
I think it's just the hardness of the unbloggable and the 
uncertainty that comes because of it. 
I am still reading Fr A. S's Journals... am now in year 1977... 
reading Tolkien's Letters...
have been busy and not reading a lot else...
my eye with the cataract seems to be a bit worse in the last few days,
it may just be a combination of busy days + fatigue.
A lot of my friends are going through such tough times.
I was grateful for an email I got yesterday saying we were being
prayed for in our own difficulties.
Yet I am aware of how good, even with our own challenges, we have it.
So very good.
I am really grateful for our Christmas tree, decorations, for the dishes I have...
I was thinking about this earlier today...
I have blue and white dishes, white and gold, my Grandma's dishes,
my Christmas dishes, my Fiestaware everyday dishes... plus some odds and ends...
and my teapots...and three tiered plate stands for high tea... 
I am so grateful for all of this,
that I have various options for seasons and hospitality... for creating beauty...
yet I think of the verses of the Gospel,
where your treasure is your heart is also and I hope my heart is still with Christ
and that I will not love that which is easily breakable and not at all eternal 
more than our Lord who is the Life-Giver, the Eternal, The Beloved and the 
One Who loves with perfect LOVE...
Well, may God have mercy on us all!


GretchenJoanna said...

Fr. Schmemann will help you say focused on the essentials :-)

God bless you, Dear, and I hope you are sleeping better tonight.

Granny Marigold said...

Yes, I think and wonder if I am too fond of all my dishes, and collections. I am currently reading in 1John and in chapter 2 where it is written not to love the world or anything that the world loves. Hmmm. It makes me consider.

You watched the Waltons and we tried to watch a movie called The Christmas Box that was starring Richard Thomas ( John Boy). We had to give up because close captions were not available and neither my DH nor I could understand the dialog.

Pom Pom said...

I like your thankful heart, Elizabeth.
When I've been busy, I miss my slow routine very much and it's often hard to regroup when things calm down.

Paula said...

I saw the 'Richard Thomas' picture and I thought you were going to say you watched "The Homecoming". That's what I watched this week. That's usually my go-to start to the Christmas movie watching season.

Fear of zipper breakage is one of the big reasons I love lace-up boots (that and my skater calves). Glad you were able to get them fixed.

You and your Sweetie are in my prayers every morning. I sure hope you can find an end to the unblog-able soon.