Saturday, December 08, 2018

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (at least in terms of presents)...

I wrapped various presents this afternoon and had a nice time doing that!
I slept better thank God... and thank you everyone who wrote encouraging words about 
my loss of sleep... I wish it was just that I was recovering from doing the St Nicholas lunch!
But actually, that is something that was fun and the dishes were dish-washerable and everything 
was totally put away yesterday other than a few things that needed washing
and those were washed today (a big pan and slow cooker insert).
It is a lot of work doing a meal for 9 people, with place setting for up to 12.
It's true. But I had budgeted the time and knew what to do and I 
choose a meal that was easy to put together, including
breaded fish that is from a box! 
I am already dreaming of doing Christmas dinners...
one we do every year (save one year) and last year we did two...
I am dreaming of having 3 this year...
I have been looking back at my blog (when I was looking at my 
Fia Sauce recipe... my old life in Ottawa, pre-Mr Husband, seems often 
so distant to me, it's hard to remember it all... 
but was so neat to see it again, in pictures,
and how I had various friends over for meals...  
that was really fun... 
and I was so glad to be able to do it again this week...
and hope to be able to do it more.....
part of it is figuring out ways to have meals that I can make
with easy and have ability to do clean-up afterwards...
Did you see the delft in the pictures above??
I was able to find the double switch plate to replace our broken one
(which I am going to try to fix and keep for later) 
and Mr Husband and I choose some delft things to add to our home
and he is giving these to me as a Christmas present! :) 
I have them wrapped already!
They won't go under the tree until later as they are breakable and
well, Cleo loves to be under that tree... so... it is! :) 
The beautiful musical church 'box' as it were is for my goddaughter... :) 
Here's a short video of it:

Well, that is it for now!
Well, other than this,
I remember this meal!! 2011 in Ottawa, Feast of the Annunciation
Funny, now I can manage to do a meal for 8 or 9 by myself, 
though it takes me more time to prepare for it.
I am really hoping that I can have more meals and people over
in the new year, 
I find it so encouraging to have friends over.
It warms the house and lessens the struggles 
because they are shared. 


Elizabethd said...

Shared meals are special occasions, even when it is just a cup of coffee with a dear friend.

Gina said...

Elizabeth, your photographs are so pretty and the food looks so delicious! You are definitely doing well on your Christmas To Do list!

Granny Marigold said...

Once again I enjoyed the photos of your beautiful church.
Also the blue Delft pieces are lovely.

karen said...

I should start that you did! Lovely photos :)

Janet said...

I love the Delft faceplates!

And the music box.

And the packages with the stamps. What a great idea.


Paula said...

I should have done some wrapping this weekend, but it turned out to be a fairly lazy weekend :) I really love the music box, it reminds me of my German pyramids (the candle ones). I love music boxes. I have a small glass unicorn one that I bought for myself back in the 80's.

Lisa said...

I really like your brown paper with the stamped trees! Seems like you're quite good at entertaining. :)

Gloriade said...

I love music boxes. I have been busy decorating the house. The Toy rocking horse I put on my mantel is a music box. ( I also love carousel horses!) Today was the children's pageant at church and the lighting of the second Advent candle. I love this time of year but am so glad we have an extra week between holidays as I am moving so much more slowly than before. Remembering the reason we are celebrating helps me keep everything in perspective. I hope you are able to share many holiday meals with friends this year.