Friday, May 17, 2013

Fia Sauce in NJ

One of my favourite dishes to make in
Ottawa was Fia Sauce.
I made it at least twice with an additional meat sauce
added into it for
Pascha dinners on Bright Friday.

I managed to make it last night.

Added the spices needed,
including fresh Basil.
Slow cookers can be great for meal prep.!

I used to use the
No-Name Italian Plum tomatoes.
I could not find that here
so used the above tomatoes.
It was OK
but I was really looking for
Italian Plum tomatoes in Tomato juice,
not pureed tomato sauce with tomatoes.
So it was a different sauce this time.

Well we had a small three person lunch today.

The sauce,
plus fried mushrooms and a spaghetti pasta
I put in my soup tureen to make it simple.
It was pretty good but I've made better.
I hope to make lasagna with the rest of the sauce,
or most of it.
The sauce also freezes well.

I had some bread out with
vegan margarine.
And a simple green salad.
We were not sure exactly when the guest could make it
so it was nice to have everything ready and covered
while we waited.
It is a challenge to know what to make for a quick
over lunch visit that is on a Fasting Friday.
What are your quick fasting lunches that you make?
I would love some suggestions!
I am going to try to finish up the first baby blanket
I made a while ago...
I have to keep counseling myself to be patient with my
building a new life here in NJ.
The dinners I had in Ottawa took time to organize
and I know with the way it is for Mr. Husband and I
with where we live and me having mono
have meant that I can't be out
trying to meet people all the time.
A good friend told me once that it takes at least 3 years
to build a new community where one moves to.
It's been 8 months now
(here I thought it was only 7 months!)
but things got a bit derailed with me getting mono in
month 5.
And so it goes.
I am grateful for Mr. Husband and that I have
the opportunity to build a life with him.
What are you thankful for today?

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Martha said...

I'm thankful for the weekend which is almost upon us...and the time we will spend together as a family. ♥ Your sauce sounds wonderful, although it may not have been exactly what you intended. Such lovely black and white bread! I'm happy to see cloth napkins on your beautiful table!!!