Saturday, May 04, 2013

Holy Friday and morning of Holy Saturday

It was beautiful.
Just like Christmas,
everything feels a bit off-cue.
I am realizing how different every church's
Holy Friday services are,
though blog post pictures and
my own experience.
Some of my friends are going through
incredibly heart-breaking situations right now
in the midst of Holy Week.
I am at times doing well;
I have a very good new parish with many kind people ~
I am very grateful, I could enumerate many examples
of their goodness;
yet at times I am deeply homesick for my Ottawa Parish
and my spiritual father who would greet us on Pascha.
I am grateful for Mr. Husband and his kindness.
He even got me some white flowers
to give to Christ at the shroud.
My throat has been sore for
a couple days and I am very tired.
Everyone is so kind in thinking that I will
be fully well and healed for Pascha
but that may not be what God desires
for me this year.
We are being saved in many ways
and sickness is one of God's ways.
We must rejoice in all things.
Mr. Husband went to the morning liturgy today
while I stayed home trying to rest
and recover so I can go to the Pascha service.
We all long for the Great and Holy Pascha
with Christ in eternity.
Oh Lord, come soon!
Oh Holy Pascha of Christ!
May we be saved and live in Christ in
His eternal Pascha!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Dear One, I wish you, Mr Husband and dear Cleo great Paschal joy and blessings!

Michelle M. said...

I made it to service this morning and remembered you in my prayers. I am actually planning to stay home tonight (with our youngest). I am so sad to miss Pascha, but I know it is for the best. I hope you'll feel very well tonight after getting some rest. Hugs!