Friday, May 24, 2013


 This weekend to come is 
in a lot of ways an anniversary for me...
I first heard of Mr. Husband about this time
two years ago...
By the end of the summer we were
already in regular contact...

Holy Dormition 2011.

The first time Mr. Husband came
to meet me in Ottawa
we had this dinner.
I was still in the midst of a new job,
one that I still, to this day,
Thank God that He gave me for two months
and then took it away.
So thankful,
though it was hard at the time.
So friends pretty much made all of the food and
we set the table together
and my very first dinner with Mr. Husband
was one surrounded with good friends.

And this very good dessert.

On Thanksgiving proper
it was unseasonably warm;
in the 80s F.
I took Mr. Husband to my favourite tree
and my favourite walk.
It was such a special and joyous time for us.
I always wanted to date only one man
and marry him.
God in His mercy gave me my wish.
I had to wait until I was 34 to meet him
but it was worth waiting.
One of my friends told me that her spiritual father
once told her
God has special surprises waiting for you
and for me Mr. Husband was and is
one of the best unexpected events in my life.


Michelle M. said...

How lovely! Thank you for sharing this :)

Donna Witek said...

Aw, love this, dear Elizabeth! I'm still so happy for you two, and still tickled that our respective love stories are so similar, occurring about a year apart. Enjoy your special anniversary of remembering!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

So many blessings to give thanks for :-)

E Helena E said...

I just love hearing this story and never tire of it, just like your new "About Elizabeth and Family"!

Mary said...

I remember that meal when you first met in person :) Yum! Lovely photos once again!