Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday in May

We ordered groceries online again.
I am hoping to make a pasta sauce.
I am thinking of the fact that in ways
I did not even know,
I have to start over in my new life.
I can understand this blogger's questions about what does
it mean to be in one's thirties;
it seems that some things are clear and others not.
In someways it seems that clarity can be very late
in coming and that every decade of one's life
there are questions and things to be faced.
Everyone is given a different path and way in life.
Each marriage is different;
each person is different;
each family has it's own nuances, struggles and joys.
I am hoping to continue finding my way.
Some of it seems to be about figuring out
what is not working,
accepting it and moving past it,
looking for solutions and open doors.
I am thankful that it is sunny today,
that the groceries are put away,
that we know what is for supper
{grilled cheese and turkey bacon plus a salad)
and that I hope to make a pasta sauce
soon that I've been wanting to make for sometime.
What is your day finding you pondering and
working towards?


Apseed I said...

My days are not so thoughtful as yours. My thoughts are spinning around new knitting/sewing projects. I know it sounds very simple, but I'm very grateful for such a life.

And the first photo looks gorgeous!!

margaret said...

Love the colours in that piece of knitting.