Thursday, May 09, 2013

And towards a good weekend, God-willing...

I do have a beautiful other Pascha egg
from my sister in Romania.
I am still hoping to fix the other one.
Did some small things today ~
finally ordered a long sleeved white cardigan
for the summer.
I ordered some dresses earlier and am
hoping to get these soon.
I've a wedding and other things to go to this summer
and so am waiting for these clothes...
Took a needed nap.
And the best of all is that a chicken
is in the oven roasting.
It will be a later dinner,
but I am glad to just have this done.
Am dreaming of mashed potatoes to go with it! Yum!
As always I really appreciate the support
I get via the Internets.
Thank you.


Dasha D. said...

The egg is very beautiful!

The Snowman said...

Haha...the Internets. Praying for your health and wishing you a blessed Bright Week.

Martha said...

Christ is Risen! ♥ Such a pretty egg...and lovely tiny tissue box and frame. Where did you get that cross? We have a handful of people who come to our church who are Romanian!

elizabeth said...

The Cross is a wedding gift... from Byzantine something (gallery??) It's lovely! :)