Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fighting for Thanksgiving and Eternal Memory

It's been three months since I got mono.
I keep relapsing.
I was hoping my sister-friend and her munchkins
could visit me in June
but now I don't have the stamina.
Mr. Husband and I both wish I could just do
things like going to a knitting store,
taking a knitting class
baking, taking walks,
continuing to build my life here.
It is hard to be patient!

But I am not giving up.
I am doing what I can and know to do.
Trying to eat more greens
(am loving cranberries and goat cheese on my salads).
Trying to rest when needed.

I got the sad news via FB
that Fr. Micheal R. died on Wednesday.
Of a very sad and sudden accident.
Due to being in two places while doing
wedding preparation
and neither of our local-priests (understandably
due to our situation)
being able to do pre-marital counseling,
my spiritual father asked Fr. Micheal to meet with us.
And so Fr. Micheal had two thoughtful, prayerful
pre-marital counseling sessions
with Mr. Husband and I.
We do not live that near to his church
and were not able to see him again.
I am so sorry to hear of his sudden passing.
Memory Eternal!
May God remember Fr. Micheal in His Kingdom!
He was such a kind, gentle and thoughtful priest.
I am so honoured to have known him,
however briefly.
I too am quite saddened by his loss.

I am glad that Mr. Husband's first response to my
email telling him of Fr. Micheal's passing
was to ask me to put him on our newly departed prayer list.
I am so grateful that Mr. Husband and I can pray together.
Last night was one of those mixed up nights
where things break, take much longer than expected and we were exhausted.
So we prayed the rule of St. Seraphim of Sarov before bed.
It is a very simple and very lovely one.
St. Seraphim is a wonderful Saint to love and who loves us!
I am also trying to take active steps
towards my recovery from mono;
I know I am really burnt out from everything ~
all of the travel in Mr. Husband and I's courtship,
working while planning a move and wedding,
leaving my beloved Ottawa
for my beloved Mr. Husband,
Hurricane Sandy,
Sickness and
then mono.
So here's what I am doing to fight back:
~meeting a naturopath in early June
~trying to eat better
~being thankful, esp. for Mr. Husband
~trying to do what I can to keep the house in order.
Our little home has been under the weather
when I am and I am trying,
as I am able,
to make things more tidy.
We are hoping to do some monastery visits at some point
and I have reached out to some beloved
friends to talk.
I've been a bit discouraged lately but somehow
I know that if I do my little, God can do his overwhelmingly LOT.
I don't know when I will be better with mono ~
but somehow when I am faced with the sadness of a
a prayerful person who made a difference in my life,
then I want to fight and honour that person
by seeking to make the best of it all
and seek healing ~ not just physically of course ~ but spiritually.
One little step at a time...


Michelle M. said...

Memory Eternal! How difficult to lose loved ones, even those who only affected small portions of our lives. It is wonderful that Fr. Michael's life has affected you and Mr. Husband so beautifully.

I will continue to pray for you! I hope that there will be no more relapsing for you. But even if it does occur again, I pray you are given peace to get through it. Thank God for your husband, who you adore!

Praying for a GOOD day tomorrow!

E Helena E said...

Oh how tragic! Memory Eternal!
Those are wise words of seeking to honour the person. May healing come.
You are often in my thoughts.

Martha said...

I hope you feel better sure has been a long time. I have heard it is normal for mono recovery to be long. It sounds to me like you are already eating a healthful diet.
I'm sorry to hear of Fr. Michael's passing, may his soul have rest with God! ♥

GretchenJoanna said...

Your windowsill icon corner is so lovely, with all the light coming in. It reminds me of the Light of Life, Who gives you breath every morning, and a heart to pray and wait on God. You give encouragement just by the humility of your waiting for healing. God bless you, Dear Elizabeth.