Monday, August 30, 2010


I had a wonderful and I pray fruitful
time at home.
I fly back in the early morning to Ottawa.
I found out tonight that I have another job interview
this Friday
in Ottawa.
I will be very busy these next 2 weeks so if I do not blog much
or comment much on other blogs;
you know why!
My second interview is September 10th;
I fly out for it on September 9th;
I am thankful for two interviews!
My Dad said well it is totally in God's hands
and I can be at peace
and do my best...
God is good to us in all seasons and times.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

God is so good to us

I had a great visit at the monastery.
I came back to learn that one of my
dear friends is in the hospital.
Please pray for her.
Learned also that one of my classmates from years back
passed away on Tuesday from cancer.
He leaves a godly wife and 4 children behind.
Lord have mercy.
It is so wonderful to have monasteries to go to pray
and to have them pray for such needs as these.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


God willing I will be going to the
I am so glad as the upcoming job interview in
the second week of September
is overwhelming.
The flowers above are from the
monastery on Dormition
and the others my Dad gave me
hours after I found out about the job interview.
After looking at them together
I felt like the Mother of God had given me flowers from
one of her monasteries
to comfort me
in the midst of the unknown.
I am so glad that we have such places of prayer to go to.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Colours?

Next week,
Lord willing,
after I go to the monastery for a bit,
I am going shopping for a pant suit for my
September Interview.
I am thinking a black suit with a nicely coloured shirt
would work well.
I don't want to wear a skirt as the potential for
accidental awkwardness is higher
and I don't want to have anything extra to worry about!
Any thoughts or suggestions?
I am hoping to get the outfit here in Michigan as Ottawa
is quite pricey.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Interview in September

I had applied last week
to a library position
outside of Ottawa
(still in Canada)
and have news of an interview for this in September.
I will be flown in for the interview
and will have to do a presentation.
I am qualified for this position.
It will be hard to leave Ottawa
if that is what is happening,
but I need to be in God's will.
Meanwhile I have a lot of preparing to do.
So glad that I will be going to the monastery next week for a short time
(hopefully overnight two days)
and can continue to pray there about this.
I ask your prayers.

Chihuly, the Meijer Gardens and Other Thoughts

My Mom, Sister, Brother-in-law

and myself

went to the Meijer Gardens and saw the Chihuly glass exhibit.

It was nice,

though I found it exhausting being in the full sun outside...

This is one of my favourite shots,

as you can see the plants in the background.

This was my favourite of the glass
seemed idyllic and rather what I think of when I would think
of the England
that I know from books.
I sold some more books.
I am wanting to clear out more later.
It's surprisingly good to start getting rid of things.
More and more I realize that
when I am looking at books or artwork or anything
I am looking for help, for answers, for consolation,
and most of my books
do not give this nor does art work.
I find myself in various homes of Protestants and
not having icons nearby to look at
makes me more aware of how much I depend on looking on them.
How much I am looking for help.
This of course is not a testimony of some great spiritual feat;
no, more that I am weak and constantly need assurance
and reminders of God's mercy
and of the presence of the Saints.
I am grateful that in God's mercy He
has allowed me to be in places,
churches, houses, monasteries,
where prayer is more continual and where
Icons are filling the space.
A holy monastic once talked to me about icons
and how empty she finds houses
where there are no icons.
I am grateful that my own family lets me keep some Icons
year round in my bedroom in my family's house.
May God strengthen us as we seek to seek Him.
Today I need work on more job applications.
Prayers, as always, requested.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Details of a Wednesday

Above are flowers from the monastery this past weekend.

A lovely Romanian man was given them from

where they adorned the large icon

of the Dormition of the Theotokos.

I sold about 65 of my books today.

It was a new experience to let go of books

that had with me for

some years.


I just had to keep reminding myself

that though I have given away the books that remind me

of how God has worked in my life

and that He is bringing me deeper in

where He seeks to lead me.


The books were merely part of that journey

and that God is here with me now

and has given me a new chapter in my life,

where and what I need to go towards.


Am reading more of The Jesus Prayer

by Frederica Mathewes-Green

and am really appreciating this book.


I can't recommend this book enough...

I was at a small lake with family tonight.
Had tea and lunch at an Aunt's house.

I treasure these days and feel strongly that they are fleeting.
We must pray for those we love and for God's mercy
and salvation.
How much we are in need of God's mercy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Beautiful Tuesday in August

My family's garden is blossoming.


I got to visit with my Grandma!

She has so much energy and is always doing something -

She was out to breakfast at 8:30 this morning

before spending time with me

and having a visit from my Aunt and my Aunt's 7 year old grandson;

all of us, including my Grandma,

went out for ice cream.

It was great!


And tonight I walked for 2 miles with my Mom.

A very full day.

I finished another cover letter and resume

and submitted it.

Each application is so different, it really takes

time, thought and various edits

before I can submit the application.

I have at least one more to do while I am visiting my

family home.


It is a good but still uncertain time for me.

When will I get a job, where and what will it be

are all unknown.


I am hoping to go to the monastery next week

to pray about this,

as I really need a lot of wisdom and courage

during this time.

My friends who are visiting Cleo
assure me that she is fine.
I always miss her a bit
when I am gone
but I am sure she misses me more;
she is a cat who loves human company and routine.

Monday, August 16, 2010


This candle is a gift
from a friend
made the by Greek monastery that
I have gone to over the past year.
Candles are such a wonderful testament of the hope that we
have because of God's existence in the world.
I am slowly working on writing more
about my time at the monastery
(I am still planning to go once more before I leave)
but know also that monasteries
are a place where things happen that are really
not fully explainable...
I was glad for this very good and deeply comforting post
by Fr. Stephen that speaks of this work of God
in our lives-
I am hoping to sell a bunch of my books while I am home
books that I have not moved from this place
since they came here in 2004.
I am slowly learning to let things go
and that it okay to give away things that have
memories of my life journey attached to them.
I don't know if I will get much money for them
but hope it is at least enough
to buy one or maybe two books
at the monastery.
One of the things that I love about monasteries is that you can
buy books and icons there.
The icons, even the mounted ones, are made by
them and made with prayer.
The books can instruct and feed us.
The prayers of the monastics can heal us,
can bring closer our salvation.
God is good to us.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Thanking God that I was able to
go both to the vigil last night
for the Feast
and today
for the festal liturgy
at the monastery.
Thank you for prayers for my rides;
it worked out.
Somethings are so multi-leveled in loveliness
that it is impossible to
take it all in
to articulate it.
I am thankful...
Gearing up for two days of more
concentrated job searching
before two days of family activities.
It is wonderful to be visiting with my family.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Good to be home

The flowers are slowly fading here

but still beautiful.

Humid out!

It has been wonderful to see my sister and brother-in-law;

I have visited with them, my parents and Grandmother


I was able to finish the application in time

for the job outside of Ottawa.

Seeking to trust God in all things

(wow do I have a long way to go with this)

and to be thankful.

Tomorrow is Dormition!
I am having some difficulties communicating
with my ride for tomorrow...
Prayers requested as I really wish to go down to the monastery
for the Feast!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane, I know when I'll be back again

It always feels like a bit of transition

to be leaving my little apartment

and Cleo Cat.

My good friend who will be visiting her daily

has assured me that Cleo will be fine. :)

I leave early tomorrow for home.
Please say a prayer for my travels
and especially for my sister and brother-in-law's travels
home tomorrow as well
from Romania.
May God protect and preserve us all!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday, 2nd Week of August

How quickly the summer is going!

I have so much to do before I leave -

packing, key making, small bits of shopping,

job searching,

French is not happening much right now... :(

I am finding it really hard to apply for any jobs outside

of my city.

So far I am finishing up only one application...


There are various jobs I am applying for here.


I am seeking to be open to God's will

and hope it will be made clear.

I have been comforted by words of a wise person,

telling me that patient endurance


in the end

find me at the next step

in my journey.

God is our support,
our refuge
our salvation.
In Him shall we trust...

Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Quiet Sunday

Summer is slowly going into Autumn;

Ottawa has had surprisingly cool weather;

Michigan is still quite warm, so I am packing summer clothes for sure!


Am still working on plans for my stay

I have not been home in August since the year of my chrismation;

I was chrismated

6 years ago on this day;

where do the days go?!

Listened to the podcast on distractions in prayer again;
it is such a jewel of a podcast...
I was struck by Frederica's explanation of the huge problem of
loneliness that we have in North America.
Her explanation of how we culturally have separated ourselves
from each other
by buying the lie that we are
cool independent rebel self-sufficient lone-ranger
has contributed to not living in community
and not knowing how to relate to God
who is right here with us,
not somewhere down the block at a distance.
We need community.
We need a church family.
We need a godly spiritual father or spiritual mother.
We need the sacraments of the church,
including the sacrament of confession,
which brings us back into the full community
and communion of the Church.
How much I hope I myself will remember this,
I who live with only with my Cleo Cat.
How wonderful it is to not seek to be independent of others
to not be a rebel
to instead,
as Fr. Thomas Hopko speaks of in his 55 maxims,
to be an ordinary person, part of the human race.

Friday, August 06, 2010

With the Feast!

Today was the Feast of the Transfiguration!


I was able to go to liturgy

and eat blessed peaches and grapes afterwards.

Plans for going to the monastery when I am home

are coming to fruition.

God is merciful.

I have applied to another job
and will be working on two more applications in the coming days.
I am in a whirlwind of church services,
friend visiting
and job searching.
It is all very joyous but a bit overwhelming at the same time.
God is really giving me a special time right now
and I am grateful.
At the same time I am seeking to earnestly pray for a job.
And asking God to prepare me for this.
I was at a Paraklesis service
and this was really beautiful.
I talked with a friend who told me of a monastic giving these two beautiful words:
Be soft, be ever becoming more soft towards the Lord.
Give God your prayer rule and let Him change it as He wills -
hold your prayer rule with open hands towards the Lord.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

One of the greatest blessing of my life is my Father

Today is my Dad's birthday!

As I said for my Mother's Birthday,

I was born of a Christian Mother -

I was born also with a Christian Father.

A Father who is gentle

who is quick to listen, slow to speak.

Who I never remember yelling at me or anyone else;

who always loved to tease in loving ways;

who supported his family,

sacrificing so I and my siblings could have a Christian education;

whose faithfulness, commitment to God and

to the church he was raised in

never wavers.

I thank God for my Dad,
for the times I get to talk to him,
for the fact that he never considers me to old to have hugs,
(and who would immediately retort that I don't let him get away without hugs! :) )
My Dad's love for me has held me in good stead
and he is always someone I can turn to when I need
Just calling him up to tell him what I am up to
even if it is only a one or two minute conversation,
is a blessing to me.
So Happy Birthday to my Dad!
God grant you many many years!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Coming Home in August

My sister and brother in law DV

will be home from Romania

and so I am going

home as well!

I will be able to visit with family,

the monastery,

and I hope to be there on their feast day.

I also hope to hear my sister and brother-in-law speak

at the church my sister and I grew up in

about her work with the orphans in Romania.

I have heard
recently of so many sudden tragic accidents
of people suddenly being taken from this life.
I pray that all will be well for me
and that I will be able to visit my family
and that they will know how much I love them.
How much I see them,
their faith and trust in God;
I used to tell people that if there is anything good in me
it is first because of God
and then because of my Godly Mother, Father,
Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.
I know I am blessed
and pray that in this I can bless others
and learn to love as I have received love.
Meanwhile I will be job searching here,
and will also be online while away to continue job searching
and French learning.
I am seeking to trust in God's mercy for provision.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

A blessing of a Saturday and the strength and hope of Sunday

The church picnic was wonderful.


The highlight of my summer.


Fellowship, food, campfire.

Discussions that feed the soul...

At the same time
I learn today,
of car accident with a Mom and Dad inside the car;
seriously injured; still in hospital;
I have seen this couple but do not know them personally.
Pray for them,
So life continues, blessings, tragic circumstances
and the hope of Christ in the midst
of all of it.