Friday, August 20, 2010

Chihuly, the Meijer Gardens and Other Thoughts

My Mom, Sister, Brother-in-law

and myself

went to the Meijer Gardens and saw the Chihuly glass exhibit.

It was nice,

though I found it exhausting being in the full sun outside...

This is one of my favourite shots,

as you can see the plants in the background.

This was my favourite of the glass
seemed idyllic and rather what I think of when I would think
of the England
that I know from books.
I sold some more books.
I am wanting to clear out more later.
It's surprisingly good to start getting rid of things.
More and more I realize that
when I am looking at books or artwork or anything
I am looking for help, for answers, for consolation,
and most of my books
do not give this nor does art work.
I find myself in various homes of Protestants and
not having icons nearby to look at
makes me more aware of how much I depend on looking on them.
How much I am looking for help.
This of course is not a testimony of some great spiritual feat;
no, more that I am weak and constantly need assurance
and reminders of God's mercy
and of the presence of the Saints.
I am grateful that in God's mercy He
has allowed me to be in places,
churches, houses, monasteries,
where prayer is more continual and where
Icons are filling the space.
A holy monastic once talked to me about icons
and how empty she finds houses
where there are no icons.
I am grateful that my own family lets me keep some Icons
year round in my bedroom in my family's house.
May God strengthen us as we seek to seek Him.
Today I need work on more job applications.
Prayers, as always, requested.

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