Sunday, August 22, 2010


God willing I will be going to the
I am so glad as the upcoming job interview in
the second week of September
is overwhelming.
The flowers above are from the
monastery on Dormition
and the others my Dad gave me
hours after I found out about the job interview.
After looking at them together
I felt like the Mother of God had given me flowers from
one of her monasteries
to comfort me
in the midst of the unknown.
I am so glad that we have such places of prayer to go to.


Janelle thegeekywife said...


What good news--twice!

Mimi said...

And wonderful ;)

margaret said...

Lovely flowers... are the brightly coloured bunch scented? Seems like I can smell them!

elizabeth said...

thank you all!!

Margaret - a bit scented, esp. the ones from my Dad...