Monday, August 30, 2010


I had a wonderful and I pray fruitful
time at home.
I fly back in the early morning to Ottawa.
I found out tonight that I have another job interview
this Friday
in Ottawa.
I will be very busy these next 2 weeks so if I do not blog much
or comment much on other blogs;
you know why!
My second interview is September 10th;
I fly out for it on September 9th;
I am thankful for two interviews!
My Dad said well it is totally in God's hands
and I can be at peace
and do my best...
God is good to us in all seasons and times.


RW said...

that is awesome news.
we will continue to pray.

enjoy these days.

margaret said...

I'm glad you had such a good time and got to the monastery. It will give you energy and joy to get through the job interviews. Still praying.

Michelle M. said...

I'm glad your trip went well. I hope the interview goes well, too!

kimberley francis said...

you're right. we are well looked after, in all seasons.

god bless you. i look forward to hearing of the news. x

Pres. Kathy said...

Hope everything goes well!