Friday, August 20, 2010

Interview in September

I had applied last week
to a library position
outside of Ottawa
(still in Canada)
and have news of an interview for this in September.
I will be flown in for the interview
and will have to do a presentation.
I am qualified for this position.
It will be hard to leave Ottawa
if that is what is happening,
but I need to be in God's will.
Meanwhile I have a lot of preparing to do.
So glad that I will be going to the monastery next week for a short time
(hopefully overnight two days)
and can continue to pray there about this.
I ask your prayers.


Donna Witek said...

YAY that's fantastic news!! Definitely go into this interview with an open heart to God's will. Moving one's life can be a challenge, but if it is God's will the challenge is interwoven with much joy. I will pray for you!

Michelle M. said...

Wow! that sounds really exciting. Keep us posted.

mamajuliana said...

Wonderful! You have my prayers.

DebD said...

that sounds exciting! Praying.

GretchenJoanna said...

That sounds like a quick response to your application. Whether or not you get the job, you will have a bit of a change flying somewhere for an interview. And they say every interview is a good learning experience. It is a gift in any case. Praying for you!

MamaBirdEmma said...

That is so exciting! We will be praying that it all goes well!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Oh, that is good news !
Heartfelt prayers that all will go well.

elizabeth said...

Thanks Donna - yes - I am open to it already as it would be a great job. Leaving of course would be hard...

Michelle - thanks!

MJ - thank you so much!

Deb - thanks very much for your prayers; it is exciting...

GJ - I agree. Thanks!

Mat Emily - thanks very much!

Elizabeth - thanks so much for your prayers; means a lot to me!