Thursday, August 05, 2010

One of the greatest blessing of my life is my Father

Today is my Dad's birthday!

As I said for my Mother's Birthday,

I was born of a Christian Mother -

I was born also with a Christian Father.

A Father who is gentle

who is quick to listen, slow to speak.

Who I never remember yelling at me or anyone else;

who always loved to tease in loving ways;

who supported his family,

sacrificing so I and my siblings could have a Christian education;

whose faithfulness, commitment to God and

to the church he was raised in

never wavers.

I thank God for my Dad,
for the times I get to talk to him,
for the fact that he never considers me to old to have hugs,
(and who would immediately retort that I don't let him get away without hugs! :) )
My Dad's love for me has held me in good stead
and he is always someone I can turn to when I need
Just calling him up to tell him what I am up to
even if it is only a one or two minute conversation,
is a blessing to me.
So Happy Birthday to my Dad!
God grant you many many years!


margaret said...

Many Years and Many Happy Returns to Elizabeth's Dad!

DebD said...

Happy birthday to your Dad.

Mimi said...

What a blessing indeed!

Happy Birthday to your Dad!

E Helena E said...

Many years! How wonderful that you will see him soon.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Many Years to your Father :-)

You are both truly blessed in having each other !

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone! Yes, I am blessed indeed; thanks for birthday wishes for my Dad! :)