Saturday, November 30, 2013

One of our last feasting meals...

It's been a busy time
lately for me,
so I am a bit behind on posting...
The other day though I made a
simple meat Pasta with wheat noodles
that I really enjoyed.

Fried up onion and garlic... in olive oil...

A Can of tomatoes with basil added.

I baked some organic skin still on chicken thighs in
the oven with some salt and pepper.

They turned out really well!
It was a lovely meal!

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Simple Thing

Today I just wanted to share
a small something
in making one's home.

I got these labels for the
vanilla extract I am making.

The other day I was grocery shopping
in our small town at the bigger of the two stores
and stocked up on some spices that I
was running out of or did not have.

Mr. Husband has this favourite
poppy seed sweet bread that his mother sent
me the recipe for.
It's not a fasting recipe, so it will have to wait
for the New Year, God willing,
but I am hoping to make these small rolls
for Holy Supper...
And so I am ready,
with poppy seeds in my counter-top
spinning spice rack...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Prayer Request for One who Many of Us Care About

I have loved for a long time
the blog world and the many women I have
met here.
One of these Orthodox woman is Alana and she
and her husband greatly need our prayers. 
Please join me in praying daily for her, her husband
and children.

Warm Wishes on this {US} Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone in the States a
peaceful Thanksgiving,
with safe drives, warmed hearts and
thanksgiving to God.

Prayers for all those who are
grieving the loss of a loved one,
the aches that come out especially during
Sometimes it is a long time coming,
the wished for day when things seemed righted in our lives.
Where ever you are this Holiday season,
I pray that you can feel that God is your true Home
and that you can have rest in Him.
That you can have comfort in the Holy Trinity as
the Community that we all are wishing for...

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Elder Porphyrios

I think many of us have seen the 
excited announcements of Elder Porphyrios'
His day will be soon, December 2nd!
I join Mat. Constantina, Mat. Anna and many others
in our joy at this announcement! 
See here for more on the announcement, and 
here and here for more on Elder Porphyrios.
I read much of Elder Porphyrios' book
and look forward to reading it again!
Elder Porphyrios pray for us!

Sun-dried tomato bread

Mr. Husband had a bread this summer
that involved sun-dried tomatoes.
So when I went to the store
to stock up on many things,
I also got some sun-dried tomatoes.

The package said to steam them to reconstitute them,
but then I read in one of my Mark Bittman cookbooks
to put them in hot water.
Doing the latter was more effective.

Recipe from my artisan bread cookbook.

After having the bread rise,
I spread it out as per the directions...

Put the sun-dried tomatoes and some
Parmesan cheese on top.

Rolled the bread up,
 a bit of it was too thin and cracked in the still
wet dough... 

While baking it smelt very lovely indeed.
Mr. Husband has especially been enjoying
this bread, one last thing before the
Nativity Fast starts for us!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today is a cold and beautiful day

I have many people on my mind.
Some are grieving new losses;
I have a thick candle lit right now for 
a brave newly departed Woman of God.
Some are looking for work,
after a long slog of it.
Some are struggling with work 
and family, illness and 
balancing acts that are 
This life can be hard.
I've been listening to various recording of Lewis'
I must say that these books are not so easy to really 
narrate without a character or two being 
belittled or a situation not having the drama it should.
I guess I spy in some of the narrators a lack of respect for
the book, as if it was just a book for children that
is fluffy or somehow lacking in seriousness and thus I sense 
 a lack of understanding of them.
These books are so important I find.
When I am feeling discouraged it is 
Lewis' books that can often 
give me comfort and 
to see that in Christ there is indeed
hope and comfort, a true encouragement
that gives comfort the meaning of 
fatherly love, courage and the fear of God.
I have printed my plans for the Christmas Fast.
I think it will really help me this season as 
I continue to adjust to my new life.
Building in traditions 
and lighting candles really helps.
A few weeks ago I had a few hours which for some
reason had seemed really dark or with some deep heaviness.
The candles I light for prayer became even more
meaningful then,
as did Lewis' stories.
A good friend and I were talking when we were in BC
this past summer and I asked 
how do we live in light of the surrounding darkness?
as in in light of all that we see in the world today
and he said to read those who have faced the darkness
as Christians and named Lewis as one.
We really do need these books to help us.
I thank God for them.
I am going to be busy these next few days
with various errands and am a bit tired,
though I honestly don't think it is the relapse mono tired.
More the change of seasons as it is getting colder.
But if I don't post for a day or so,
please don't worry.
I often have things waiting to be posted
but do not at present.
So if you don't hear from me here,
as I just can't predict how things will go in the errand 
and knitting departments
(I am woefully behind), know that I and Mr. Husband
are well and enjoying the last days
before the Nativity Fast starts for us
on Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Times of Retreat

It was wonderful to be away for one
evening at a local Greek monastery.
To be able to light candles there
in prayer for others
and for one's own needs.
I am so thankful for this opportunity! 

Sour Cream Apple Pie

Mat. Emily blogged about making
Sour Cream Apple Pie
this past weekend.

The thoughts running through my head
as I read what the recipe consisted of:
I don't need to make a crust and I have one frozen
pie crust waiting to be used!
Mr. Husband would love this 
I have just found THE pie recipe for my next dinner party
that and
Thank God for Mat. Emily's blog.

So Mr. Husband helped me with the pie.
Even though he had a million things to do,
he cut up the apples.

I made the topping first as it needed to be chilled.

I knew once I saw that this recipe called for
sour cream that the pie was bound to be

The mixture of eggs, flour, spices and sour cream
was easy to mix up!

We used 5 apples; next time I plan on using 6...

It was nice to be able to use my whisk again!

The apples were easily coated with this wonderful

I had a pre-made crust that I got out at the last minute
and carefully transferred to the glass pie dish.
I was really glad that I did this as
it helped the pie 'expand' a bit which
was just right for the amount of apples and cream!

The topping was super easy;
just separate it while it is still chilled,

Place evenly on top and bake!

I followed the instructions and put the pie on a
pan, which is a great idea for any possible spills!
The pie fell a bit over night before
Mr. Husband and I brought it to church,
which is why I am thinking of using 6 apples next time!
It was loved by many,
Mr. Husband declared it his new
favourite apple pie
and all at church who ate it and knew I baked it
said it was marvelous.
I said it was all thanks to Mat. Emily's posting the recipe!
Just in time for a great dessert addition to our
after liturgy meals!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Many beautiful things before the Nativity Fast

I've picked up O'Connor's book again.
Such a joy to read snippets over breakfast.

Nativity Fast for Mr. Husband and I
begins next week on Thanksgiving Day.
I must say that this Cheesecake got better by the day!

We enjoyed the last of our cheesecake
this weekend!

I made the Dutch Apple Cake again
as Mr. Husband loved it
the first time
and this time I made them into muffins.
Same recipe, just in muffin form,
with one change,
bake for 30 minutes at 375 and check.
I took some on the trip to the monastery
that one of my women friends from church
and I did this weekend.
One the way back I lost a filling,
most inconvenient, and it makes
eating things with sugar more complicated
due to the pain it causes.
Dentist appointment already set up for
later this week... 

I took out the vanilla to do the
once a week gentle shake!
It was neat how the vanilla was making it
wonderfully murky down below
while still clear on top.

Once the bottle was tipped, the amber spread
and it looks more like vanilla extract after just one week!

Today I cleaned my lampadas.
It is part of my preparing for the Nativity Fast.

And the cookbook I blogged about this morning came!
{I write some posts in advance, as I did the
one this morning.}

It's here! 

From Alberta, simple days in the late 70's and early 80's.
I felt like my Ottawa was sent to me!

I am so excited to God willing
do the Holy Supper this year!

My Ukrainian family tells me
that I have a Dutch Ukrainian home. :)
I must say that I also have various Romanian
touches in my home as well! :)

I am so grateful for Orthodox cultures
and that I can learn from many of them!

I will not do all of these dishes
but am excited to do a small humble
Holy Supper...
Mr. Husband and I were shopping together
a while back and he spied a
GF hot buckwheat cereal
and I must say it is lovely with some tea and honey.
On non-fasting days, milk or yogurt is also good...
Wait, {God willing}, till I show you
the very cute Christmas table runner for our
buffet by our window!
I got it at the monastery and it is a lovely white with
red from Greece.
I am so excited to do the various Nativity Fast things,
including decorating...
God willing, I am hoping for a beautiful second
Christmas for Mr. Husband and I!
I am so thankful for the opportunity!