Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today is a cold and beautiful day

I have many people on my mind.
Some are grieving new losses;
I have a thick candle lit right now for 
a brave newly departed Woman of God.
Some are looking for work,
after a long slog of it.
Some are struggling with work 
and family, illness and 
balancing acts that are 
This life can be hard.
I've been listening to various recording of Lewis'
I must say that these books are not so easy to really 
narrate without a character or two being 
belittled or a situation not having the drama it should.
I guess I spy in some of the narrators a lack of respect for
the book, as if it was just a book for children that
is fluffy or somehow lacking in seriousness and thus I sense 
 a lack of understanding of them.
These books are so important I find.
When I am feeling discouraged it is 
Lewis' books that can often 
give me comfort and 
to see that in Christ there is indeed
hope and comfort, a true encouragement
that gives comfort the meaning of 
fatherly love, courage and the fear of God.
I have printed my plans for the Christmas Fast.
I think it will really help me this season as 
I continue to adjust to my new life.
Building in traditions 
and lighting candles really helps.
A few weeks ago I had a few hours which for some
reason had seemed really dark or with some deep heaviness.
The candles I light for prayer became even more
meaningful then,
as did Lewis' stories.
A good friend and I were talking when we were in BC
this past summer and I asked 
how do we live in light of the surrounding darkness?
as in in light of all that we see in the world today
and he said to read those who have faced the darkness
as Christians and named Lewis as one.
We really do need these books to help us.
I thank God for them.
I am going to be busy these next few days
with various errands and am a bit tired,
though I honestly don't think it is the relapse mono tired.
More the change of seasons as it is getting colder.
But if I don't post for a day or so,
please don't worry.
I often have things waiting to be posted
but do not at present.
So if you don't hear from me here,
as I just can't predict how things will go in the errand 
and knitting departments
(I am woefully behind), know that I and Mr. Husband
are well and enjoying the last days
before the Nativity Fast starts for us
on Thanksgiving Day.

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