Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sun-dried tomato bread

Mr. Husband had a bread this summer
that involved sun-dried tomatoes.
So when I went to the store
to stock up on many things,
I also got some sun-dried tomatoes.

The package said to steam them to reconstitute them,
but then I read in one of my Mark Bittman cookbooks
to put them in hot water.
Doing the latter was more effective.

Recipe from my artisan bread cookbook.

After having the bread rise,
I spread it out as per the directions...

Put the sun-dried tomatoes and some
Parmesan cheese on top.

Rolled the bread up,
 a bit of it was too thin and cracked in the still
wet dough... 

While baking it smelt very lovely indeed.
Mr. Husband has especially been enjoying
this bread, one last thing before the
Nativity Fast starts for us!