Monday, November 18, 2013

Many beautiful things before the Nativity Fast

I've picked up O'Connor's book again.
Such a joy to read snippets over breakfast.

Nativity Fast for Mr. Husband and I
begins next week on Thanksgiving Day.
I must say that this Cheesecake got better by the day!

We enjoyed the last of our cheesecake
this weekend!

I made the Dutch Apple Cake again
as Mr. Husband loved it
the first time
and this time I made them into muffins.
Same recipe, just in muffin form,
with one change,
bake for 30 minutes at 375 and check.
I took some on the trip to the monastery
that one of my women friends from church
and I did this weekend.
One the way back I lost a filling,
most inconvenient, and it makes
eating things with sugar more complicated
due to the pain it causes.
Dentist appointment already set up for
later this week... 

I took out the vanilla to do the
once a week gentle shake!
It was neat how the vanilla was making it
wonderfully murky down below
while still clear on top.

Once the bottle was tipped, the amber spread
and it looks more like vanilla extract after just one week!

Today I cleaned my lampadas.
It is part of my preparing for the Nativity Fast.

And the cookbook I blogged about this morning came!
{I write some posts in advance, as I did the
one this morning.}

It's here! 

From Alberta, simple days in the late 70's and early 80's.
I felt like my Ottawa was sent to me!

I am so excited to God willing
do the Holy Supper this year!

My Ukrainian family tells me
that I have a Dutch Ukrainian home. :)
I must say that I also have various Romanian
touches in my home as well! :)

I am so grateful for Orthodox cultures
and that I can learn from many of them!

I will not do all of these dishes
but am excited to do a small humble
Holy Supper...
Mr. Husband and I were shopping together
a while back and he spied a
GF hot buckwheat cereal
and I must say it is lovely with some tea and honey.
On non-fasting days, milk or yogurt is also good...
Wait, {God willing}, till I show you
the very cute Christmas table runner for our
buffet by our window!
I got it at the monastery and it is a lovely white with
red from Greece.
I am so excited to do the various Nativity Fast things,
including decorating...
God willing, I am hoping for a beautiful second
Christmas for Mr. Husband and I!
I am so thankful for the opportunity! 


E Helena E said...

I can understand why this is a beloved book :-) Glad you're seeing the dentist soon. Love to you.

mandysexton said...

I love Flannery too. Great read.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The books look delightful...I am so sorry about your filling discomfort and hope the dentist will quickly sort it out for you.

Lisa said...

Cheesecake has a nice way of getting better over time, doesn't it?
Your vanilla looks good!

I've never read Flannery O'Connor yet.

Rosemary said...

That book is much beloved by me as well. I weep at the end with her death because even though she died long before I was born, I grieve the loss of a dear friend.