Monday, November 04, 2013

Cowl update...

I have two life lines in my cowl
so that if I make a huge mistake I don't have to lose
My knitting teacher had to fix my knitting on it last week...
I had purled when I was not supposed to and such things...
I finally feel like I am getting it....
Mat. Emily, when I was telling her of my cowl difficulties,
suggested stitch markers,
and they have made all the difference!
I am making this for my Mom and
am excited that I got through all 24 rows of the pattern...
Much more to go but I am hopeful!
The slippers are also going well!


Anonymous said...

Stitch markers are great. Don't be afraid to use as many as needed. They also get to be a bit of creative fun. My good friend makes jewelery and makes me the most gorgeous markers.

The cowl is coming along well.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Don't worry, I have been knitting for over thirty years and still have to unpick things sometimes :-)
I do love the colour on that cowl - very cheerful!