Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Making of Vanilla

The Vanilla beans came on Saturday!

I've blogged about getting the cheapest vodka
for the making of vanilla extract.

Mr. Husband and I still do the same
wonderful time of him washing dishes
while I read out loud from a book
that we both wish to hear.
We are in the third part of the first
Fr. Arseny book and the stories
continue to amaze, challenge and strengthen us.
Mr. Husband washed some of the bottles
for future vanilla gift endeavors.
Cute bottles, eh? :)
Bottle plus cute label I got for it
costs about 1.10 total per bottle, FYI.

Katherine's Vanilla Extract instructions on my phone,
I was ready to go!

When first looking at the package,
I had no idea how many vanilla beans could be in it.

And when I took them out,
it still did not look like much to me,
having never seen vanilla beans before.

It must be noted that Cleo was very interested;
the smell allured her.

Once I started separating them,
I realized that I have well over 60 beans!
Happily, I can make a lot more extract in the future,

I cut the first 15 beans carefully.
They smelled rather like very fresh raisins
and reminded me of them as well in texture. 

I poured off about 3.5 oz of vodka from the two bottles
into this small one.

Before adding the beans, this is about how
much was taken out.

Then I had the fun of putting the 15 beans in the first bottle!
Rather like antennae :) ... 

And so each bottle has 15 beans, all
sliced down the middle.

It was really fun;
felt like I was doing a small science experiment!

Then I cut two beans in half both vertically and

In the bottle they went.
I had to add a slight bit more vodka from both
bottles to ensure that the liquid covered the
height of the beans.
Mr. Husband and I had the same idea
of covering the bottles in paper to ensure that when we did open our pantry,
light would not bother the bottles as they steep.
So I will see in 6 or so weeks time,
God willing,
how the extract is doing!
Meanwhile, I am wondering about doing the same
with some bourbon, provided I can find an inexpensive bottle of it! :)
God willing I will keep you posted! 


Paula said...

don't worry about the bags. A bit of light when opening and closing the doors won't hurt. It's more 'don't leave in sunlight' than 'worry about perfect darkness'.

Martha said...

that's so inspiring, you made it look so easy and fun...are the two vodkas different?

elizabeth said...

Thanks for letting me know Paula!

Martha ~ thanks! The two vodkas are the same ~ just wanted lots for baking and gifts! :)

Anna said...

I'm enjoying your vanilla adventure! That is a truly impressive assembly of vanilla pods ;) I didn't realise it was so simple to make, though I do make vanilla sugar by very simply burying a vanilla bean in the sugar jar. It works for years! And I just came across this - home made double-action baking powder: http://www.cookstr.com/recipes/homemade-baking-powder

elizabeth said...

Anna, how fun!

I just bought some more double acting baking powder... but I will keep this in mind for the future! the more we can make ourselves the better!! :) :)

What do you use the vanilla sugar for?

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I can't wait for you to blog about how they turn out! You are so adventurous, my friend :-)